How To Decorate Your Home Like The Vineyard House In Parent Trap

The vineyard home of Nick Parker in "The Parent Trap" is one of the most iconic movie houses of all time. Given the absolute swoon-worthy-ness of his rustic Napa Valley estate, it's not surprising. So how might you decorate your own house to recreate the look of this incredible home?

According to Apartment Therapy, there are undeniably great elements to the vineyard home where Hallie, one of the twins played by Lindsay Lohan, lived with her father. There is a beautiful swimming pool, horses, a well-stocked wine cellar, and a picturesque ivy-draped exterior. What's not to love? This house is not only fit for an adolescent girl who just found out she's a twin but also for adults who are looking to live somewhere breathtaking. Although you may not be able to transform your home into a vineyard, you can still achieve the aesthetic and design of "The Parent Trap" home with a few tweaks, additions, and simple steps.

Embrace the look of a Spanish-style home

The vineyard home in "The Parent Trap" features gorgeous Spanish-style architecture. Even if you don't have a Spanish-style home, you can incorporate elements to achieve the same feel. According to MasterClass, there are five distinct characteristics of a Spanish-style house. First, there are the tell-tale white exterior walls. These walls add Spanish flair to your home, whether you embrace neutral hues indoors or outside.

The next element is the flat roofs with red tiles. You can use terra-cotta tiles, an earthy new home decor trend, anywhere in your home to get this iconic style. The third element is wood beams, typically unfinished or dark-stained. While they used to provide structural support in Spanish-style homes, now they serve a purely aesthetic purpose in most cases. Next up are small windows and shutters that you can close. Consider adding shutters to your windows if you don't already have them, which creates the desired look. Finally, a courtyard is another common characteristic of these homes. While it may be hard to create one from scratch at your home, you can still decorate an outdoor space with clay or terra-cotta pots for some Spanish style.

Include a grand front door

The front door of the Parker vineyard is one of the first things we notice about the home in the movie. It's tall, iron, and has a beautiful semi-circle window adorning the top. So, why not add a grand front door to your home? This step is an easy way to spruce up your home.

According to This Old House, you can replace your front door with ease, and there are many different types available. You can even opt to customize your door design by specifying how the panels and glass look. You can source a new front door at a lumberyard, home improvement store, or a door dealer. Additionally, a woodworker can help you bring your front door vision to life. Keep in mind that if you custom order a door, it may take time to come in. You have to be willing to wait if this is the route you take! The best materials for doors include wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass composite. Material is essential to consider when choosing a front door for your home.

It's all about the ivy

Another trademark of the Parker family vineyard is all of the ivy. It's everywhere! It covers the front of the home, wraps around the pillars on the veranda, and even grows indoors. This greenery creates a lovely and natural aesthetic. You're probably wondering how you can care and grow English ivy in your home. According to Gardening Know How, growing ivy is easy if you ensure it receives plenty of bright light and regular fertilizing. When ivy doesn't receive enough sunlight, it becomes more susceptible to infection and disease.

Ivy plants do best with slightly dry soil, so test it before watering and ensure that the topsoil is dry before giving your plant another drink. The plant should also have good drainage. Finally, fertilize your ivy once a month with nitrogen fertilizer. Complete this step in all seasons except winter, when ivy is usually dormant.

Decorate with lanterns

When you see the beautiful, wraparound veranda in "The Parent Trap" home, it's hard not to notice the lantern. While this ornate fixture is hanging from a ceiling in the movie, you can incorporate lanterns into your home in different ways to create the same look.

According to Decor Insider, floor lanterns are a popular way to decorate to make a statement. If you opt for this lantern style, don't be afraid to go big. It's best to have at least two lanterns or a larger group of various sizes to create a dynamic look. Place the lanterns directly on the floor, on a side table, or on a mantel. As for material, unfinished wood, galvanized metal or iron are all great options. You can decorate a lantern with large, battery-operated candles for a flickering glow, fairy lights, seashells, or seasonal decor elements. Take this part of the design wherever you want and let your creativity shine.

