Step Inside This Gorgeous European-Inspired Mansion That's Selling For Just $340K

Historical homes have the ability to take us back in time to a different era of design different from what we're accustomed to today. After spending less than two weeks on the market, the sale of this 1873 Michigan mansion is now pending, according to Realtor. Located in a quaint neighborhood in Saint Johns, this home is selling for about $340,000 — a steal when examining all of its extravagant features. It's even rumored that former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt stopped at this mansion for a quick bite while on his whistle stop tours.

This luxurious home for sale was built in the Second Empire French Renaissance style and is also known as the Hick's Mansion. This style was adopted by Americans from France and named after the rule of Napoleon III, who transformed Paris into the iconic city it is today by creating phenomenal architecture still copied throughout the world, according to Buffalo Architectural Museum. Let us step back in time as we venture through a bit of Michigan's history.

Age resistant

After almost 150 years, this house is still standing strong, according to Realtor. The home is covered in a beautiful, neutral brick that is contrasted by the dark roof and red trim around the windows. Each window is decorated with a beautiful ornate frame that has a white and elegant design. The mansard roof is true to its design as it is curved out with a straight top that is reminiscent of architecture in France.

This 5,404 square foot home sits on 1.2 acres of land. The backyard is full of trees and gardening space, as well as a little pond to design your landscape around. The hedges and trees give this property a nice feeling of privacy, especially if you decide to relax on the small stone patio. There is also a carriage house detached from the mansion with a walk-up attic — a great addition to store your items beautifully.

Maze-like interior

Realtor says this mansion has 13 rooms, which includes seven bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. This home is also big enough to have a two-bedroom apartment on the lower level. It seems like it'd be easy to get lost in a space with so many rooms. As you walk into the front entrance, you're met with a stunning mosaic tile with a star-like pattern of red, blue, yellow, and other neutral colors. The entryway also has a traditionally designed wallpaper of green and cream that complements the tile nicely.

As you walk further inside, you'll then be stunned by the brightly decorated sitting area. The carpet is a soft white that contrasts against the sky blue wall. The fireplace plays as the centerpiece of the room and is decorated with marble and gold. The feeling of luxury continues throughout the room as you look up at the marvelous crystal chandelier adorned with golden designs and candlelight bulbs. The ceiling also has an amazing and faint floral-like pattern bordering the golden trim.

Details matter

Whoever designed this home made sure to pay attention to the small details. The doorknobs are either gold, vintage, or trim. The newel of the large staircase by the entry is large and has an elegant, floral design. One of the bathrooms was created with a chic and feminine theme in mind, as it has a bright pink bathtub, pink floral window treatment, and marble on the wall, floor, and ceiling. One of the bedroom's was also created with intrinsic details in mind; the floral wallpaper plays nicely against the white window treatment that has a scalloped bottom trim. This also feels very feminine but French as well.

One room breaks the design norms of the house with its purple eclectic style. The walls, painted with a bright purple, are complemented by a gray wallpaper trim. This color scheme also goes nicely with the brick red fireplace in the room; oddly surrounded by mirrors while beside a marble sink.