Sara LeDuc

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Chicago, IL
Quinnipiac University
DIY & Home Improvement; Weddings & Events
  • Sara has six years of experience writing in the home improvement and DIY space.
  • Through her varied writing experience in the space, Sara has an eye for up-and-coming home trends that readers want to know about.
  • Thanks to many years of research and writing, Sara is able to break down any home improvement tutorial so that it's easy to complete on your own.


Sara has been freelance writing for six years and has been a staff writer for DoItYourself and Weddingbee for the duration of that period. She stays up to date on happenings within these industries and considers herself an expert in generating creative content ideas that are relevant and fun to read. Through working with Public Relations representatives, Sara has been able to partner with companies and individuals to elevate content and raise the visibility of different organizations that align with the needs and interests of her audience. Besides her work for DoItYourself, Sara also has worked with retail, human resources, fitness, commercial, and medical clients to help them increase client engagement, grow their following, and drive traction to their blogs and websites.


Sara attended Quinnipiac University and received her Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations. There, she built a strong foundation of writing and communication skills that she's continued to develop since graduating in 2013.
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