Tour Tan France's Gorgeous Chic Home

"Queer Eye" Fab Five fashionista Tan France fell in love with the 1906 English cottage style home he decorated himself, as reported by E! News. France's husband was able to show him the Salt Lake City house on FaceTime. While France loved it and his husband hated it, France was determined to make the home into something special. "I'd like to believe that being incredibly gay, I have vision, and that vision is usually to make things pretty. Here we have it," France told Architectural Digest before he began his home tour (via YouTube).

Though France could've asked "Queer Eye" interior designer Bobby Berk for advice, he decided to do things his own way. "I wanted to show Bobby that I could do it, and I learned. I didn't ask Bobby Berk. He's seen it and seems very impressed." As France continues with his home tour, it's clear that his love of small details and a mix of masculine and practical items come from his fun and loveable personality. Follow along as we take a closer look at France's impeccably designed home.

Brass hints on furniture

As France continues his home tour, he shows off his gray sofa with mid-century modern brass detailing. His kitchen also has brass faucets and handles on the cabinets. How can brass be incorporated into a home without looking too sterile? Homedit reports that brushed brass is softer than copper and complements many different styles. Not sure where to start in a home? Why not change out light fixtures within a bedroom or living room? Give your bathroom an upgrade by installing brass doorknobs or cabinet handles. Switch out your basic kitchen cutlery with brass utensils instead to add a sense of style.

Brass pendant lights look great in a kitchen (via The Spruce). Instead of placing basic chairs around a kitchen island, opt for bar stools with brass-coated legs. Brass bar stools give a vintage, classic feel. Brass is more inviting and nostalgic than chrome or stainless steel (via Rebecca Hay Designs Inc). Brass is modern, and the clean lines have an effortless appeal.

Vintage furniture and maintenance

When France takes the tour to his living room, he shows off a bookshelf filled with awards, books, and vintage antique items. One of the items was a Victrola. Though not everyone likes old-fashioned knickknacks in the home, you can start small with antique furniture pieces. For people who love shopping vintage, there are ways to buy online to find what the heart desires. According to The Spruce, Etsy is a great place to look for upcycled antique decor pieces. Though the shipping fees can be high, Etsy offers a vast selection of furniture. One Kings Lane also sells furniture, and their site provides themed collections to make purchasing decisions a breeze. Vintage rugs are available on the RevivalRugs website with a selection of intricate styles and unique colors.

To clean antique wood furniture, use soap and warm water (via HGTV). To fix dried wood, mix furniture oil with water to clean. If you buy pretty glass vintage bottles, you can clean them by mixing rice with vinegar to pour into the bottles and shake gently. The rice with vinegar mixture will absorb dirt and other grime. Clean antique white linens, like napkins and gowns, by boiling them in hot water for an hour to achieve a fresh white color.

Rewiring old light fixtures

Old homes typically feature light sconces that you can't update. France talks about old light fixtures that needed rewiring in his home. Though the lights weren't modern, France decided to keep them because he wanted to preserve the home's aesthetic. According to HGTV, the first step to rewiring old lamps is to unplug them and remove the socket. Remove the sockets with a screwdriver or another tool. Use the screwdriver to press up the sleeve of the socket. A wire cutter can cut and disconnect old wires.

After completing these steps, take a new cord from a purchased lamp kit through the bottom of a lamp to attach to a new socket. Split wires and knot cords, and tie by using an underwriter's knot. Make a loop with each wire. The opposite color of each wire creates a figure eight. Use a screwdriver to loosen screws on either side of the new socket. Wrap a hot exposed wire around the brass screw on the socket and wrap the neutral wire around the silver screw. Tighten the screws using wires. The sleeve should be put back on and snapped into place. To ensure everything works, plug in the outlet for the designated lamp.

Mirrors above the fireplace

France says he was distracted while filming the first and second seasons of "Queer Eye" because he constantly wondered what kind of mirror should go above his fireplace. Sooner than later, France was able to find a mirror that mimicked the arch of the shape of the wall around his fireplace. According to The Spruce, people prefer to hang a mirror over a fireplace to create a welcoming and lively vibe. You can decorate a mantel to dissolve empty space. While small mirrors won't fill space correctly, you can prop them against a mantel. When hanging a mirror above a mantel, try to place the mirror four to six inches above the mantel and at least one foot below the ceiling.

