Which Member Of The Osbourne Family Has The Most Expensive Home?

When the Osbourne family welcomed viewers into their home through their 2002 MTV show, "The Osbournes," fans around the world got a bird's eye view into their gothic and unconventional Southern California lifestyle. Following legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon, and two of their three children — Kelly and Jack — the show was a great success during the height of reality TV popularity. 

However, according to Insider, the family no longer lives in the LA abode that viewers came to love, having sold it to Christina Aguilera over a decade ago. They have since moved on to even fancier digs, including a home in their native England and a $12 million California mansion. Of course, Ozzy and Sharon aren't the only ones to have expensive and impressive residences — their kids are now well into adulthood with extravagant homes of their own. The real estate price tags are just as large as the personalities in this family. Below, we'll take a look inside which Osbourne has the most expensive home.

Ozzy and Sharon's LA home

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne live in Hancock Park, an exclusive neighborhood of Los Angeles. According to Hello!, they paid $12 million for their 9,000 square-foot home. The Spanish-Colonial-style mansion contains eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms — more than enough room for their nine dogs and two cats. The kitchen features an American diner-style booth in pink leather and country-chic cupboards. These two styles seem like they would clash, but they come together nicely for an eccentric family like the Osbournes. Other rooms include the formal living room, which has served as the backdrop for Sharon's show, "The Talk."

The Osbournes have also added their own flair to the exterior of their home. The front of the house features a lunette entranceway and elaborate decorative walls throughout the gardens, which are regularly featured on Sharon's social media pages. With large manicured lawns, all of those dogs have plenty of room to run around.

Jack's Studio City home

Son Jack Osbourne has created a wonderful family of his own, with three children and a long-term relationship with his girlfriend. His Studio City home was purchased with his then-wife, Lisa Stelley, in 2014, and according to AmoMama, he put the house on the market in 2021 for $3.5 million. While it makes sense to move on, it is bittersweet for Osbourne, as his three children were all born there. His former Studio City home is 5,600 square feet and features an office, gym, media room, wine room, seven bathrooms, and five bedrooms. An added touch? A chef-style kitchen perfect for any foodie. 

The house is also a great place to relax. The backyard features a spa area, a pool, and a huge playground for his kids and their friends. It's a home full of memories for many of the Osbournes, with the house's gorgeous backyard featured on various family members' social media pages during holidays and get-togethers.

Kelly's Los Feliz home

According to House & Home, the youngest Osbourne daughter, Kelly, lives in a $3.6 million Los Feliz, California home. Purchased from actress Rooney Mara, the 2,340 square-foot home was built in 1963 and features two bedrooms and two bathrooms. While it certainly isn't the largest of the Osbourne homes, it is situated in a sophisticated neighborhood brimming with luxury. 

Surrounded by lush plants, this house has a mix of modern and mid-century vibes, with an open-concept living room, a kitchen with a fireplace, and a lounge area. The kitchen also features pops of color like a seafoam green kitchen island, bringing a bit of the classic Osbourne quirkiness into an otherwise sleek and traditional home. One room has floor-to-ceiling windows, providing a generous amount of natural light and picturesque views. Large decks offer viewpoints of the city and surrounding hills, with plenty of space to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. Kelly isn't as outgoing or outlandish as her parents, so this subtle yet unique home is a perfect expression of her personality. 

Aimee's mysterious locales

Eldest child Aimee Osbourne has been the most private member of the family. She moved out of the Osbourne family home at age 16, when she did not agree to filming the television show. While Aimee has started to emerge from obscurity in recent years thanks to her blossoming singing career, few personal details are known about her. At one point, she and sister Kelly had side-by-side homes, but they have sold them and moved on. According to Fox News, the sisters do not have a relationship at all. 

The most recent information available on Aimee's housing situation is from 2018 when she sold a home for $2.65 million in the Hollywood Hills. According to the Los Angeles Times, she only lived in the home for about six months. With terraced gardens and a whitewashed interior, the home also contained hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings. The house was classic and subtle, just the way this low-key Osbourne likes things.