30 Indoor Swimming Pools That Will Give You Serious House Envy

Summer brings picnics and parades, but it also means that pools and beaches will be open for families to enjoy the nice weather. Some may have their own pool and have been waiting for this moment to remove their tarp and cannonball their way through the cool water. In the United States, people love to swim. ComfyLiving says there are about 10.4 million residential pools and 309,000 public pools — this probably explains why swimming is the fifth most popular activity in the country.

However, some go above and beyond by installing an indoor pool. This luxurious renovation can amp up the overall feel of your home, add a sense of extravagance to your design aesthetics, and offer plenty of benefits. Since the pool is inside the house, you'll have 24/7 access to a refreshing dip no matter the temperature outside. Ferrari Pools, Patios and Spas also say you'll have better privacy, complete control over the pool's temperature, and minimized exposure to UV radiation since indoor pools are sheltered from direct sunlight. Let's look at these homes that have been elevated by their indoor pool.

1. Warm-toned wood

Warm-toned wood gives off a relaxing appearance. This indoor pool looks similar to a spa, and the warm, bright colors are soothing. 

2. A work of art

This pool area was designed with elegance in mind — from the mosaic tile on the swimming pool floor to the marble flooring around it and the furniture in the background. It all creates a harmonious and stunning look.

3. The perfect lounge area

The seating arrangement by the pool and windows is relaxing yet elegant. The furniture features a dark gray cushion and bolster pillows for the ultimate lounging experience. 

4. Modern layout

This design is a modern take on an indoor pool. The black flooring and seating contrast beautifully against the blue water, and the large skylight offers a simple design that glows over the pool.

5. Staircase to heaven

This gorgeous pool has a contemporary staircase that leans against dark marble. The water also has a soft glow from the small lights underneath the surface. 

6. Cancel that gym membership

This indoor pool area is a perfect spot to get your exercise in. Once you've done your water aerobics routine, you're free to take a shower or enjoy the sauna to sweat it out.

7. Floor-to-ceiling windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a nice touch to any room, especially if you have a great view. It can help promote being outdoors even when you're indoors enjoying your temperature-controlled water.

8. Spa-like

This is a spa getaway right in the comfort of your home. The seating, mosaic tiles, and soft ambient lighting are enough to soothe away all of your stress as you lounge by the calm water.

9. Fun features

Having an indoor pool isn't just about relaxation but fun, too. This hot tub with a jet combo in the middle of the pool creates a lively environment. 

10. Spending time with family

It's definitely easier to have fun with your family if you have a pool right at home, especially since you'll have access to it year-round.

11. Pool designs

This pool used mosaic tiles to create a fun design beneath the water. You can see swirls of white and bubbly decor as you peer in.

12. Bespoke designs

Make your indoor pool unique to what you enjoy and have fun with it. The statues and stone pillars give off an ancient Greek vibe, and the flower-like skylight seems to have an open and close mechanism. 

13. Shape that fits

This pool was designed to accommodate the space and much-needed functionality. There's a shallow end in the circular area, while the rest of the pool is deep. There is also room along both sides for seating arrangements.

14. Keep it simple

Keeping it simple may be the best option depending on the space. For instance, this design makes good use of a smaller room by installing a reflective material against the wall to create the feeling of a larger area.

15. Mixture of materials

The mixture of gray porcelain and a wood cover over the pool is contemporary, as the latter complements the former to make it appear softer.

16. Leveled water

This indoor swimming pool is leveled to the ground, making the water appear higher and more apparent against the dark, modern color around it.

17. Smaller is sometimes better

Sometimes a smaller pool is better for creating the overall design you're looking for, especially since it can save you money down the line.

18. Simply contemporary

This indoor pool is very simple, and simplicity can also be breathtaking when done correctly. We adore the overall design here — the muted concrete allows the light to radiate in and bounce off the surface of the soft blue water. 

19. Focal point

Focal points are always a good idea in any design, and they have created just that here with the dark, gray stone wall.

20. Plenty of skylights

Adding multiple skylights will provide lots of natural light while also giving you a view of the sky as you take a relaxing swim.

21. Greenery

Adding plants around your indoor pool will give off a fresh appearance. It can get kind of depressing being around tile and concrete, so adding different textures can add interest as well as a soothing feel.

22. Blend in

Have your indoor pool blend in with the other features in your home. This window partition is a great way to show off your swimming pool and keep a safe eye on your family.

23. Cultural designs

This indoor bath has various colors and shapes to create a harmonious layout. As the tile bands around the room, it pulls the design together and completes the look.

24. Choose your favorite color

Green is definitely the favorite color of whoever designed this indoor pool. This should inspire you to use your favorite color spectacularly without fear of judgment — because obviously, it will turn out beautifully. 

25. Take up space

Allow your pool to take up space for a more dramatic design, especially if you want to eliminate seating areas.

26. Complementary colors

Complement the colors around your window with other design features such as window treatments. In this design, they complement the pink and purple tiles and the pink window treatment used for privacy. 

27. Functionality

This is an example of a perfectly functional layout. The continuous gray color seen throughout is modern and fresh, and the addition of the shower and vanity blends with the design without sticking out. 

28. Different lighting

This indoor pool design does an excellent job of allowing light through several avenues: the French doors, sconces, and the glowing ring on the ceiling that reflects against the pool.

29. Indoor cave pool

This is an exciting design with cave-like features on the wall and ground. The mosaic border around the pool makes it pop out and contrast against the irregularly shaped wall.

30. Create your safe haven

Whoever designed this indoor pool had peace and calm in mind. The dark colors that reflect the natural light give off a soft ambient, as does the waterfall that spreads ripples through the pool.