The mirror above the fireplace should be about ⅔ of the mantel width (via Amore Décor Limited). If you need or want to decorate with small mirrors, find square or rectangular ones from a vintage shop. Mirrors should fit evenly above the mantel. Ensure the mirror isn't reflecting light from a hanging chandelier to prevent glare and discomfort.

Using concrete in the home

Though he didn't want to design a feminine home, France said he's comfortable in his masculinity and femininity. France installed a concrete marble countertop on his kitchen island because he liked the industrial, masculine touch. Concrete is a mix of cement, rock, and water. Concrete has a long life span and isn't prone to breaking down as much as other substances, as stated by Bob Vila. As home and furniture design has developed over the years, concrete has grown in popularity and is used to make tables, countertops, and shower walls. Concrete tables won't collapse under heavy kitchen appliances or home decor.

In a semi-liquid state, the pigment mixes into concrete to create an original piece of colorful artwork to be displayed at home. There are wooden and plastic molds you can use to construct different shapes from liquid concrete. One of the positives about using concrete for furniture design is that Quikrete is inexpensive and costs about $20. Concrete doesn't crack as easily in extreme weather fluctuations, so durability is a plus.

Storage space

Storage space is essential to have at home. As France was touring his home and showing the picture window, he explained that there was storage space underneath for functionality. Need to keep things neat in your living room? Better Homes & Gardens reports that dressers aren't just for bedrooms. They can be placed inside a living room to hold books, games, magazines, and kids' toys. Now that more people are working from home, office spaces and office rooms are becoming mainstays of the living space. Place a desk in the corner of a living room to store office and work-related items.

Look for tiered coffee tables to place magazines underneath and smaller books on top. For people who don't have enough space to construct an at-home bar, you can decorate a bar cart with your favorite alcohol and glassware. Storage benches are another home essential. They usually come with pull-out drawers underneath and can store plenty of items. To display your book collection, construct built-in shelves around a living room doorway to create a cohesive and organized feel.

Loved one's notes

When France takes the tour into the kitchen, he chats about how his husband is an artist and hangs his work around the kitchen. Since his husband has to leave for work early each morning, he likes to write notes for France and keep them in the kitchen. LiveAbout said writing a love note and finding a place to put it in the home is a skill. Handwritten notes hold more sentimental value than texts and emails. Place a love note on the refrigerator to catch your partner's attention. Go the cutesy route and spell out a message on the fridge door with colorful magnets found at a home store.

Why not place love notes inside a living room? Place a written love letter inside the book your partner is currently reading. Grab the remote and wrap the paper note around it for easy finding. Have a home office? If feeling cheeky, change the screensaver wallpaper of a loved one to type out a special message. 

Decorate with chandeliers

France said he wanted the chandelier hanging above the upstairs to be dramatic. As he describes the chandelier, he says it was custom made in India, and each glass piece is individual. France jokes that he and his husband would hear a loud bang if the chandelier falls and breaks, but he says it's been intact for two years. Decorating with chandeliers doesn't have to be overly fancy. Consider the dimensions of the room, as stated by The Spruce. A chandelier that's too large for a room can be overwhelming. Likewise, a chandelier that's too small for a room can feel unremarkable and underwhelming. Consider the color palette of the room. Is there a preference for warm colors? Incorporate brass chandeliers into the room. What about bright colors? Add sparkle with a crystal chandelier. Find unique areas in the home to place a chandelier like a kitchen, laundry room, and even a children's playroom.

Install a chandelier above the front entryway (via One Kings Lane). If the entrance has high ceilings, use a chandelier to fill the area. A dark metal chandelier looks great in a living room and creates an inviting, warm ambiance. In the kitchen, hang a sculptural chandelier above the island counter. Place a brass and glass rodded chandelier above a ceramic footed bathtub to add sophistication to a basic bathroom.

Refinish rocking chairs

France shows off a rocking chair in his home. He says he'd like to be a dad one day and rock his child to sleep in the chair. When choosing a rocking chair, France said he wanted something cute and comfortable that fit into the home's vibe. For those who prefer wooden rocking chairs, refinishing them takes a bit of time, according to Making Christian Disciples. Remember to clean the wood of any dirt, oil, or grease. Use soapy, warm water and a furniture scrub brush. Remove the former stain finish with a stripping agent. After removing the old finish, use a conditioner or a primer to seal the wood. Use an aerosol varnish to keep the wood looking clean and shiny. Varnish sprays cover surface areas better.