Use wicker and rattan furniture

The veranda scene in the movie features eye-catching wicker furniture. Updating your patio furniture is a great way to create the same relaxed look in your backyard. According to The Backyard Gnome, wicker and rattan furniture offers several great benefits, including timeless style, low maintenance, and versatility. The material does well both outside and in, so you can place it anywhere.

Wicker furniture doesn't require too much maintenance, and it's known to be durable (via Pottery Barn). With just a little bit of care, you can easily extend the furniture's lifespan. Be sure to protect the furniture with covers when it's not in use, protecting it from outdoor elements and preventing it from becoming moist, encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. Storing furniture cushions indoors allows them to stay dry and in pristine condition. Clean the furniture regularly with a bristle brush to remove dirt and dust. Finally, if you spill a drink or food, wipe any messes up promptly with a clean and dry cloth.

Go with statement art pieces

The great room in the movie is certainly, well ... great. One of the most eye-catching elements of the room is the large piece of art on the wall. In the scene where Hallie (who is really Annie) and Chessy are chatting in the great room, you can glimpse a large piece of art behind them. Adding art with the same grand stature to your home will help you get "The Parent Trap" look.

Creating a dynamic look in your living space with art involves thinking about colors, scale, and personal taste. As interior Designer Stephanie Waskins said to The Spruce, "Consider varying subjects such as figurative works with still lives and landscapes. Also, be sure to vary mediums — oils, watercolors, collage, and photography — in different types of frames. Mixing different sizes is a key component, but no one piece should take center stage. Each piece should take equal importance." If you choose a statement piece to revolve the rest of your art around and add variety, you're sure to have a cool aesthetic on your hands!

Expand your space with mirrors

Mirrors flank the sides of the great room in "The Parent Trap" vineyard home. In the same scene with Chessy and Hallie, we see rectangular mirrors in the great room, complementing the statement art on the wall. You can easily incorporate mirrors into your home to visually expand the space, even if you don't have impossibly high ceilings like the Parkers.

As Anna Franklin, an interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective told Homes & Gardens, "In terms of functionality, a mirror can be used to spread natural light and to create the illusion of space. If you have a small living room, consider mounting a large mirror above a fireplace, or style leaning against a focal wall. To maximize light, position mirrors in areas where natural light shines to reflect the light to more dimly lit areas — making the overall space feel brighter throughout the day." Mirrors enhance the sense of space in a room and boost natural light. They are also perfect for snapping a quick selfie if you're having a good hair day.

Large pottery pieces are a must

One unmissable accent in the vineyard's great room is large pottery pieces. These pottery elements are a must when sprucing up your living space to look like Nick Parker's rustic country estate. According to Houzz, using pottery pieces can elevate the decor in your home. You can decorate with these pieces like a professional by using pots with house plants, grouping multiple pottery pieces together by color, and arranging the pieces artistically. Mixing pottery of different shapes, tones, and heights and placing them together in groups will feel like a curated collection and add intrigue to the space.

As mentioned above, adding terra-cotta elements to your space is a great way to incorporate Spanish-style architecture. You can do this with terra-cotta pottery in your home by personalizing it with paint, lace adornments, rope, or other elements. Dolling up these pots will make them more stylish and unique (via A Cultivated Nest).

Arches will enhance the style

Nick Parker's beautiful home features a lot of arches. Heck, even the bed in Hallie's room has an arched frame. Even if this architectural feature is not in your home, there are ways you can add them as a design element without changing the structure. According to ABI Interiors, you can incorporate arched shapes by decorating with curved mirrors, furniture, and fixtures. 

Another idea is to create the illusion of an arch by painting a mural. You can pick an accent color and paint the wall behind a bed or furniture to add dimension to your space. If you want to add arches subtly, you can do so with small details within your home. For instance, an arched faucet with clean lines in the kitchen or curved drawer pulls in the bathroom bring a level of detail that will not go unnoticed by you or your guests.

