Take A Tour Of A $14 Million Malibu Home Built Inside A Butterfly Sanctuary

A truly unique home just outside of Central Malibu has hit the market and is sure to make the Lepidopterist flutter to this listing. Located steps away from the sunny shores of Escondido Beach in Malibu, California, is this stunning piece of property for sale for just under $14 million and is situated on a certified butterfly sanctuary, according to New York Post. As the monarch butterflies make their yearly migration from the Western North American climates, they travel thousands of miles to rest over the winter months from October to March in the warm California environment, per U.S. Forest Services. There's no further need to plant butterfly-attracting plants as this home comes chock-full of a certain tree that they love. What makes this home so irresistible to the traveling monarch butterflies is its range of eucalyptus trees spreading throughout the near two acres of property. These trees offer the perfect resting spot for travel-weary butterflies, as they have thin branches that are easy for them to grasp, sparsely spread out leaves, and a convenient food source, per Good Times.

Throughout these months, the trees on the mansion's property will be absolutely covered in butterflies, offering you an up-close and personal look at these magnificent migrating critters. The newly built home is also surrounded by a beautiful California landscape that includes plenty of palm trees as well as strong aged oak trees. Now let's take a look at this modern masterpiece that has the ideal blend of nature and new-aged amenities.

An outside look at this butterfly sanctuary mansion

This stunning property was built in 2022 and paid careful attention to every detail. Settled in the gated community of Ramirez Canyon, it is surrounded by tree-lined walkways, which you can use to take ambling strolls throughout the grounds of the certified butterfly sanctuary. For convenient beach access, you can use the private tunnel that connects the lands to the pristine beach nestled against the Pacific Ocean, according to the listing on Compass.

The outside of the home has high-quality resort-like features, including multiple outdoor areas with barbeque and dining spaces for family and guests to enjoy. With an emphasis on health and well-being, the property includes a large outdoor yoga area among the oak trees as well as a 50-foot swimming pool and spa set within the beautiful natural surroundings. The poolside has plenty of lounging space with no worries of lack of privacy. The home is set up with modern automation that includes security cameras, outdoor speakers, and a special charging setup that uses a battery and solar energy power for your electric car that can be parked in the attached parking garage. There is also a separate guest house and a pool house, which offers additional space for family or friends.

The modern minimalist interior guides your focus on the natural surroundings

A look inside this mansion that spans 7,000 square feet of living space, and you are met with a simple, stylish esthetic that focuses on bringing out the most of its natural environment. An open concept design helps each room flow effortlessly between each other. The high ceilings and walls are kept to a soft white color to allow all of the natural Malibu sunshine to illuminate every corner. The kitchen and dining room floors are made of lightly stained and polished wood that matches the accompanying kitchen cabinets, as seen in photos of the home's listing on Compass. White marble kitchen countertops have barstool seating that faces the oversized window looking directly at a tree-filled area outside. Modern appliances are present, and cupboard spaces are kept closed so as to not distract the individual from the natural elements around them.

Around the living room, you find the same minimalistic mantra of decorating. With large soft-white couches, a simple wooden coffee table, and accent tables, as well as clean contemporary style art pieces that all seem to take a back seat to the view out the floor to ceiling window. For the cooler evenings, you get the opportunity to warm up next to the gas fireplace that is placed within the adjacent sitting room that is decorated with a straightforward potted plant, a cozy white chaise, and a cream-colored rug.

The bedrooms flow seamlessly from indoor to outdoor spaces

Inside the main home of this Malibu mansion, you will find five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The bathrooms are designed with earth-toned marble that is accented with copper-colored faucets. A backsplash of tiles runs the spectrum of colors from the deepest depths of the ocean color gradually to a rich soil-like brown, as per photos of the home listed on Compass. Half-bathrooms are kept simple with white decor and small oblong rounded mirrors with black metal accents.

The bedrooms are designed with an emphasis on unchallenged interaction with the outdoors. Again the use of mainly white decor helps to make the blazing greens of the outdoor foliage pop into the room. The main bedroom features a comfortable sitting area with cozy rugs placed delicately on the floor underneath a small coffee table around which uncomplicated furniture sits. This is kept separate from the bed by a half-height white wall. Where the bedroom really shines is how the large bed lays directly in front of a huge black-framed sliding glass door that whisks you out onto a private balcony. Three oversized outdoor couches await you on the pebble-lined patio that is bathed in sunlight and encompassed by rich green trees. Imagine yourself lying in the sunshine and basking in the sight of fluttering monarch butterflies. This property utilizes its serenely surreal surroundings perfectly in order to incorporate them into the overall experience of the home itself.