Per The Buy It Or Build It Hosts, This Is The Biggest Mistake You're Making When Buying A House

HGTV has a brand new pair of twins on the block, and they have the best advice for homebuyers looking to purchase a new house. HGTV's latest spinoff, "Buy It or Build It," features twin brothers Chris and Calvin LaMont assisting homebuyers on their journey of purchasing a new house or renovating their current one. Season one premiered on May 18, 2022, and the LaMont brothers are wasting no time bringing their A-game. The New Jersey natives moved to Dallas, Texas, after graduating from undergrad in 2007 and have resided there since starting their own cleaning company, according to Realtor. They eventually got involved with home repairs and, in 2015, obtained their real estate licenses. Since their success in Dallas, they have expanded their services to other parts of the country and have worn several hats.

When it comes to their work style and dynamic, Calvin is the builder, while Chris is the buyer, according to Realtor. Chris likes to get his hands dirty with the construction, while Calvin enjoys working with the designers. As a dynamic duo who has been in the business for seven years and now have their own reality show, they've seen a lot and have learned many things regarding buying and flipping houses that they're happy to share with their clients and other homebuyers. 

Take some notes

What sets Chris and Calvin LaMont apart from others are their well-rounded confidence, personal lives and upbringing, real estate experience, and the work they've accomplished. As brothers and business partners, Chris and Calvin don't shy away from being hard on each other because they recognize that it's needed at times to get the job done and get it done well.

According to Realtor, the LaMont brothers note that most homebuyers and homeowners renovating fail to explore the market extensively before investing time and money. The brothers emphasize the importance of research, with Calvin recommending that you must analyze your options before the project even starts because you want to find your desired items, as far as the look and design, and determine their availability. Since they understand the challenges posed by the rising costs of materials, they advise opting for similar but less-costly varieties of the elements you desire if your budget cannot accommodate the price tag. 

Chris recommends having a reference and a couple of bids for the right licensed contractor for the job. The more prepared you are, the more successful and less stressful your experience will be, and you'll know what to expect. Per the hosts of "Buy It or Build It," another big mistake they often see home buyers make is trying to DIY everything after moving in. Circuit wires, plumbing, and electricity are projects you should always let the experts take care of, says Chris.