20 Red Paint Shades To Add A Passionate Pop Of Color

If you've been thinking about styling your home with warm colors, then you should definitely keep red in mind. While that might seem a little risky due to the fact that it's a color that can be associated with feelings of anger and even danger, it can also lean towards something more romantic, according to Verywell Mind. In any circumstance, red is connected to feelings that are incredibly intense, per LiveScience. Indeed, red is all about passion in one way or another.

At the same time, there happens to be a wide range of reds that can convey different levels of emotion and be used in a wide variety of ways when it comes to the décor and overall vibe of your room. That includes the color of red that you can choose for the paint on your walls. From subtly spicy to radiantly in-your-face options, check out the following 20 paint shades, which can all add a passionate pop of color to your home.

1. Scarlet red

A rich shade of scarlet is ideal for anything, from a red carpet-worthy gown to a bold date night lipstick. It would also be an amazing choice as a paint color for any room in your home that you want to be just as elegant and just as striking.

2. Dark maroon

A shade of red that embraces a hint of purple, maroon is a color that will always look luscious and can add a luxurious touch to your space or be styled along with a boho aesthetic. While there are a few kinds of maroon to choose from, this dark maroon is a cooler version of the smoldering shade.

3. Matte light clay red

Some clay that can be found in the ground is naturally a shade of red that would look stunning on your walls. Just as sleek as when it's used to create artistic pottery, a matte option would allow the paint to give off the same effect as unglossed red clay.

4. Glossy deep clay red

When natural red clay is wet or has been given a glossy layer, it turns into a sleek shade that makes you want to touch it. Paint in that same color and with that same gloss will look fantastic in your home, which means you might have to get used to guests touching your tempting walls.

5. Fire engine red

There's no doubt that it can be exciting when a firetruck goes racing down the street on its way to save the day. You can get that same kind of excitement — or at least the same kind of eye-catching color that can be found on a firetruck — when you opt to paint your walls fire engine red.

6. Deep crimson

When you think of crimson, you likely envision the kind of deep shade that you might find when you cut open an enticing red velvet cake. The sort of rich hue that can bring an elegant touch to any room, crimson paint also adds a fair share of delicious flair to the space.

7. Earthy red

Take a warm rosy shade and add just a hint of brown to end up with an earthy red color that will look stunning on the walls of your home. It's also the kind of color that will transform into a range of fabulous shades when hit by light or when shadows fall on it.

8. Poppy red

Wandering through a garden is a fantastic way to find inspiration for your home, thanks to the natural beauty that flowers display with their stunning shapes, pretty patterns, and charming configurations. That also includes an abundance of colors, such as an eye-catching poppy red which looks simply radiant in the light.

9. Dark pinky red

If you've been debating between red paint and a shade of pink, then you'll know that there are plenty of options when it comes to both colors. That includes hues that are somewhere in between, such as this dark pinky red that's a chic combination of both shades.

10. Burgundy red

When you pour a burgundy wine into your glass, you'll see that it boasts a stunning dark red color that has a very slight purple tone. It's just as much of a treat for the eyes as the taste is for the palate. Use that savory shade on your wall to capture the same kind of aesthetic.

11. Orangey red

Add a delicious splash of orange into an already bright shade of red, and you end up with this lively color. In the darker areas of the room, the red comes to the forefront, while the orange shines through in the areas of the wall that are hit with direct light.

12. Dark ashy red

Take a deep shade of red and not only leave it matte but also take the brightness down with an ashy undertone. While that might make it sound like the shade will end up dull, you'll instead find that it merely makes the rich red slightly darker and just as stylish.

13. Light salmon red

Take a salmon-red shade and lighten it up considerably to end up with something that will bring a strong sense of style to your home without overpowering the room.

14. Dark cherry red

Cherries are not only a delicious fruit, but they can also be a gorgeous color of dark red that is just as much of a treat for the eyes. Opt for a dark cherry red for your walls, and you'll surely love the sweet flavor it brings to your room.

15. Light cherry red

There's a chance that you love the idea of a cherry red shade but aren't interested in something on the darker side. In that case, you'll definitely want to think about how a light cherry red would look in your space.

16. Barn red

When you imagine a barn, you might not think of a place that would offer an abundance of style inspiration. However, the classic red shade that adorns old-school barns would make a lovely choice for an interior wall.

17. Saffron red

Saffron is the kind of (pricey) spice you might find in a meal when you're enjoying fine dining at your favorite restaurant or want to prepare a special dish for yourself and a loved one at home. It's also a marvelous shade of red that can bring the same kind of luxuriously flavorful vibe to your walls.

18. Cinnamon red

Cinnamon is another spice that's absolutely yummy and is often associated with the color red — surely you've enjoyed savory red cinnamon hearts on Valentine's day. Opt for that same kind of spicy color for your home, and you'll adore the resulting appetizing and romantic shade.

19. Subtle ombre dark red

Stick with a subtle dark shade of red to keep your room both chic and calming. Beyond that, you can choose to take things up a notch by adding an ombre effect to the overall wall.

20. Matte classic red

It's hard to imagine going wrong with a classic shade of red. To allow the color to truly shine on its own without any additional gloss that might potentially alter the specific hue that you're aiming for, opt for a matte paint that will create a smooth background for your décor.