Interior Designers Reveal The Most Fashionable Ways To Style The Foot Of Your Bed

Having a peaceful place to rest your head at night is a comfort, and because of that, your bedroom should be your oasis for relaxation. "We put a lot of focus and energy into the design of our beds, not only because it is always the focal point of every bedroom, but also because we all spend so much time in them," designer Claire Ratliff shared with Architectural Digest. While the bed is often the focal point, the end of the bed also deserves some attention.

Choose to fill this space with the type of decor that puts you at ease. The ideal bedroom is different for each person, but there are certain things you can incorporate that will turn the space into a lounging retreat. And what better way to decorate your room than using interior designers' insider tips? From benches and foot pillows to mini sofas and every chair and table combination in between, use these designer tricks to style the foot of your bed.

Add a bench with a pop of color

A bench. Not many decorative items can compete with this classic bedroom feature, which can effortlessly fit into any design aesthetic. This nondescript piece of furniture runs along the length of the foot of the bed, creating symmetry. Symmetry creates balance, and when a room is balanced, it is inevitably calmer. A calm bedroom is what most of us aim for, considering this is where you spend most of your literal downtime.

While a wooden bench can be a timeless look, one could use this opportunity to let a bit of their personality shine through with an exciting design, color, or both. A home decorator could "use really wild or colorful fabric on benches," designer Wendy Blackband tells Elle Decor. Most bed linens are traditionally white, "so we like a pop of color against it." One could try to select a bench with some dynamic shades of color, like lime green, bright pink, or a burst of yellow to add a spark of interest to the foot of your bed. Just be mindful of your bedroom dimensions when decorating with this piece. "I love a beautiful bench or ottoman for the foot of the bed, but those elements are only okay if you have a minimum of three feet to pass by without injury or feeling cramped," designer Becky Shea told Martha Stewart.

Floor pillows add comfort and design

If you want to amplify the texture in your bedroom without adding more furniture pieces, focus on a versatile accent piece that can easily be tucked out of the way. A pouf, floor pillow, ottoman, or footstool. It has many names but typically serves similar purposes — it's the perfect complementary accent piece to a chair or an impressive decor piece on its own.

Floor pillows and poufs can seemingly "be in the way" when placed in the middle of the room. Rather than creating an obstruction, try adding a pair of poufs to the foot of the bed. As per The Spruce, these ground pillows come in many shapes, from rectangular to square to round. Different sizes and shapes will work best depending on the dimensions at the end of your bed. If there is already a bench at the foot, try shopping for rectangular-shaped foot pillows to slide underneath. If nothing is at the edge, try decorating with a chunky knit round pouf or two.

Add a pair of reading chairs for lounging

The edge of the bed doesn't need to be bare. When choosing what to put there, consider creating opportunities to relax outside the sheets. If there are no places to kick back or hang out, form one by adding chairs to the space at the end of the bed. And if you have enough space, add two chairs to create a mini reading nook. "Not only do separate chairs provide more flexible, moveable seating, they also break the room into distinct liveable zones for sleeping and lounging," designer Mat Sanders told Elle Decor. The separate seating also allows you to add a table in between for drinks and small decor.

The chairs you select for the foot of your bed should be stylish and comfy. Try to choose chairs with lumbar and arm support, a plush back, and thick bottom cushions. You can also accessorize it, making it a cozy spot to curl up with a book or unwind with your partner before going to bed. "I keep it simple with either a small lumbar pillow — for those extra-late nights of reading — or a thin decorative throw to add some texture," stylist Emily Henderson told The Washington Post.

Add a small settee or sofa with texture

A bedroom should be designed for more than just sleeping. According to HGTV, this room should be a multi-functioning space with at least one place designated as a seated gathering spot. While a corner chair is a great look and offers a seated area, it does not invite conversation or provides another person a place to sit. To really make the most out of your bedroom, you want to find seating that invites conversation and offers you flexibility. If space allows, you could decorate the foot of your bed with a small sofa or settee. A settee's size and scale does the job of two chairs without taking up the same amount of space.

A settee can also double as a place for decorative pillows, throw blankets, and a staging area for laundry. Decorating the foot of your bed with a mini-style sofa can be visually pleasing, pending you choose one that contrasts with your bedding. A tufted settee or one with a floral design will add texture to the bed's edge. This seated option is one to consider as it's functional and fashionable.

Display decorative storage

Do you have a lot of things that need a home? Before getting a storage solution for the foot of your bed, reign in the clutter in your bedroom so you can figure out how much you actually have to store. One should toss away items with no purpose in your home besides taking up space. Those empty cell phone boxes, perfume bottles, and random papers do not need to stay. The items you have left over will give you a good idea of what type of storage you should be looking for. Decorative bin styles are endless as they are available in fabrics, plastic, woven materials, or acrylic.

"Make the most of storage [by using] pretty baskets to keep things out of sight," interior designer Amber Lewis told MyDomaine. Depending on your room's aesthetic, you can choose big woven baskets, a large storage bench, sturdy cubbies with bins in them, or tufted storage poufs. The possibilities are endless, but each of them will make you tidier.

Add dimension with a trunk

When finding what decor to put at the edge of a bed, it may be best for a decorator to consider the needs of the room and its occupants. What is the room missing? What does the person need help organizing? The answer is probably something decorative and useful, and a piece that ticks both those categories is a trunk. Vintage-style trunks are not odd in a bedroom as they were once the only storage option for most travelers.

