Inside The Most Expensive Home For Sale In Florida

If you need a change of scenery and just so happen to have money to burn, then why not head for the coast and look at million-dollar properties in Florida? A move to the southern shores of Florida seems like an easy choice with its warm climate, optimal beaches, and laid-back lifestyle. Also, the conservative-leaning state requires no income tax and offers pretty affordable real estate if you're looking in the more rural areas, according to It's no wonder that folks are grabbing their swim gear and heading for the sunshine state in record numbers.

Exclusivity and opulence can also be synonymous with the Florida style of living. Located in the swanky area of Manalapan, between South Palm Beach and Ocean Ridge, lies an expansive property that is the most expensive single home you can buy in Florida right now. This super-exclusive area is bordered by bridges to the north and the south and runs along a long, narrow island that lays against the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Constructed in 2017, this luxurious home sits on 1.91 acres of oceanfront property and comes with a staggering price tag of $106 million, according to the listing on Zillow. With that hefty price, you get a property that has a clean structural design, stunning views of the oceans, pools to spare, and amenities galore.

A look around the property of this swanky Florida mansion

As you pull up the detailed stone drive of this mega Florida estate, you are met with swaying palm trees and rich green manicured lawns. The hedges are coiffed perfectly and there is no stone out of place, which sets the tone for the rest of the estate. The sheltered seven-car garage offers more than enough room for your and all of your guest's vehicles, according to the listing on The traditional style home features robust flat white columns. There are multiple balcony and patio areas that are perfect for visiting guests to enjoy, and there is even a full outdoor kitchen complete with an oversized barbeque that oversees the ocean.

The pool area is absolutely exquisite. It has an infinity quality that makes you feel as though you're swimming right out into the Atlantic Ocean. Multiple seating areas surround the pool and are made with a slick grey tile that is bordered by smooth grey features. At the forefront of the T-shaped pool is a hot tub that sits across from an umbrella-shaded shallow area. The covered balconies and patio spaces are illuminated by overhead pot lights so you can enjoy the sounds of the crashing ocean waves well into the evening. The decor is comfortable but minimal as simple sand and gray-colored furniture take second stage to the vivacious greens of the hedges and trees, as well as the sparkling blues from the ocean.

Nothing short of luxury awaits you inside

As you step through the front doors, you are met with the cozy yet luxurious decor and details that were executed by interior designer Marc-Michaels. With over 17,000 square feet of living space, as per the listing on Zillow, it would be hard to find a room that you don't fall in love with. The living room features plush seating with overhanging wood trim running across the ceiling. The floors are made of long-planked richly stained wood, which plays harmoniously with cream-colored walls. Sandy-brown patterned rugs bring earthy tones into the room, which contrast with the bright blues and greens seen through massive floor-to-ceiling windows. Long, wispy curtains are pulled open to allow the light to shine through but are available to offer privacy when called upon.

The kitchen is minimalist and brightly lit, with a fully marbled counter area offering additional storage. There is a full-range modern stovetop with a backsplash of milky white marble. The rest of the cupboards are no-nonsense and simply stylish as they are kept uncluttered and clean to the eye. The large staircase flows graciously up to the second floor and is accented by curving black metal railings that give off an almost zebra-esque pattern when layered with the cream-colored walls behind. Within the home's many square feet, you will find a combination of nine bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. The bedrooms have unmatched views of the ocean and each has access to the top floor balcony.

The guest home is just as opulent as the main house

If you were taken aback by the luxury that was displayed in the main house of this expansive Florida estate, then you will be blown away by the fancy features that are housed in the guest house. Separated just a short way away from the opulent main home is a quaint yet equally as splendid guest quarter, which is decorated with more color than that of its bigger companion. The open concept design lets the living room flow perfectly and seamlessly to the dining room and kitchen. Smooth wooden flooring is kept throughout with splashes of soft carpeting, as seen in pictures on the home's listing with This time, the cupboards are stained a rich dark color and surround an elegantly styled kitchen. 

Of the three bedrooms in the guest home, one has two beds plus an adorable little staircase that leads to two additional upper-tier beds. But the real prize of this fantastic guest space is its covered outdoor space that has its own private pool. The outdoor space has ample room for a long plush lounging couch as well as a dining table and barbeque. Encompassed by tall palm trees, manicured hedges, and colorful flowers, it offers peace and tranquility, which would make for a special living area for visiting guests. This home is in a league of its own among the extravagant real estate of southern Florida and has elegance and price to prove it.