What You Need To Know Before Shopping At At Home

When filling your house with stylish decor, finding items that fit your taste and budget can be tough. Plus, it's time-consuming to hop from store to store, hunting for the pieces you imagine in your space. That's where At Home comes in. This one-stop shop for everything home is an amazing place to browse and buy. As The Dallas Morning News reports, At Home actually began its journey as Garden Ridge. The store went through a major rebranding where the staple orange color scheme was traded for the present gray and blue hues. An expansion plan was put in place to add many locations nationwide.

The inventory also went through a major transition. While Garden Ridge focused on its namesake outdoorsy merchandise, it also offered some decor items. However, becoming At Home took the home decor concept to the next level. The retailer stocks everything from throw pillows and outdoor rugs to oversized clocks and holiday ornaments. Because of the sheer size of the store, shopping at At Home can be daunting. So, read on for everything you need to know to shop smartly at this home decor superstore.

At Home is making its name in the home decor industry

At Home has come a long way since its transition from Garden Ridge. Not only is the company adding new locations and gaining market share, but it's also fostering a steadily increasing revenue stream. It's no surprise that At Home is quickly becoming a leader in the home decor industry. At the time that Garden Ridge became At Home in 2014, the company had only 68 stores nationwide. According to Statista, that number had multiplied to 219 stores nationwide in 2021. At Home locations can be found on the East Coast, the South, and predominantly across the Midwest.

Statista also reports that the retailer's sales have grown significantly as well. When the company expanded, net sales increased from the millions to the billions. In 2014, At Home had net sales of $404 million. That number increased to an impressive $1.73 billion for the 2021 fiscal year. They've clearly tapped into their niche! The company made a transition from being publicly traded to being owned by a private equity group. This firm, Hellman & Friedman, is responsible for At Home's growth and cultivating store inventories of near 50,000 items, according to Forbes. This track record indicates a bright future for the home goods retailer.

At Home has an impressive selection of wall decor

When looking to fill a blank wall, At Home is the place to be. The store has aisles and aisles of wall decor options. There are options to fit every style, budget, and preference. Their inventory contains diverse colors, sizes, and art formats to choose from. Architectural Digest suggests adding an oversized piece of artwork or creating a gallery wall to fill a large space. You can also hang mirrors to brighten a room and install floating shelves to show off odds and ends. Luckily, At Home carries everything to meet your wall decor needs.

Their selection of mirrors includes sleek modern designs and eclectically framed options. They also have an impressive inventory of wall clocks, shelving, and functional items like key hooks. The store's assortment of fabric and macrame pieces is ideal for adding dimension to your space. If you are looking for unique art to perfectly match your style, take some time browsing here. The shelves are stocked with modern greyscale photos and brightly painted pieces. There are various word art options with memorable quotes, both fun and inspirational. You're sure to find a just-right piece for each area of your home.

The mix and match lamp section creates endless options

When you're creating a lighting scheme, layering is essential. You might already have recessed lighting or overhead fixtures installed in your space. With lamps, you can add lighting at all heights and inject character into your decor. Luckily, At Home has plenty of lamp options to choose from. Before heading to the store, gain a clear vision of the lamp options you are looking for. Overstock emphasizes the effect lamps have on the overall vibe of your space. Some add light to a corner, others highlight a particular piece of furniture or art, while others are used as task lighting. Figure out what you need in your particular room, and go shopping with that information in mind.

At Home offers a wide selection of floor lamps to choose from. Many are upright lamps that create a decorative and soothing light source. If you're looking for a lamp to place beside a chair or sofa, check out angled or adjustable options. The retailer also carries a wide selection of mix and match bases and shades to create a table lamp look all your own. Take your time with a little trial and error to see what combinations fit the look you're going for. Subtle pairings blend into your decor, while a contrasting shade and base set can make a lighting statement.

At Home is the place to be for outdoor decor

When styling your home, don't neglect your outdoor areas. Your backyard can become a stylish spot for hosting or a peaceful retreat. A front porch is a perfect opportunity to welcome guests and boost your curb appeal. At Home's selection of outdoor decor gives you all you need to make your exterior pop. Just as area rugs ground your indoor spaces, outdoor rugs can pull together your porch or patio. Better Homes and Gardens points out that outdoor rugs also add color and comfort. At Home carries statement-making area rugs for under your dining table and quirky doormats for your front door.