Sturdy wood rocking chairs can withstand sun and rain outdoors, but if their paint is worn and their legs are wobbly, it's time for new furnishings (via Krostrade). Repair loose rocking chair legs with industrial strength glue. Fix loose ends by hammering. For those who want to repaint a rocking chair, buy oil-based paints instead of water-based paints. Oil-based paints tend to protect wood better and withstand outdoor elements more efficiently. 

Storing candles

France wishes everyone had "Smell-O-Vision" to get a whiff of his candle closet. France says he likes to stand outside and smell the candle scents when in a bad mood. Storing candles doesn't have to be challenging. According to Blue i Style, you can use clear storage bins to organize candles. With clear storage bins, it's easier to see what's inside without digging through piles of candles. Purge candles that are damaged or used. Organizing candles by color is one way to keep everything intact, but you can also organize candles by type. Keep taper, pillar, or votive candles together to create a sense of order.

When moving, ensure you pack candles properly. Taper and pillar candles can also be placed flat into a cardboard box and taped up (via Storepak). Jar and tumbler candles are easy to store, and when they melt, they retain their shape and don't make as much of a mess. Wax tarts and melts should remain sealed in their original packaging to maintain and preserve scents while moving.

Two showerheads in a shower

As France continues with his home tour, he jokes that there is nothing romantic about the double showerheads in his partner's bathroom. Though France wanted to stay with the home's aesthetic by using brass details in the bathroom, he added the extra showerhead because it looks nice. Mira Showers explains that two showerheads in one shower unit mean you have a fixed and handheld showerhead. For a spa experience, the two showerheads can be utilized at once to clean and massage. Having two showerheads is practical, especially when using the handheld one to clean the shower or bath.

Want to create a shower with two showerheads? These showers are for more than one person to use at a time (via SFGate). Open shower designs feature glass panels or walls that leave space between the ceiling for ventilation. Enclosed showers have blocks or glass panels that lead up to the ceiling. Open and enclosed showers feature ceramic tile, natural stone, marble, or granite. When installing double showerheads, they should be on opposite sides with three feet of space between if they're on the same side of the wall. If you opt to install multiple showerheads, make sure you use this showerhead cleaning trick.

Benches in master bathrooms

Since he enjoys taking showers, France jokes that he never takes baths more than once every six months. Though he doesn't use his bathtub often, he doesn't want to feel like it was a waste of time to create the area. Across from the bathtub is a bench that France says his husband likes to sit on so they can chit-chat while he bathes. Trendir reports that a bathroom bench is a great way to relax and unwind. If your shower is large enough, you can fit one inside to sit down and soak up steam. You can place an upholstered bench under a bathroom window for a classic look in a bathroom with a feminine aesthetic. Stools are also a great idea. Buy wooden stools for a vanity tabletop made from wood for places to sit.

Some people prefer to have a bench next to the bathtub as an uncomplicated way to get out (via Homedit). For those with enough bathroom space, a long bench can function as the main focal point in the bathroom.

Huge closet space

In "Queer Eye," France says he tells people how to coordinate their clothes to fit perfectly with their closet wardrobes, but he needed help in his own closet. France says he didn't design his clothing closet. He worked with a designer to balance masculine and feminine designs. According to MyMove, it's best to think about what needs storing before creating your closet. Consider the accessories and jewelry that need a home. Families with children may share the main closet space and need their own separate area to place items. For those who want to decorate a closet, hang framed artwork and family photos to establish a homey vibe.

Purge whatever is unwanted or unneeded from closets (via The Organized Mom). Hang removable closet rods to lower them when you need extra space. Build shelves or construct a built-in dresser to hold clothes and shoes. Keep out-of-season clothes in bins above a high shelf for later use. Fashion a jewelry nook on a dresser and buy jewelry holders to hold necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Find a decorative mirror online to place in the jewelry nook for additional beauty.

Finishing a basement

Before taking the tour to his basement, France warns that it looks terrifying. Though the basement is unfinished, France says he will turn it into another closet by changing the wallpaper and installing desks and drawers. According to Baileylineroad, make sure there's no water damage in the basement due to moisture before finishing a basement. Tape plastic sheets over concrete to prevent airborne moisture vapor from escaping or liquid water from seeping through walls or floors. Use foam exterior wall insulations to prevent the spread of mildew and mold.

A mistake homeowners make when installing carpet is not placing a subfloor between the carpet and concrete. By not completing this step, mold can grow from the moisture trapped in the carpet. Want fresh air to come into the basement? Construct an outdoor entrance with windows that open or enlarge existing windows. Use acoustic batt insulation to soundproof a basement and prevent sound from entering.