10 Ways To Incorporate Impressionist Art In Your Home

There are more than just a few options to consider when choosing art for your home. You could opt for bold hints of surreal art décor or maybe you prefer touches of pop art. Or, if you're looking for something that's just as beautiful but is also soothing, then impressionist art might suit you and the space that you live in.

A style that often focuses on dreamy landscapes and serene images, impressionism was first practiced in the 1800s by now iconic artists such as Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, and Paul Cezanne, as well as Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, and Edouard Manet, according to Tate. The style involves using quick brushstrokes and even dots to capture the likeness — or an impression — of the world and people around us. The technique results in pieces that are deceptively simple and yet will leave you noticing something new as you move closer or further away.

Thanks to the calming colors, eye-catching images, and captivating creativity, you'll surely adore having hints of impressionism around you on a regular basis. You'll also likely love these ideas for incorporating impressionist art into your home.

1. Hang up impressionist paintings

If you've been thinking about adding a touch of impressionist art to your home, the most obvious idea is to hang up an impressionist painting. While you could always opt for something by a famous impressionist artist, you could also consider art from someone creating modern impressionist pieces or combine both in one painting-filled space.

2. Pop up impressionist drawings

While impressionist paintings are certainly gorgeous, they're not the only kind of impressionist art. There is also a wide range of intriguing drawings done in an impressionist style that would look just as incredible on your wall. You could stick with simple black and white sketches or track down pieces that are done in colorful pastels.

3. Create an impressionist mural

If you want to fill a large wall with art but aren't interested in separate pieces, then you might prefer a mural, which is a project that you can do yourself or hire a pro to create. Consider a landscape that would capture the essence of some of impressionism's greatest expansive pieces, such as Claude Monet's water lilies.

4. Use impressionism-inspired wallpaper

While you can create a mural using handy-dandy pre-made pieces that you simply stick up on your wall, you can get the same kind of effect with wallpaper. Thanks to the fact that wallpaper comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, you can surely find an impressionism-inspired option to suit your tastes and space.

5. Use mosaic tiles like impressionist dots

Mosaic tiles are like the tiny dots used by some impressionist artists to create pieces that capture larger, almost fleeting, scenes and images when you view them from a slight distance. In the same way, you can use these small tiles to create an effect that gives off an impressionist-like vibe in your home.

6. Throw down an impressionist-like rug

A rug is really just another surface to display your art. In this case, it just happens to be fuzzier than a painting, softer than a sculpture, and, of course, is meant to be used on the floor. Track down a rug that boasts an artistic design to add a creative touch to your home.

7. Pick a piece of impressionist sculpture

Impressionist artists created more than paintings and drawings. They also used their creative skills to tackle incredible sculptures. For instance, Edgar Degas was the sculptor behind "The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer," per The Met. While this piece is quite realistic in a way, you can still see the unmistakable impressionist touch in the stunning piece.

8. Lay out embroidered impressionist pillows

Pillows are not only a way to add an extra element of comfort to your home, but they're also another fabulous surface for displaying the kind of art that you want to fill various rooms. While impressionist-like imagery can be printed on pillows, you could also opt for pillows that boast artistically embroidered material.

9. Impressionist dishes

When you think of art, you might not think of dishes, but they're a great way to add an artistic touch to your home. Auguste Renoir actually painted porcelain as a teenager before becoming a renowned impressionist, per Perspective. While the flowers on this particular plate are rather pristine, you could opt for any kind of impressionist image.

10. Create a Monet-worthy impressionist garden

Claude Monet famously drew inspiration for his impressionist art from his picturesque garden, which can still be found flourishing in Giverny, France, according to Country Living. While not everyone has the kind of outdoor space that can accommodate flowers, trees, bridges, and a pond, you can create an appropriate version for your own idyllic property.