They also offer outdoor furniture in a wide variety of styles. Measure your areas and browse the store for dining and lounging pieces to complete your space. Don't forget end tables and ottomans to make your spaces more functional. To make the most out of your outdoor look, accessorize accordingly. Browse the outdoor decor section for items to express your style and personality. The store's faux greenery selection is the perfect chance to add some low-maintenance foliage. Don't forget to check out the wind chimes and garden stakes to add a whimsical vibe.

They have incredible seasonal decor rotations

One of the things that At Home is known for is its impressive seasonal rotations. A significant part of their sales floor is transformed several times a year. This makes it an awesome place to check out whenever you want to add some festivity to your home. According to Today, there is scientific evidence that decorating for Christmas and other holidays can actually boost your mood. Don't let not owning decor make you miss out on this seasonal joy. At Home makes it easy to create your own collection for every holiday and season.

The genius behind this is the organization of the decor items. Each seasonal inventory rotation brings a new set of collections. These themed collections are organized by aisle, making it easy to find cohesive options all in one place. Coordinating wreaths, ornaments, and accent pieces are rolled out each season to create stylish looks. The store is often months ahead of holidays and occasions, so shop early if your heart is set on new decor. Items are also often discounted after the peak decorating seasons, so stop in to snag a great deal for next year!

At Home offers oodles of throw pillows

Throw pillows can add texture and style to your space. They can also make that couch or chair more comfy and welcoming. With At Home's selection, you can create a stunning throw pillow collection for every area of your home. The Spruce recommends purchasing throw pillows that complement each other in a few colors in patterns. You want to avoid a boring matchy-matchy look but want a look that's pulled together. Choose two or three shades to complement your decor or a few patterns that play off each other.

At Home has a huge selection of throw pillows to choose from. The aisles are coordinated by color, making it easy to find the hue you're looking for. Mix and match various sizes, textures, and materials for a unique collection. Arrange them in your cart to get a feel for the finished look. When browsing the pillow section, look for fully-stuffed pillows with straight seams. Removable and washable covers are helpful, especially if you have pets or kids. You can also look for the store's faux fur or metallic options to make a fun statement.

Check out the furniture section for fun finds

At Home stocks furniture for all of the rooms in your home. The store houses a decent selection, but their website gives you access to a broad inventory. The pieces they offer are a great value, combining quality and reasonable pricing. For the bedroom, they have awesome headboard options for competitive prices. They also offer a diverse variety of nightstands, from traditional to modern. Finish off your look with one of At Home's stylish, yet functional, benches or ottomans.

The store offers a variety of furniture for living spaces as well. Their inventory of neutral sofas is complemented by a variety of colorful and patterned accent chairs. The store also has some awesome statement-making ottoman choices to add character to your space. Hayneedle recommends using end tables in entryways and offices for additional storage space. Check out the selection at At Home for sturdy options that won't break the bank. They also offer coordinating coffee tables to create a polished look. Keep an eye out for clearance tags to get an unbeatable furniture deal.

At Home houses an impressive selection of rugs

Rug shopping can be overwhelming. At Home carries a truly impressive inventory so you can head to one spot for every room in your home. Plus, they are well organized to make browsing and finding the perfect rug stress-free. First, make a list of the rugs you need and their ideal measurements. The Spruce recommends using your furniture set up, not your room size, to determine what size rug you'll need for each space. You'll want plenty of room to set your furniture on the rug with ample space to navigate.

Then, head to At Home and start browsing. Many of the rugs available come in multiple sizes. So, if a pattern catches your eye, do a little digging on the shelf to see if your size is available. The rugs are also typically grouped by pattern so you can also look nearby for a similar choice. Enhance your floor covering look with the store's available runners and accent rugs. Use the aisle space to lay out your choices and get an eye for how they look together. Don't forget to add a rug pad for extra cushioning or gripping tape to keep it in place.

Look for fun and unique gifts scattered throughout the store

When shopping for gifts, The New York Times suggests not being too practical. At Home is a treasure trove of unique presents that are fun treats for everyone on your list. There are a few spots in the store that have gifting choices you should check out. Just as the store rotates their seasonal decor, they also have a frequent rotation of gift items. The seasonal aisles have tons of great gift ideas, but the end caps are rotated more frequently and have some can't-miss choices. You might find that perfect first Christmas ornament for your niece or a summery candle for your friend's June birthday.

Another hot spot is the aisle approaching the checkout. This area is ripe with fun drinkware, stationery, and personal care items. There is also an assortment of gourmet snacks and drinks. Grab a basket from the storage section and head to this area. Fill it with items to make a fun gift package for a coworker or kid's teacher. When in doubt, pick up a gift card. The store offers physical cards for pick up or shipping and digital ones to send virtually. That way, your recipient can have their own At Home shopping adventure.

