Which James Bond Has The Most Expensive Home?

The James Bond franchise has entertained generations of theater-goers, with, 27 movies produced since the 1960s, according to Rotten Tomatoes. From Roger Moore's one-time stint as the super spy to Daniel Craig's almost record-breaking number of times playing the role, James Bond has drawn impressive box office numbers from audiences for over 50 years. Out of the six actors who have played Bond, each has brought their own unique style and character to the role. However, the three most recent actors portraying the character — Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, and Daniel Craig — have received the most welcoming reception from film critics, making them cinema legends.

Of course, with a successful movie comes a more comfortable lifestyle, and these three superstars have purchased some impressive homes over the years, both in their native countries as well as here in the United States. Millions of dollars have been exchanged between the real estate owned by James Bond actors, and it only gets more impressive as time goes on.

Sean Connery's French estate

Before he passed away in 2020, Sean Connery undoubtedly had the most expensive home out of all the James Bond actors. His palatial estate in France went up for sale at $27 million, and there just isn't much that beats this mansion bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Originally built in the 1920s, the Cap de Nice property has five stories and boasts a distinctly European getaway feel throughout. The house is so beautiful that it was actually used in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again for a few scenes.

And unlike most international mansions that serve as vacation homes for celebrities, Hello Magazine reports that this was actually the permanent residence for Connery during the 1980s and 1990s. Moreover, the property is so large that it also contains two guest villas and staff quarters. Not a bad life for James Bond — or, rather, one of the most famous actors to ever portray him.

Daniel Craig's private real estate

Great Britan-born Daniel Craig is notoriously private about his life, famously having only four guests at his wedding. His real estate acquisitions are no different, but it is known that he has purchased some pretty impressive pieces of property. These include his Soho home, bought for over $11 million, which has over 4,000 square feet. The house boasts a media room, a roof garden, and an outdoor kitchen.

Craig is also the owner of a Brooklyn townhouse he purchased for $6.7 million. It is one of the largest homes in its neighborhood and includes its own private elevator. According to Luxury Wave's YouTube channel, in 2016, the house caught on fire and went through extensive repairs and refurbishments, which has made it even better than before. With five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an extensive top-floor garden, it is an appealing sanctuary away from the bustle of New York.

Pierce Brosnan's Malibu home

Pierce Brosnan has met great success as a former James Bond actor, and he also owns some impressive California real estate in the form of a Malibu mansion. He actually attempted to sell the property in 2020 for $100 million and took it off the market after not receiving any offers. To build this home, Brosnan purchased two neighboring lands and combined them into the seriously gorgeous property, according to The New York Post.

The home includes ocean views, a chef's kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a saltwater pool. The house in its entirety spans 12.500 square feet and took a decade to complete. With a theater, wine cellar, gym, music room, and a wall spa, who wouldn't want to live in this perfect getaway? Oh, and did we mention you'd be neighbors with Dustin Hoffman and Danny DeVito? Brosnan has said in the past that he is a big fan of Malibu, but most recently, he has been living on the Hawaiian island of Kauai with his family.