Inside The Gorgeous Desert Home Amber Heard Purchased To Get Away From LA

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's defamation trial may have been one of the most publicized trials since O.J. Simpson's murder trial in 1995. The case began in April and ran for six weeks until June 1, when the jury provided the world with their unanimous decision, according to The Washington Post. Depp won $15 million after all three counts of defamation against Heard were confirmed by the jury; Heard won $2 million on one count of defamation in her countersuit because Depp's lawyer accused Heard's accusations of being a hoax.

Well, after a very publicized case, Heard has taken sanctuary in her Yucca Valley home, getting far away from the craziness of Los Angeles, according to New York Post. Someone close to Heard stated the actress loves being in the desert where she can spend time with the local art scene, according to Mirror. She purchased the home back in 2019 and finally moved in earlier this year. So, let's take a look at Heard's massive getaway.

The exterior

Heard's home is located in the middle of the desert, where all you can see is sand, stone, and desert plants from her large abode, according to Redfin. The exterior of the home has a unique appearance of molded clay, with round and soft edges. The front door is made of solid iron and has a beautiful, whimsical design. As you make your way to the backyard, there is a solid wood patio that continues out onto a pebble surface with plenty of space for plenty of seating, including a hammock.

The six acres of land also includes a long, wooden bridge that stretches towards a rocky mountain; it definitely has a similar look you would see in an adventurous movie. Once you get across and walk up the wooden and sandy steps, you're met with a wooden gazebo that provides an amazing view of the desert landscape.

Desert paradise

Once inside, you're met with a comfy interior away from the desert heat. The interior is rustic with its distressed black flooring in the living room and various wooden designs, according to Redfin. A small bar in the living room is made of various wooden boards of different sizes and colors where you can see glasses and various alcohol bottles from the open shelves. The mantle of the fireplace is also made of wood but has the appearance of a wood log.

In the kitchen, there are columns that look like tree trunks that are placed on two sides of the island. The countertop is a gray granite that contrasts against the teak wood cabinets. The kitchen also has amazing features such as lighting under the cabinets, an instant hot water heater, and stainless steel sinks. There's also a pantry with a door decorated with wood that matches the cabinets, as well as opaque glass.

Luxurious interior

The most impressive aspects of Heard's home may be the bathrooms, and there are three of them, according to Redfin. The master bath is spectacular; there are two open entryways into the large shower designed with stacked stone and pebble flooring. It contains multiple shower heads and small windows to allow natural light to flow in. The bathroom also has two vanities with ground stone sinks that flow well with the granite countertops. The bathtub's surround is also designed with the pebble used on the shower floor.

A different bathroom has true rustic vibes; the shower with wooden boards, and the vanity has a burnt orange vessel sink on top of wooden cabinetry with a matching wooden mirror. The luxury throughout the home continues into the bedrooms, as two out of three of them have access to a large patio space where residents can bask in the sun. One of the bedrooms has a beautiful wooden bed post that goes nicely with the wooden window treatment.