This Unexpected Item Has The Worst Reviews At West Elm

West Elm is a well-known home interior retail store that offers a wide range of modern and contemporary furniture styles. It stems from the same company as Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma, which also feature home décor and kitchenware. West Elm launched in 2002, making it their goal to produce home furnishings of the highest quality while being affordable and sustainably produced, via Williams-Sonoma. They deeply focus on exclusive collections and not only working within their design team but reaching out to various other designers locally and globally.

Since West Elm was made to provide their customers with the utmost quality and one-of-a-kind pieces, it's fair to assume they're made to last you for years due to their high prices. Furniture alone can cost over $100 to $10,000, which is due to it being custom made with materials such as hardwood, states Modern Resale. It takes a long time to make each piece of furniture since it isn't mass-produced. You expect to get more for your buck, but some customers don't always get what they pay for. West Elm has had their fair share of defective items and bad reviews, but this item has the worst one.

Outdoor furniture used indoors

The Ashton Indoor/Outdoor Iron Dining Table is a stunning black finish stone table top with legs that have adjustable levers to accommodate floor levels, via Havenly. This item received a terrible review by a customer on Consumer Affairs, claiming that while the website stated it was an outdoor table when the table arrived and was left outside during the cold weather, it got damaged by the rain. It produced "white spots over the tabletop that couldn't be removed with a mild detergent as per the care instructions online," per the reviewer.

When the customer reached out to West Elm for help, they were told that they didn't take care of the item correctly. They claimed the table is supposed to be moved indoors or covered with a tarp during harsh weather so that it doesn't get damaged, via Consumer Affairs. The reviewer stated that after reaching out a second time, West Elm customer service wasn't able to provide them with any help. When it comes to any outdoor furniture, it's always best to read the care instructions from the store you bought it from or to be safe and keep it covered to prevent any damage from rain or sunlight.