30 Summer Wreaths That Will Make You Think Of Warmer Days

As the earth softens and flowers bloom, and the last marks of winter finally fade away, you're probably finding yourself daydreaming about golden summer days. Barbecuing in the park with friends, playing a game of backyard kickball with your family, and settling onto your porch, sipping tea and watching the sun melt into the horizon. That's the stuff lazy, hazy summer days are made of.

If you're ready to get the magic of these seasons in your home now, a summer wreath is a great place to start. Wreaths started as a winter holiday tradition in Northern Europe around the 16th century, notes Time. After pruning the tree, merrymakers would take the scraps and turn them into what we now know as Christmas wreaths. But now, these beautiful botanical circles are used year-round to celebrate the seasons. Read on to see 30 beautiful summer wreaths that will have you dreaming of warmer weather in no time. 

1. Sunrise blooms

These cheery faux ranunculus, roses, and peonies are basically an instant serotonin boost. Balsam Hill also offers the same arrangements in garlands and bouquets, helping you build out a stunning summer porch. 

2. Green dreams magnolia wreath

If you prefer a more neutral palette, consider the broad waxy leaves of the magnolia tree, as seen in this gorgeous wreath from West Elm

3. Tangerine cabbage rose wreath

The muted dusty pink cabbage roses and earthy eucalyptus leaves help to make the vibrant tangerines and lemons really pop in this summer wreath. A great pick for spring and summer wreaths at a great price from Kohl's

4. All dried out

Dried floral elements are super in style. These dried pink strawflowers and oat sprigs are a dreamy combination that will go with any decor. 

5. Blossoming beauty

This gorgeous preserved leaf and baby's breath wreath gives major flower meadow fairy vibes. Elegant, feminine, and color-neutral — a stunning piece. 

6. Pretty in peony

For the person who just can't get enough of peonies, this wreath is a must-have. Paired with winding rustic branches, you'll feel sun-kissed every time you look at this wreath. 

7. Faux succulent wreath

Are you obsessed with all things succulents? You're not alone. We love this wreath for a desert abode, but it's gorgeous even in a chic city walkup. 

8. Dried mustard platycarya

This dried mustard yellow Platycarya wreath from Magnolia evokes the warm days of late summer where you feel like you can see the heat on the horizon. A gorgeous, unique piece that will also work well with fall decor. 

9. Lovely lemon wreath

These buttery roses and faux lemons go down like a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade — the vibrant yellows are a great mood booster.

10. Fall safflower wreath

The bright yellows combined with the dried wheat tones make this the perfect rustic summer wreath. It pairs beautifully with cottagecore and modern farmhouse style

11. Exotic summer wreath

This dramatic summer wreath gets a moody twist with deep fuchsia dahlias and vibrant tangerine ranunculus blossoms. The combination makes this wreath anything but basic. 

12. Lush and leafy

Some like it green, and this wreath checks all of those boxes. The verdant eucalyptus, bay leaves, and rosemary sprigs are great for spring and summer decor. 

13. Summery wheat fields

This wreath has blonde and green wheat stalks folded into a stunning spiral, dotted with gorgeous dried strawflowers. Rustic, elegant, and beautiful.

14. Lively lavender wreath

The cool shades of lavender are beautifully complemented with the punchy, vibrant yellow shades of billy balls. Plus, because it's a dried wreath, you'll have the beautiful fragrance of lavender sprigs drifting through your home. 

15. Summer love floral wreath

A riff on more classic circle wreathes, the darting broad fern leaves give this wreath a gorgeous, organic feel that will look beautiful on any front door.

16. Rainbow pinwheel wreath

Playful hues and a spiraling color wheel of leaves make this wreath a great buy for the warmer months but can be used all year round, thanks to its wide range of colors. 

17. Flower meadow dreams

The bright flowers on this wreath are eye-catching, no doubt, but so are the unique green vines that make up the base. It is a gorgeous summer decor piece. 

18. Rust pampas grass wreath

Pampas grass is having a moment, and for a good reason. These fluffy dried stalks are stunning and come in many colors, but we are partial to this terra cotta orange. 

19. Poppin' poppies

These orange and peachy-toned poppies will have you wanting to follow the yellow brick road. The seed pods are a nice, natural addition. 

20. Cascading hydrangea wreath

Hydrangeas are one of the most joyous flowers because of their popcorn-like buds. Paired with the cascading greenery, this is one dreamy wreath. 

21. Bountiful white wreath

White forsythias and light brown stems make this stunning wreath great for your front door and for a spring or summer wedding. 

22. Overflowing flower crop wreath

This stunning white and green wreath is more bouquet-like than anything. It recalls memories of spending time in a meadow and stuffing your backpack and pockets full of blossoms. 

23. Shabby chic wreath

Few things are quite as nostalgic as old-school pickup trucks and the classic black and white gingham. This modern farmhouse wreath is just too cute. 

24. Modern succulent arch wreath

This semi-circle succulent wreath is a great modern take on wreaths. We love this as a great alternative to window box flowers if you don't have the space or the skill to make your own. 

25. Stunning summer blues

Blue and yellow are an underutilized color combination, and these wreaths really showcase the two beautiful. Consider pairing with a garland of the same pattern for an eye-catching porch display. 

26. Pocket full of sunshine

There's a reason this was titled the Sunshine Wreath by William-Sonoma — its yellow buds are cheerful, bright, and vibrant, and you'll want to make your whole house revolve around this piece. 

27. Lemony lush life

These cheerful yellow citrus fruits are the perfect symbol of summer, especially when paired with deep green leaves and pale purple lavender sprigs. 

28. La vie bloem

There's nothing like the vivid blooms of tulips to let you know warmer days are on the way. Best of all, these tulip wreaths are offered in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect fit for your porch decor. 

29. Lavender fields forever

Lavender will never go out of style, thanks to its iconic purple shades and delicate sprigs. It also looks incredibly vibrant in dried and even artificial wreathes such as this one. 

30. Wild bushel wreath

This wreath is so pretty you may be tempted to wear it as a crown so you can live out your fairy princess dreams, and we can't blame you. The delicate white and pink flowers combined with the wild, organic structure of the wreath is the stuff dreams are made of.