Step Inside The Luxurious Beverly Hills Mansion Engelbert Humperdinck Is Selling

According to Dirt, famous British balladeer Engelbert Humperdinck has recently listed his home in Los Angeles for $6.2 million. Humperdinck's official website notes that the singer's successful musical career, which spans five decades, has yielded 140 million record sales — 64 of them being gold albums and 35 achieving platinum status. He has also earned four Grammy nominations and was awarded a Golden Globe. With a voice unlike other singers, the balladeer has had the unbelievable opportunity to sing for the Queen of England, as well as a few presidents in his lifetime. 

Humperdinck, who has no plans to retire, is now selling his Bel Air home in California. His mansion is as marvelous as his career, inside and out. With unique décor and breathtaking views, many people would consider themselves incredibly lucky to live in such an abode. If you're curious about the famous generational singer's house, you're welcome to take a look!

Elegant in pink

Engelbert Humperdinck's mansion is not only gorgeous but enormous, as the total square footage comes out to be 13,935 square feet, according to Compass. This blush pink, four-level home is beautifully crafted to mimic the design and layout of a Mediterranean-style residence. The front of the house has gray, cobblestone-like brick throughout the driveway and a darker gray brick on the front porch for contrast. The façade of the property is also adorned with statues, well-maintained hedges, pink flowers, and a little house on the front porch meant for Humperdinck's cat.

As you sit on one of the balconies, you will have a fantastic view of the canyons and a small lake. The front of the home also has a large pool and small hot tub, hidden away with hedges and a fence. A sunporch made entirely of glass sits on the rather large deck as you make your way to the back of the house.

Stunning details

According to Compass, you're immediately met with stunning architecture and furnishings as you walk into the foyer. The marble floor creates a classically elegant look as different colors are employed to form a border where an artisan rug and round table center. The stairs magnificently wind to the upper level, pulling your eyes up to the chandelier that holds three orbs made of crystals. The front door also has clear, stained glass that allows natural light to flow through, and as you walk forward, you're met with three entryways, all curved differently for a unique design.

The living area is large and bright, painted entirely with white paint. There are french doors that feature white framings, as well as white crown molding and columns. Understandably, the fireplace is the focal point of the room, as it is made of a darker marble. The mantle has an ornamental pattern bordering it, which also complements its decorative motifs.

A sight to behold

Engelbert Humperdinck's kitchen is designed as though to replicate a home in a fairytale. The ceiling in this particular area is made of stained glass and consists of a floral pattern, according to Compass. The glass cabinets also have a similar design but are colorless and opaque. Granite is seen throughout the kitchen — on the counter, the island, and the backsplash to create a balanced composition. The area above the stove is decorated with bronze hexagon tiles that complement the greige color of the granite.

There is also a small movie room on the property; curtains hang elegantly, concealing the television and resembling a traditional theatre that would feature plays. The seats are all very plush to make movie nights comfortable and enjoyable, and the walls also appear to have a similar soft texture as the floor. The rest of the features in the home includes a sauna, wine cellar, gym, and a game room. It seems the choice of activity is endless inside this extravagant mansion.