Consider painted cabinets for a pop of color

While there aren't too many glimpses of the vineyard kitchen in "The Parent Trap," the light blue cabinets are unbelievably eye-catching. Painting your kitchen cabinets is an understated way to add a pop of color to the space. A great thing about this design element is that it's easy to paint kitchen cabinets yourself, meaning you can put this into action in your own home without too much trouble.

According to HGTV, you can paint your cabinets a new color for a refreshed look. The first part of the process is to choose between latex or oil paint. Latex paint is an easy choice for painters without as much experience under their belt. However, oil paint is a more durable option, making it a better choice for homes with kids and pets. Next, you'll need to decide on a finish for your cabinets. If you use your cabinets often and want something durable, go for a gloss finish (via CabinetNow). Spray or brush painting are both suitable options. Check out the different price points and what your skill level can best accommodate.

Don't skimp on light fixtures

Beautiful hanging light fixtures are all over Nick Parker's vineyard home. Even the outdoor veranda features a lovely lantern! Decorating your home to the tune of "The Parent Trap" house means incorporating chic light fixtures into your own home. According to Family Handyman, there are a few things to consider when choosing your lighting.

First, think about the size, as you don't want something too large for the space. Cost is another factor to consider, as light fixture prices can range widely. Next, understand the room and environment type before adding a fixture. For instance, keep in mind that the bathroom often has high humidity and moisture. If you add a lamp here, it needs to be able to withstand damp conditions. If you hang a light in the entryway, ensure it's not too long and brushing against your guests' heads. Finally, you want to find something that fits your style preferences and the level of maintenance that you're willing to put into the fixture over time. Brass and copper are durable options that will last for years (via Outdoor Lighting Perspectives).

Mix textiles in your living space

A variety of fabrics and textures are found throughout "The Parent Trap" house living space, creating a beautiful and intriguing aesthetic. You can master the art of mixing textiles in your own home. According to One Affirmation, you don't need to mix fabrics with large furniture pieces. You can add dimension to the living room by combining a leather couch with velvet throw pillows or other cozy materials to balance the leather's smooth texture.

Decorating with throw blankets is another way to mix up the textiles in your space. Artfully arrange blankets in a fabric different from your couch over the back to make the piece look more welcoming. Another easy way to mix textiles in a living space is by adding an armchair with a different fabric than your sofa. This tip creates a stark variation between one large item of furniture to the next.

Offer abundant seating options

Another intriguing element of the great room is the many different seating options. In the scene where Chessy finds out that Hallie is actually Annie, we see a variety of seating options, including leather armchairs, a cloth chaise, a cloth armchair, and a sofa. That's a lot of seating space for people to take a load off!

You can recreate this pleasing arrangement in your home by mixing and matching seating options. According to Tidbits & Twine, your seating space should have a consistent color scheme to tie the room together. Seating does not need a monochromatic palette but should be in the same color family. The Parker's great room features a cohesive color palette with shades of tan and brown. Commit to the overall feel you're going for in a room when pulling pieces together. For instance, if you're going for rustic farmhouse style, make sure all chairs and furnishings fit the theme.

Don't forget to incorporate wine

Since you're looking at a vineyard home for inspiration, why not artfully incorporate some fun wine elements? Decorating with wine-themed pieces is another addition that's simple and affordable. Think about adding grape-patterned throw pillows or fill up a glass vase with corks to decorate a coffee table. According to SFGate, you can craft a wreath for the front door from dried grapevines to spark conversation and welcome visitors.

A fun and creative idea for storing your wine is to create a chalkboard wine holder along one of your walls (via Shelterness). Give yourself easy access to wine bottles and add space for showcasing art or meaningful objects in your home. You can hang wooden wine bottle holders on a wall for style and function. These multipurpose pieces provide storage space and display your wine glasses. Vertical racks, in-wall storage, and kitchen island drawer units are great places to store your wine in style.