According to Homedit, trunks can be used to store throw pillows at the end of the night or extra blankets for those chillier evenings. One could create a symmetrical design at the foot of a bed by using double trunks side by side, as pictured above. This design element also works well in a room with two twin beds, creating quite the statement.

Maximize space with a stool

Decorating the end of your bed can be as simple as adding one extra piece to add a bit of interest. If space is constrained in the room and a bench, sofa, or extra chair just won't fit, opt to place a stool at the end instead. As per House Beautiful, this decorative feature will not take up as much space, but still provides a place for you to store your belongings in a chic way.

When shopping for a stool for the foot of your bed, factors such as the size, material, and shape will be something to consider. A stool that will fit most aesthetics is a wooden stool. Whether your style is rustic, contemporary, French country, urban modern, or mid-century, a wood stool will add just the right touch of warmth to your bedside space. Horizontal, round, or one with unfinished edges could be the fashionable design feature missing from the foot of your bed.

Rolled up comforter for a tidy look

Additional layers are not always needed when styling a bed; sometimes, it's best to use what is already there. Your choice of bed sheets and accent blankets should be accompanied by "a duvet cover or comforter folded in thirds at the foot of the bed," designer Claire Ratliff told Architectural Digest. This rolled appearance will "highlight the sheets and blanket and also keeps the bed looking neat and tidy." This item can be just the added piece of interest to elevate your bed's design.

A comforter is typically already a part of the bedding makeup and can give your bed a very unique look when styled in a different way. You can add even more appeal if the duvet cover or comforter has a dual design and can be reversed. This change of pattern or color will add contrast to the space in one simple step. 

Blankets and throws

A blanket is the most basic of decor items to have in a bedroom. The color, pattern, and material options make this accessory complementary to any aesthetic and are easy to update. But rather than crumbling up your chenille throw and tossing it into a basket, you can display the soft fabric at the foot of the bed instead. According to designer Emily Henderson, blankets should be nonchalantly draped over the corner of the bed rather than being straight, since duvets and bed blankets — which are bigger — are traditionally draped straight across.

Not all blankets are the same. When shopping for the perfect blanket to decorate the foot of your bed, you want to focus on size. How do you know you chose the correct dimensions? A guideline to follow is that the blanket should drape over each side of the mattress when folded. If it doesn't, it is too small for your bed. The incorrectly sized blanket on the edge of the bed will imbalance the design and make it cumbersome to style.

A console table for a TV

For a truly special way to decorate the edge of your bed, think outside of the usual furniture you would expect to see in a bedroom. Leave the dressers and nightstands right where they are, and focus your attention on which pieces could add interest to the space at the end of the bed while still being useful. Hopefully, you came to a similar conclusion and set your decorative sights on adding a console table in this space. 

According to Homes & Gardens, adding a small bench as a console table is a great way to make use of the foot of your bed. This design can work as long as the size of the console matches the width of the bed frame, creating a symmetrical balance. It not only adds extra storage to the room, but can also be a renter-friendly solution for those who can't mount a television to a wall.

Keep items organized with baskets

Are you searching for a unique, attractive way to hide clutter and sporadically used items? Then perhaps baskets are what you have been searching for to solve this dilemma. Baskets can be the decorative storage solution missing from the foot of your bed. "Clutter tends to accumulate when there isn't enough room to put things away," designer Ariel Okin told Martha Stewart. "If you develop a system for where things go — beautiful dressers, perfectly measured closet dividers, and pretty baskets for extra linens and pillows—you're more likely to keep things organized." The throw pillows — you know, the ones that are only there for decoration and not drooling on — need somewhere besides the floor to go to at night when it's time for some shut eye. Baskets are the solution to the pillows tossed on the floor as they can be easily stored at the edge of the bed.

Just be sure to purchase the right basket size for the number of pillows and blankets you need to store. According to MyDomaine, woven baskets with a minimum height of about 18 inches best hold linens and plush accessories, giving you enough room to keep them in one place. That particular height also aligns the basket with most bed frames and mattresses.

Create a grand space with a table and chairs

The foot of a bed is a traditionally small area, but that doesn't mean it can't have a grand presence in the room. Make this space an interesting one for conversation to transpire by adding a table and chairs. A well-uniformed bedroom has lounge areas that make the room more than just somewhere to sleep. Keep the look simple though, and avoid intrusive furniture that disrupts the flow in the space.

"Most people believe that a small space means you need to use small furniture –- that's simply not the case," shares Jeremiah Brent with MyDomaine. "Instead focus on scale and proportion." It is suggested that if you have lower ceilings in your room, you should decorate with lower furniture for better depth perception. Keep this in mind when shopping for furniture for the end of your bed. The elements in the room should be complementary to the measurements of the square footage. If the furniture is too large, it will imbalance the scheme and impede walking paths.

Add a touch of green

For the perfect calming touch, consider decorating the space at the end of your bed with some natural inspiration. Bringing a bit of the outdoors inside a home will instantly soften the area and provide an appealing visual. "Include nature in your bedroom," designer Kari-Ann Peniche-Williams told The Spruce. "A simple orchid or potted tree is a beautiful, purifying, and soothing touch that goes with every style of decor." Soothing, calm, serene vibes are exactly what you want when laying your head down to rest at night.

Any plant can accentuate a room's design with its bright colors and pretty pots, but some can even come with health benefits. Plants such as chrysanthemum, snake plants, and aloe vera could help purify the air in a home, as per Country Living. Plants are an interior design element that will never go out of style. Enhance the foot of your bed by incorporating some of the most fashionable recommendations from interior designers.