The Biggest Secrets Lowe's Employees Won't Tell You

Home improvement is a process that is constantly ongoing because there will always be something that needs to be fixed or enhanced around your home. Things can always be bigger, better, more modern, more convenient, etc., so it's crucial to shop at the right place. And for that, you need a store that you know and trust.

Lowe's is one of America's favorite home improvement retailers with over 2,000 stores in North America. It provides simple, clear access to what customers need for their homes and is trusted for its quality merchandise, customer service, and endless discounts. Lowe's caters to both professional and retail customers; those that shop for their businesses and trades, and those who personally shop for their homes (via Market Realist). No matter which category you fall into, we've got insights into some of the best-kept secrets about Lowe's. From free services to various types of sales, these tips are sure to help you get much more out of your shopping experience than you were before.

Check online first

From social media to the main website, checking online before making a Lowe's purchase will save you both money and a trip. Find deals posted regularly on Twitter (@Lowes) and look up what the Deal of the Day is every single day. You can browse by category to find what you need from home décor to appliances. Many of these deals are available solely online, which means you wouldn't find them if you went into the store. So, join that email list and download the app to get what you need without even leaving your couch!

Before heading into the store, also keep an eye out for items that have rebates, which are discounts that are applied at the time of purchase. This basically means you get a perk for shopping in person with rebates that are often available when you purchase certain items, like appliances, in clusters. Always check the Lowe's website to see what rebates are being offered.

Ask, ask, ask

Home purchases are often pricey and frequent, which is why keeping customers happy and loyal is huge for business. This makes customer service crucial at home improvement stores! Per Kiplinger, Lowe's is known for being open to negotiation and haggling, especially in the case of items that are not 100% in tip-top shape.

Did you know that open boxes can be discounted? How about floor models? Did you also know that yellow tags on products mean they're on clearance? Simply asking an associate about a discount can get you some money shaved off the top of the item you want to buy. One interesting product that you can get marked down is what is known as a "rescue plant." These are the not-so-healthy plants all the way in the back that need some TLC to bring them back to life.

Here's another great tip: While shopping in-person, check the Lowe's website on your phone for price differences with in-store items. Kiplinger also says that if you communicate to an employee that you found a lower price online, the store will match it.

Get a lower price matched

In addition to price matching within the Lowe's universe, you can also price match with other retailers. If you find that the same item is being offered at a lower price by a competitor, Lowe's will match it. This can be Home Depot, Best Buy, Amazon, Costco, and many others. The Lowe's Price Promise says all you have to do is bring the ad with you to the store and show it to any employee. Either a printout or screenshot on your phone is fine. However, Rather Be Shopping recommends going to a customer service agent specifically because they are usually more familiar with the details of the policy.

In addition to the price of the item, they also match the cost of delivery or shipping. This works online but requires you to call them to validate the offer. You can also request a price match if you find something within 30 days of making your purchase. Note that price matching has exclusions such as installation costs, customized products, seasonal promotions, rebates, and more.

Match your colors for free

Home improvement projects can take you on a wild journey, and sometimes you find yourself in dire need of a perfect color match for a paint job. It's important to get professional color matching assistance because the human eye can't really do it accurately. There are simply too many shades and hues in the world to match them perfectly with the naked eye. This is where technology comes in.

To find the exact color of your rug or furniture swatch, go straight to Lowe's! Every store has a spectrophotometer, which is a color measurement device that determines accurate surface color information from a physical sample of about 1 square inch. This is the best way to color match because it doesn't involve purchasing your own color matcher or using an app that might not provide accurate matches (via MYMOVE). Have your sample ready? Head over to your closest Lowe's and a store attendant will get it matched in a minute, completely free. They also offer free custom color mixing and low-cost paint samples to ensure you have all you need for your paint project.

Watch out for the sales

Limited deals happen throughout the year, so always be prepared to snag them! Sales usually happen when a store is clearing out to make room for new items, so you never know what you'll find, especially when it comes to more expensive appliances and furniture pieces. Major holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Christmas are popular times for huge sales. There are also sidewalk sales that happen at various times during the year.

Watch out for peak season when it comes to a specific type of item as well, because that's when there's the most demand, says Kiplinger. An example of this is a home-and-garden sale in spring, which would include everything from plants to lawn care equipment. Lowe's also has an annual sale around March and April that was previously called Spring Black Friday but has just been rebranded to SpringFest. With deals both in-store and online, there are even giveaways! SpringFest 2022 included opportunities for customers to sign up for walking garden tours to learn about highlighted products and DIY workshops to develop their skills around certain projects (via Lowe's).

Make a free design

Fun fact: DIYers make up about 75% of sales at Lowe's (via CNBC). If you're one of the many customers who are passionate about tackling home improvement projects from start to finish, Lowe's free Deck Designer tool is here for you. It's intended to assist you in the process of bringing your vision to reality.

The software helps you to start that major renovation project by designing it on your computer or phone completely from scratch or with the guidance of sample templates. You can then save your design alongside a 3D rendering, a list of what you'll need, an estimate of how much it will cost, and more. Whenever you're ready to start building, you can reach out to a Lowe's specialist who can provide additional assistance and even set up a free at-home consultation. This service has been reported to be convenient and user-friendly, especially for beginners.