What Happens When You Put Juice In A SodaStream?

A SodaStream is a household kitchen appliance that turns tap water into sparkling water. They work by forcing carbon dioxide into water using high pressure. After the carbonation process, users can drink it as sparkling water or add flavored syrups to make soda. Many people are curious about carbonating liquids other than water, but SodaStream does not recommend it because it can damage the Sparkling Water Maker, which could cause the liquid to explode and invalidate the warranty.

Unfortunately, this warning hasn't stopped people from experimenting with carbonating more than just water. Much to the delight of our curious minds, CNET broke this hard rule and tested orange juice, coffee, liquor, and wine. Per the results, the drinks were all carbonated, but the orange juice and coffee didn't taste great.

Note that performing this experiment will automatically invalidate your warranty and money-back guarantee. But if you're set on it, take the following precautions: Place the machine in a bathtub to make clean-up easier if the juice explodes when removing the carbonating bottle. Also, cleaning the device right after carbonating anything other than water will help prevent it from breaking. Furthermore, it's important to apply bursts of carbonation slowly so you don't accidentally add too much, and gently remove the bottle to release the pressure, preventing it from exploding. 

A safe way to carbonate juice

If you want carbonated juice but don't want to risk breaking your machine or causing a big mess, there are recipes you can try. Busy Creating Memories created a recipe that allows you to carbonate juice safely. The trick is to use a juice concentrate. First, fill the carbonation bottle with regular tap water and carbonate it in the SodaStream. For strong carbonation, do four to five bursts, then choose any flavor of fruit juice concentrate. 

If you choose a frozen juice concentrate, it's vital to defrost it beforehand. Then in a pitcher, mix the concentrate with the carbonated water, following the ratio on the concentrate package. The trick is to add carbonated water instead of regular water to the juice concentrate. Doing this won't break the warranty on your machine or risk damaging it since you will only be carbonating the water. With this recipe, you can make all of your favorite juices.