30 Ideas To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Tropical Escape

It's not uncommon to feel exhausted by the time you get home from work, especially if you have to commute through that congested 5 p.m. traffic. Once you step inside your house, you want it to be a stress-free environment where you can clear your mind and relax. To help make your home a relaxing haven, it needs to be designed according to what keeps you calm and at peace. For many people, a tropical theme references and reminds them of the rewarding vacations they've taken to unwind. An easy way to achieve that is by incorporating tropical houseplants into your home to create a fresh, natural feel, explains Design Depot

One space that could undoubtedly be enhanced by this type of aesthetic is your bedroom. Panararmer suggests that creating a relaxing bedroom space can promote better sleep, as well as help, reduce stress levels. It may be time to retire the abstract artwork and sleek, modern furniture in favor of botanical prints and bright, sunset hues. 

Sky blue skies

Your bedroom can cast the same energy as the open sky with light blue shades flowing throughout your space. Combined with white, the scheme can resemble clear skies on a beautiful day. 

Tropical textures

This rattan headboard with a matching nightstand and a woven pendant light reference designs originating in Southeast Asia. If you've vacationed in the region, you can incorporate what you appreciated into your bedroom décor and happily reminisce. 

Pop of print

You don't have to necessarily go all out when designing your bedroom. A simple white backdrop with a pop of tropical prints and lush houseplants will definitely emit vacation vibes. 

Sleep in paradise

Change up your bed to recreate a space straight out of a tropical resort brochure. This hanging bed seems as though you're floating on a cloud or being rocked by a gentle breeze, and the surrounding plants provide a fresh feel. 

Create a jungle canopy

Live houseplants are often recommended to give your space a refreshing feel. However, strategically incorporating high-quality faux plants can help you achieve a similar result. Here, pendant lights hang from a tree extending over the bed. Create this in your bedroom and you'll feel like Jane from "Tarzan" sleeping below the jungle canopy.

Hotel-inspired space

If you want to go all out, you can make your home look straight out of a hotel resort in Bali. The easiest strategy is to find a picture of your favorite hotel room and seek out similar, natural elements and furniture. Finish with plush white bedding to feel like you're sleeping in luxury every night. 

Children's bedroom

Consider a tropical design for a child's bedroom as well. You can incorporate the theme with wallpaper, toys, rugs, plants, and decor — anything goes as long as it stays harmonious and doesn't overwhelm. 

Neutral palette

Don't believe you only have to use bright colors to accomplish a tropical look. Neutrals work as well as long as you use the right materials, such as natural wood and woven elements, as featured here. 

Ambient lighting

The ultimate relaxing, tropical bedroom wouldn't be complete without some ambient lighting. This pendant casts a soft, warm glow throughout the room for a calming feel as you unwind for bed or take time for some self-care. 

Sage green

Sage green is an excellent color to feature in your tropical bedroom. The soft hue will pair well with any houseplants, as well as provide balance against warm tones and natural materials.

Leafy wallpaper

An easy way to have an overall tropical feel in your bedroom is by installing leaf-printed wallpaper. To avoid creating an overwhelming effect, choose one wall as a centering, printed focal point, rather than covering the entire space. 

Textured bed frame

A textured bed frame that resembles bamboo or wood can push your room towards looking more tropical as you pair it with complementary accessories such as the small, macrame mirror above this bed.

Exotic elegance

If you have the budget then don't be afraid to go all out. This extraordinary bedroom showcases luxurious bedding and matching printed drapes. The ceiling above is covered with an elegant and unique natural weave.

Window treatments

Window treatments can either fade into the background or be highly impactful in your overall design. These grass weave roller shades are the perfect final touch to tie the room together, while also complementing the bed frame.

Accessorize with artwork

Art can make all the difference in an interior space. These tropical art prints featuring banana leaves and hints of pink pull the room together and pair well with the light turquoise wall color.

Island inspired

Visualize the last time you were on a fun-filled vacation. Now, take that image and consider how to translate it into your bedroom design. This homeowner definitely achieved the feeling of being transported to an island vacation in Hawaii.

Golden tones

You are also able to add some modern touches to your design as well. Tropical designs are typically more bohemian in style, but incorporating gold or other metallic tones can elevate the look.

Green living wall

Large windows and natural elements like this plant wall can help you create a feeling of being outdoors. Keep things tropical rather than rustic by incorporating appropriate plant species and wood tones, such as this lovely red-toned wall feature. 

Touch of pink

Choose the color of your favorite tropical flower and incorporate that into your bedroom design. Here, shades of peachy pink are seen in the wallpaper as well as on the bedding.

Canopy bed

Every perfect tropical hotel has a canopy bed with soft white fabric tied around the posts. This is an easy way to reference the feeling of a previous extravagant experience in your bedroom at home. 

Playful prints

There are a variety of printed wallpapers you can use to create a tropical vibe in your bedroom. Options such as the palm print here can be used to create a color scheme that departs from the more typical palette of white and green.

Plush bedding

Your bed and bedding are arguably the most important elements in determining how you experience your bedroom. Consider splurging on plush, hotel-quality bedding to recreate the most relaxing part of your vacation right at home. 

Darker warm tones

Darker tones like mustard yellow and warm gray give this room a cozy atmosphere, perfectly complimenting the plants and inviting you to lie down and unwind after a busy day. 

Add personal touches

Designing any bedroom should include incorporating elements that feel personal and reflect who you are. Whether it's something from your last trip or a fun decorative mirror, you can still create a cohesive tropical vibe. 

Rich jewel tones

Don't be afraid to go for a bolder look with jewel-tone hues. This deep red is still reminiscent of a sunset at its peak, and the emerald green reflects the mystery and magic of a tropical rainforest. 

Minimalistic design

Even those who prefer a more minimalistic design for their bedroom can still imbue the space with tropical vibes by combining the right textures in muted, monochromatic colors.

Add a swing

Tropical experiences can be as fun as they are relaxing. Bring back that excitement by installing a ceiling-mounted swing, if you happen to have the space. In no time at all, you'll have that happy, floating feeling.

Bright and spacious

Create a bright space with plenty of natural light for a healthy, energizing feeling of the outdoors. The white floor and walls provide the perfect backdrop so the room feels spacious despite the many woven and natural elements.

Sheer drapery

Sheer drapery filters out the harshest of the sun's rays to allow a softer glow to fill the space. In this bedroom design, the sheer curtains have created a peaceful and restful environment. 

Combine different textures

This room wins when it comes to combining textures for the ultimate eclectic tropical bedroom. The leafy canopy above the bed is wholly unique and stands out against the white textured walls that surround the bed frame.