This Iconic House From Top Gun Has Been Renovated Into A Pie Shop

When you think of the "Top Gun" house, you might envision Maverick cruising around the corner to meet Charlie at her cozy beachfront bungalow. Nearly 40 years later, the historic little cottage is still in existence, although slightly altered. Fans can visit the 500-square-foot Victorian cottage where actors Tom Cruise and Kelley McGillis filmed some timeless Hollywood scenes and have a snack, too. According to Variety, the petite cottage has been moved a few hundred feet from its original oceanfront location and transformed into a "Top Gun" themed pie shop called High Pie. Part of Oceanside's Mission Pacific Resort, the pie shop welcomes guests and visitors to indulge while reminiscing along the promenade.

Amid tall California palm trees, the stage was set on the picturesque corner of Pacific Street and Seagaze Drive in Oceanside, California (about thirty minutes from San Diego, where the film took place). Since the 1986 release of "Top Gun," fans have been able to take photos of the former film location, including a large photo of the film displayed on one of the exterior windows. Also known as the Graves House, according to Roadtrippers, the historic cottage is a rare Folk Victorian design, as it was built by Dr. Henry Graves in 1887 as a vacation home. During the late 1800s, there were many other summer homes being built in the resort town area, as Graves' cottage was one of the most ornamental. Recently restored, the cottage is back to its original sky-blue color with multiple inviting porches.

How to visit Charlie's charming Oceanside High Pie

Oceanside is known for its architecture, beaches, historic landmarks, and now the newly restored "Top Gun" High Pie hand pie shop. Located at 250 N. Pacific St., the sweet shop was created by Tara Lazar of F10 Creative, a Palm Springs-based restaurant group. With its grand opening in May of this year, Lazar has said that the pie shop is the perfect blend of American culture and vintage architecture, plus offers one-of-a-kind pastries on a stick such as apple or cherry filling and the option of à la mode (on the inside). Want more to love? The pies are also gluten-free with sauce dipping options like chocolate, sea salt caramel, or lemon curd. With a precise menu, the website also mentions drinks and other merchandise available for purchase.

Paying tribute to the blockbuster film, including the San Diego Naval community, the interior is bright and cheery like a vintage ice cream shop with framed photos of Maverick and Charlie, plus antiques and vintage art and furniture. The hand pies are fried and feature seasonal fruits, including house-made mascarpone ice cream and a conveyor belt to showcase the fast, accessible treats, per Eater. With the recent release of "Top Gun: Maverick," fans can take a flight to land on High Pie's porch or visit other previous "Top Gun" filming locations in the San Diego area, per Roadtripper. Wherever you roam, relive the old and new moments with a portable pie in hand.