Step Inside This Quirky Home With A Roof Out Of The Smurfs

Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild has stumbled across a very blue smurf-like home on Zillow. It's definitely one of the most fun and enchanting homes anyone has ever designed. It's located in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and is currently selling for $4.2 million, according to Zillow. It was built in 1920 and has been restored and updated over the years, keeping it intact and standing. It has the luxury of being located by the waterfront of Pine Lake in a secluded area away from other homes.

It looks as though it was designed straight out of the Smurfs movie, or it influences the entirety of the cartoon since it was created in 1958 by artist Pierre Culliford, via Deseret News. While the outside of the home has a funky, interesting exterior, the inside is the complete opposite, with some stunning elegant features. Take a peek inside the blue and white whimsical home.

Pine lake waterfront

This rare home has the most beautiful exterior with a white brick foundation and a blue intricate detailed roof. It's surrounded by a plethora of trees and beautiful green space, along with Pine Lake views from the backyard, according to Zillow. There are a couple of different roads that lead to the large roundabout driveway of the home. The home itself has stunning topiary hedges and trees planted in the front yard on either side of the couple steps that lead to the front door. A couple of porches with patio furniture are located by the front door of the home and on the corner in front of one of the giant windows.

The smurf-like home is covered with many windows of all shapes and sizes, with blue shutters on a majority of them. It has beautiful stone features on the chimneys and by the white pillars located in front of the porch. The blue textured roof is what makes the home stand out the most, aside from its other breathtaking features. Other outdoor amenities include a golf course and a detached seven-car garage, via Zillow.

Elegant interior features

The entrance of the home opens to a grand foyer with beautiful brown trim windowed French doors. They lead into one other door that takes you through the rest of the house and a staircase leading up to two floors, per Zillow. The foyer has beautiful mahogany wood flooring and a gray and white interior that has an entrance to the dining room and living room. The living room has a white interior with multiple beautiful mahogany French doors that lead to the front porch. It's filled with gray armchairs, a white cushioned sofa, and a couple of wooden armchairs. It has its own fireplace with another set of double French doors leading to a sunroom.

The sunroom has a beautiful multi-colored tile floor with an accent stone wall and fireplace. There's a large window wall with sheer white curtains and an arched window next to it. It's decorated minimally with a small wood dining table, wood finish armchairs, and a mahogany chest drawer. The dining room has its own fireplace in the gray and white interior room. There's a long simple dining table with a set of wooden chairs and a gorgeous crystal chandelier hung above, per Zillow. On one of the walls is a stunning China cabinet with beautiful antique tableware. Multiple large windows line the wall, and there are a couple of mahogany french doors that lead into another sunroom that has a complete teal interior with teal tile flooring and teal-colored walls.

French style décor

The kitchen is decorated extremely simply with a pearl white interior, especially the cabinets. There are a couple of backsplash walls, one is a seafoam green color located above the sink around a window that looks outside, and the other is under a set of cabinets which is a standard subway tile, according to Zillow. There's a beautiful seafoam green marble countertop island in the center of the kitchen with a couple of white chairs. The home has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, all decorated and furnished completely differently from one another.

One of the bedrooms is decorated with a stunning French-style interior with off-white colored walls that have picture frame wall molding. It has mahogany wood finish flooring with a couple of red patterned rugs. There's a stunning six-drawer chest vanity next to a tiled fireplace. There's a beautiful semi-round white couch with a small wooden dining table in front of it. One of the bathrooms follows the same style as the bedroom, with an off-white interior and tile wainscoting on the walls. There's a gorgeous pearl white tub and marble countertop vanity.