Look Inside This 7,500-Square-Foot Mansion In Maine For Only $725K

It sometimes might seem like you need a fortune to afford a dream home, however, there are some extraordinary abodes that you can snap up for a relatively reasonable price. For instance, Rhode Island's Oscar J. Rathbun Mansion hit the market for just $625,000, while a stunning 6,000-square-foot mansion in Minnesota went up for just $700,000. That's not to mention the whopping 10,000-square-foot Indiana residence that was still well under a million dollars at $800,000. Of course, if you live in Maine, then you'll surely be intrigued by this house in Richmond that someone could end up owning for a mere $725,000, according to Realtor.

The spectacular Southard House — which is more formally known as the Historic CHTJ Southard House — was constructed around 1870 and, in the years since, was not only home to the son of entrepreneur TJ Southard but was also at one point used as a museum. That's apparently why it's ideal to use either as a residence or even another sort of business.

However it ends up being used in the future, those who get to enjoy the Southard House will surely appreciate everything it has to offer. Indeed, thanks to the fact that it boasts more than just a few enviable Victorian details both inside and out, it's hard to imagine anyone who loves older homes not immediately falling in love with this treasure. Just take a look and see for yourself!

The exterior of Southard House is simply stunning

Found on a lot that's 0.38 acres in size, the Southard House property has enough room for the incredible Victorian mansion as well as a carriage house, per Realtor. There is also plenty of space for parking and a yard that features both gorgeous green space and large lush trees. The view of the property can be enjoyed from the sizable porch, which extends across the front of the house before wrapping around one side with a bend that is matched perfectly by windows to allow for the same view from inside.

Granted, it's understandable if you didn't notice the yard or porch right away, thanks to the fact that the house itself is so eye-catching overall. With a striking design that initially appears to stretch three floors high, the turret gives the residence additional height as well as a desirable feature that truly makes it stand out. Beyond that, there are so many things to love about this home's exterior, which is accentuated by the black and white details. The stately shutters, elegant shingles, pretty porch posts, and painted portions are all charming, while there are almost too many adorable accents to take in at one time. However, the longer you look at this home, the more you see how much care has been put into both the design and the upkeep.

That same can certainly be said for the interior, which has just as many swoon-worthy touches.

The interior of Southard House is just as beautiful

Once inside Southard House, there's an impressive 7,508-square-feet of space to appreciate, according to Realtor, and you may fall in love with every single inch. Indeed, you may absolutely swoon over the painted blue trim and dark wood that's wonderfully rich in tone. The elaborate tin ceiling is perhaps even more enchanting, as are the walls in the home's gallery which were painted by hand. While the intricate walls and ceilings mean that you can enjoy looking both around you and above you, you would certainly also want to look down while walking around this mansion. That's because the hardwood floors not only gleam, but some have been laid down in pleasing designs that work with the shape of the room while also using different shades of wood to create amazing effects.

On top of that, this amazing mansion boasts plenty of windows in each room that offer lots of light to every space, seemingly original interior doors, handy-dandy built-in shelves, and a fair share of other perks that come with a grand old home. While some of those details might be expected from those who are familiar with the period, you might still be surprised to find out that this home also has a studio apartment and not one or two but four kitchens. Of course, there's even more to find in this home when you wander beyond the main living spaces.

There's much more to find inside Southard House

If you were to purchase Southard House and wanted to live in the mansion, then you would have nine bedrooms to choose from, per Realtor. Just as charming as the rest of the home, the rooms meant for rest are relatively spacious and filled with light thanks to the well-placed windows as well as the lovely light fixtures. Additional painted details, crown molding, a pocket of tiled floor, and a dreamy fireplace just add to the overall ambiance.

Indeed, there seem to only be two places in the home that stray from the look that fills the rest of the mansion. The first is what seems to be a room that was set up to accommodate the museum and is rather dark. With shelves, glass cases, and plenty of display space, it would make an ideal gift shop. The other space that has its own look is the upper section of the turret. That's where a special room can be found that has a nautical vibe. With rope railings and netting along the stairs, residents who ascend would find themselves in a carpeted space that has unusual angles thanks to the turret's shape. It also has a single wooden beam in the ceiling as well as porthole windows around the room that offer incredible views of the surrounding area. Although it's a bit of a quirky space, it may actually be one of the most charming parts of this incredible home.