Step Inside Roman Roy's House From Succession That's Listed For A Staggering Amount

Fans of the fictional character Roman Roy from "Succession" may be pleased to know that his New York townhouse is for sale, according to the New York Post. However, you'll need a whopping $25 million to own it. Per HBO, "Succession" is a show about four siblings who compete to take over their father's business, a global entertainment and media empire. Roman Roy is played by actor Kieran Culkin, a character whose cockiness and immaturity seem to get him into quite a bit of trouble.

Although Culkin lives in a one-bedroom apartment in East Village, the home used to film Roman Roy's residence is on sale, and it's the definition of luxury. It's described as a Southern Chelsea mansion that was recently constructed and designed, although the building has existed since 1920, via Zillow. It gives off the energy of a New York City executive as it provides many perks and incredible views.

The exterior

The exterior design of this home is beautifully modern, according to Zillow. The front of the 2,300-square-foot townhouse has 16 rectangular windows that form a grid-like pattern; the top exterior seems to be a light concrete, while the bottom contrasts with a black concrete. A golden door leads to an elevator to enter the residence, and the garage is enclosed, private, and visible to residents from the inside.

The patio has a gorgeous view of the city and a bright blue sky. It's designed with large, colorful, gray tile and has space for several seating configurations. A long wooden table is present with eight white, modern chairs surrounding it. Behind, more contemporary furniture is seen — two black sofas with a square, concrete table in-between. Although the townhouse is in the middle of a concrete jungle, there is plenty of greenery as hedges line the walls of the patio.

Extravagant interior

The living room looks like something out of a beautiful dream. There are plenty of large windows with golden frames that allow natural light to fill the space, according to Zillow. The wall adjacent to the windows has several mirrors to bounce the light around the room while also emitting the illusion of a larger space. This design tactic allows the other gray tones in the room to stand out rather than blend. The modern fireplace is encased in concrete — made custom by DaVinci — that also seems to travel across the floor. An interesting design choice is the golden, reflective ottomans with furry animal skin lying on top.

As you make your way into the living room, you'll see the countertop encased with black marble, contrasted with off-white, reflective cabinetry. There is more reflective cabinetry in a grayish-brown color to brighten up the space. The dining room beside the kitchen has an open ceiling where a chandelier consisting of a starry design hangs, and the large wall made up of windows allows the space to feel spacious, although several dark colors flood the area.

A piece of art

One of the bathrooms is beautifully designed and features a golden flower made of mosaic tile behind the bathtub, according to Zillow. The bathtub is also a lovely, curved shape that follows the flow of the artwork. The flooring is made of brown marble designed in a grid-like pattern with white framing and complements the light, mocha walls. Several lights also hang throughout the bathroom with a tear-like shape.

The famous townhouse also has a resistance pool and yoga studio, a wine cellar, and a hot tub that lays on top of the turf. The wine cellar is designed with exposed brick and dark glass, and it also has backlighting to show off the several varieties of wine available. The pool is small but deep and has space for lounging as well as room for a sauna. The home is not just elegantly designed but also has smart home systems, a security system, heated marble floors, a sound system, and more.