This Unexpected Item Has The Best Reviews At Crate & Barrel

Crate and Barrel sells everything from furniture and rugs to art, place settings, and more. This furniture store has been around for over five decades and has successfully expanded itself internationally, according to Crate and Barrel. Their 22 million customers enjoy the simple, modern furnishings they offer and contribute to the $1.6 billion revenue Crate and Barrel achieved in 2021, perĀ Zippia. Because this store is quite expansive, it's a fan favorite, and you can always find something you'll love.

Crate and Barrel explains that one of their best-reviewed items is surprisingly a dinner plate. Most consumers may have expected a sofa or bed frame, but Crate and Barrel customers seem to enjoy their plate sets and other kitchen items as well. This furniture store is part of the Otto Group that serves other retailers, but this best-reviewed item happens to be a Crate and Barrel exclusive. Let us take a look at why this dinner plate is so special.

Artisanal beauty of ceramic dishware

The Marin White Dinner Plate is one of the best-reviewed items at Crate and Barrel, according to Crate and Barrel. The price is about $10 per plate, and it comes in several colors, such as white, blue, gray, dark gray, and matte black. The white color is the most favored as it has over 4,000 reviews, totaling a 4.8-star rating. These plates are handcrafted, so the shape is not a perfect circle, and each plate has a unique shape. It's made of ceramic and has a light glaze with a distressed edge. This item is also made in Portugal.

Many of those who leave a review say the plate is beautiful and durable. If you would like a matching set, there are also Marin White salad plates, bowls, mugs, and serving plates. Ceramic items have been around for thousands of years, gaining major popularity during the Neolithic period, according to The American Ceramic Society. As a result, having ceramic pieces in your home can help create either a rustic or contemporary design.