The Little People Big World House Is For Sale. Here's What We Know

No one ever hardly comes out unscathed when doing business with family. Matt Roloff from "Little People Big World" took to Instagram on Monday to share with about one million fans that he is selling their family farm, according to Yahoo Life. Within that post, he took a slight swing towards his twin boys, showing a bit of disappointment in their inability to purchase the farm and continue their family legacy on the property. However, that didn't sit well with his son Zach Roloff, who left a scathing comment signaling that his father was attempting to alter the narrative. Zach accused his father of not taking responsibility for his action and simply blaming them on other people.

Now their family home is selling for $4 million after ex-wife Amy Roloff sold her portion for $667,000 in 2019, according to New York Post. The interior design and exterior features are reminiscent of Disney World's Adventureland. The farmland is only 16 acres out of the 108 acres that Matt Roloff owns, making design and functionality options endless. Let's take a look at the home where the Roloff family touched the hearts of thousands on their hit reality television show.

Old West towns and pirate ships

The exterior of the family farm is something right out of a kids' show. As you walk through the property, you'll eventually end up in a small town out of an old west movie, according to New York Post. There, you'll find a pretend bank, sheriff's office, hotel, and even a jail when that certain family member deserves some isolation time. As your walk further down the property, you'll end up at a full-scale model of a pirate ship with a port, anchor, and everything else you'd expect to see on a ship. Interestingly enough, there is more than one pirate ship model on the property.

There are also the normal farmhouse features. On the property, there is a large red barn with white framing that's definitely big enough to store a tractor. The grounds also expand out to include a little bridge over a stream of water for an iconic view of the scenery. There's a tunneled, wooden bridge with a sign that says "Bridge to Nowhere" as a designated picnic spot, and even a mill house — for milling.

Elevated farmhouse

The interior has typical elements of a farmhouse design but is definitely more upscale, according to Zillow. The living room features an angled stone fireplace with a mixture of ledger stone. The room also has an extensive, large window design of different sized windows organized to create a harmonious appearance. The walls are also textured, and the ceiling is made of shiplap for more of a rustic feel.

Near the staircase is another quaint living area with a slate fireplace bordered by a white wooden mantle. Above the mantle, there is enough room for a mirror or artwork. This living area features built-in shelves to put vases and other items on display, with storage below that has cabinet doors. The staircase nearby features white wainscoting for a touch of elegance against the textured wall. The balusters are an interesting combination of white wood and metal that go up the staircase and follow onto the landing.

If I were you, I'd bask in this kitchen all day long.

This kitchen in this farmhouse is definitely large and in charge, according to Zillow. Of course, it has to be where there are five bedrooms in the house and plenty of mouths to feed. The island is layered with two countertops, one with a built-in microwave for convenience. The island also features two extra sinks beside the main sink on the countertop — a brown granite that matches the stone arch over the entryway. Three pendants with a traditional glass design hover over the island to emit bright light along with the recessed lighting placed all over the ceiling.

When stepping inside the bedrooms, you'll notice they are all painted a soft, gray color, and they all have plenty of windows to allow natural light in. When looking outside, you'll see nothing but acres of green land to make each morning feel bright and fresh. One of the bedrooms is large enough for a sofa — creating a relaxing seating area away from the bed with a small table and area rug.