15 Strange And Unique Airbnbs To Rent In Alabama

Alabama is a state in the U.S. known for its rocky mountains, beautiful beaches, political history, and delicious green fried tomatoes, according to Inside the Travel LabHistory says Alabama became a state in 1819 and was tagged with the sobriquet "Heart of Dixie." With lots to discover about this state that is home to southern hospitality and an unconventional past, this could be an exciting vacation spot for those who've only read about Alabama in textbooks.

Luckily, you can find some equally interesting and unique places to stay on your southern vacation, according to Airbnb. This vacation home site allows travelers to pick a residence in almost any area of the world and has a variety of places to enjoy, enthralled with different styles: treehouse, barn, camping, bed and breakfast, and more. Scrolling through the site can be a pain, so we've picked out some of the strangest and most unique places to stay during your visit to Alabama.

1. Tiny but magical

This fabulous abode is called the Magic Tree House, per Airbnb. Although small, the interior is spacious as it is designed to mimic a loft. There's also a balcony, rock wall, and pool for guests to enjoy. The shower also has a skylight for natural light to pour in, creating the perception of a larger space.

2. Stunning architecture

This home is a perfect example of a gorgeous ​​Geodesic design. There are large, geometric windows on every wall, according to Airbnb. The high, vaulted ceiling in the living area also appears to have a diamond-like shape that softly protrudes. The overall feel is light and airy, with hints of Scandinavian designs seen throughout some furniture pieces.

3. Glamping

This tent out in the woods of Alabama could not be cuter. The large bed with yellow bedding and wood furniture creates a cheerful atmosphere for camping and being one with nature, via Airbnb. Guests have access to French pressed coffee, a fire pit, space heater and can take a short hike to a nearby lake and bathhouse.

4. Space for you and a friend

If you have always wanted to go horseback riding or already have a horse of your own, then this ranch in Alabama may be your ideal vacation spot. The exterior is impressively stately and bright, but the interior is rather traditional, per Airbnb. Horse-loving and nature-living guests will enjoy 5.5 acres of land.

5. Eco-friendly home

You'll feel better about your vacation knowing you're limiting your carbon footprint at this Airbnb. Not only is it powered by solar panels, but it is also a cozy structure with a spacious interior. Vessel sinks and black hardware are also present for an updated look, according to Airbnb.

6. A yurt with a lake view

This yurt is available on Airbnb in Alabama and is a unique find with an interesting interior, via Airbnb. Although small, there are two levels, and it looks like a glorified tent held up by wood in a criss-cross pattern. The enclosed balcony offers picturesque views of the lake and surrounding landscapes.

7. Stunning cabin

This cabin in Alabama on Airbnb mixes rustic and luxury, creating the ultimate cabin experience for those seeking solitude, per Airbnb. Every detail is strategic, functional, and beautiful — from the stained glass windows and woven window treatments to the floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning views of the lake and forest, this cabin is straight out of a traveler's dreams.

8. Balcony space

This Airbnb in Alabama is a rare find, as it was constructed in a circular shape, which gave the designers a chance to also create plenty of balcony space, according to Airbnb. There's enough space on the balcony to enjoy the jacuzzi, lounge, and dining with friends and family.

9. Tent-like cabin

Although this cabin is shaped like a tent, it has plenty of space within its wooden walls, per Airbnb. Called the A-frame, this small cabin surprisingly has room for four beds and six guests. The green exterior and red door complement each other nicely against the natural and luscious scenery surrounding it.

10. Beautiful loft design

This loft is designed as though it came out of an interior design magazine. Unlike the other rustic layouts, this space is more of a mixture between industrial and contemporary, according to Airbnb. The exposed brick and vents go well with the beautiful furniture picked out for the space.

11. Beautiful surprise

Although small and bland on the outside, the interior is surprisingly spacious and has a more updated look, via Airbnb. While residing right by the water, guests can appreciate the shiplap interior and contemporary furniture. The kitchen and dining area are mini-sized but also super functional and stylish.

12. Rare view

You may not be able to find a view as beautiful as this one anywhere else in Alabama. The greenery, sunset, and the clouds floating over the trees — you can see them all from this secluded home, according to Airbnb. The interior is a traditional design with large windows that allow you to fully experience the outdoors.

13. Perfect cottage getaway

This cottage-style tiny home is not only feminine, as the color pink is seen on the front steps and throughout the decor, per Airbnb, but guests also have a lovely view of cows off in the distance.

14. Teepee cabin

This cabin was designed to replicate a traditional teepee, via Airbnb. Although the interior is cool and spacious, there is also an indoor pool, hot tub, and fire pit available. Guests can enjoy the natural surroundings during the day and sit by the fire at night to trade stories, making even more memories. 

15. Sweet pea

This green dome cabin has a beautiful interior with built-in shelves and a bathroom featuring a large walk-in shower and marble bathtub, according to Airbnb.