Hidden Downside Of Water Purifiers

When faced with drinking purified water or water from a tepid swamp, very few people would opt for the swamp water. However, water purification systems often come with many overlooked downsides. Perhaps, the most notable downside is the cost associated with installing a water purification system. Many homeowners and even municipalities will find that a modern, effective water purification system is well outside their budget.

However, something so expensive must have tremendous benefits, right? In truth, the answer is complicated. According to Aquasana, while water purifiers usually offer stellar contaminant removal, they also eliminate healthy minerals. While these can be readded to your water through remineralizing, many consumers will find this extra cost a pain, given how much effort most localities make to provide potable tap water. Also, since different purifiers specialize in removing specific impurities — such as UV purifiers' penchant for eliminating microorganisms — it's nearly impossible to find an all-in-one solution for perfectly purified water.

Water purification takes time

Another considerable drawback of installing a water purification system in your home is the added time it takes for your tap to provide you with potable water. While some health-conscious homeowners will undoubtedly view this as a fair and negligible compromise, others are bound to wonder whether it's worth the wait. According to azcentral, large-scale water purification can lead to even longer waits for clean water, especially during droughts when a municipality's water supply is limited.

According to Aquasana, water purification may be a process that goes beyond the average homeowner's needs due to its variety of practical drawbacks. However, they pinpoint a reverse osmosis home water purification system that features a remineralizer for those dead-set on adding water purification to their home. Any homeowner who is likely to invest in such a system would be wise to educate themselves on the pitfalls that water purifiers face mitigating a possible case of buyer's remorse.