Don't miss the clearance section for some great deals

With the abundant inventory cycling through their store, it's no surprise that At Home needs to turn it over quickly on occasion. This can pay off big-time for you as a customer. Even if you immediately find what you are looking for, it may be worth the few minutes to peruse the clearance section for markdowns. As The Chron points out, clearance sales are used as a way to manage inventory. They are also a strategy to accommodate seasonal merchandise shifts. Because of At Home's seasonal sales model, it's a stellar place to look for clearance deals.

There are several places to look for markdowns throughout the store. First, there's often a designated clearance section towards the checkout lanes. The selection here varies; it often contains trendy accents like candles and greenery at rock bottom prices. There is usually another clearance section towards the back of the seasonal department toward the end of the season. Sometimes oversized items like outdoor furniture are scattered throughout the store. Special pricing is indicated on the price tag. If you don't want to take the time to hunt for deals in-store, the At Home website has a well-organized clearance page to search online.

At Home offers multiple pick up and delivery options

Shopping at At Home didn't use to be the most convenient and accommodating option. They built their online presence much slower than many other retailers. However, according to Harvard Business Review, customers now desire multiple pick-up and delivery options. In line with this trend, At Home now offers more options to make buying your new decor easy.

The At Home website is super organized and simple to browse. Once you find the perfect item for your space, you can purchase it online and pick it up from the store. The retailer offers in-store and curbside options free of charge. Depending on where you live, you can also have your items delivered locally to your home. The costs vary by location, and keep in mind that you'll need to be located within the delivery radius. At Home was late to the shipping game but is now offering this convenient option. By utilizing FedEx ground, At Home can ship to anywhere in the contiguous United States. The shipping cost is based on the order total, and return shipping is available for a fee.

Make sure to sign up for the insider perks program

The At Home Insider Perks program can give you access to even better deals. Make sure you sign up online before visiting the store. This tiered program has awesome benefits and includes some impressive perks. Take some tips from Money Wisdom and remember that rewards programs can save you some serious cash. The Insider Perks program doesn't cost a penny to join or maintain membership, though you get an initial discount just for joining.

After you enroll, you'll begin receiving perks in your inbox. You'll get access to sweepstakes and sneak peeks at markdowns. You also get an extended, hassle-free return window, even without a receipt. And keep your eye out for your discount coupon to be delivered around your birthday each year.

The Insider Perks Program also has a VIP tier for devoted shoppers that spend at least $350 a year. At this level, you'll get priority customer care and a portion of each purchase donated to Habitat for Humanity. You'll also receive a larger birthday reward as a thank you for your loyalty.

Check out the website for inspiration

Whether you are just starting out with your home decor or looking for a refresh, understanding your personal style is important. MyMove provides tips on getting inspired, like taking a style quiz and thinking about the needs of your space. Then, head to the At Home website to do a little homework before visiting the store.

The Ideas and Inspiration page features current trends and design concepts. It also highlights collaborations with celebrities and home decor experts. There are also tutorials from the pros on everything from layering pillows to decorating your balcony.

Browse through the seasonal online lookbook for ideas and real products to add to your own home. The page also has ways to shop by style and collection so you can find the best products to fit your taste. Don't forget to check out the IRL At Home Inspo section. It shares shoppable posts from real-life shoppers. Who knows? Maybe the next featured post will be your own!

At Home has a strong focus on social responsibility

According to Harvard Business Review, environmental, social, and governance is a growing trend in modern business. Companies are shifting their focus to these ethics and customers are taking notice. At Home has made significant efforts in these areas in major ways. The first is their partnership with Habitat with Humanity, "Home is the Key." This was created on the foundation that every family should have access to a house that they can make a home. At Home announced that they have donated $1.6 million to the charity from branded merchandise sales and a portion of purchase contributions.

At Home is also committed to growing its employees and helping them give back. Full-time, salaried employees with two years of tenure are granted 40 hours of paid time off to give back to their communities every year. Team members are also encouraged to take the day off to volunteer for equality efforts to celebrate Juneteenth, per its website.

The company is also focused on going green with its operations. They are striving to minimize their carbon footprint and using sustainable efforts to expand their operations. When opening a new store, the company uses environmentally-friendly strategies to reuse existing facilities and reduce the impact as much as possible.