Step Inside A $3.9 Million Texas Ranch That's A '70s Western Dream Come True

An extremely lucrative and even more unique ranch has hit the Texas real estate market for the first time since the '60s, according to the Realtor listing. Anyone who's traveled south by Interstate 37 has likely seen the iconic horseshoe-shaped gate leading into the ranch.

The property was originally listed in May of this year and relisted again in June for the same asking price of $3.9 million. The lot is not only large and unique but offers a great investment for a smart buyer. It currently operates as a ranch and farm, but it has more than enough potential for either a venue site or vacation rental, with more than 130 acres of property to build and develop on. With the close proximity to the freeway, this could be extremely profitable. The main building is also a great purchase for anyone who's a fan of the vintage western aesthetic, having been built in 1972 in the western ranch style and decor.

The unique South Texas property

The front of the 137-acre property is marked by a large gate in the shape of a horseshoe, with fake horse heads on either side. Before even getting to the buildings, you are quickly engulfed by the gorgeous fields and lawns. According to the Realtor listing, some of the oak trees on the lawn are believed to be over 500 years old. Palm trees, other native foliage, and multiple ponds add to the land's biodiversity and overall beauty.

There are a host of other features on the large estate that have multiple functional and aesthetic values and quirks. In terms of more functional buildings, there's a 1,200-square-foot metal workshop, a hay barn, a horse racetrack, cattle pens, and more. In terms of aesthetic or personal buildings, there's a lighted tennis court, a replica of an 1800s saloon and jailhouse, a replica of a 1950s filling station, and an entire chapel.

Inside the western inspired ranch

The main residential house on the large plot of land is over 4,300 square feet with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, according to Realtor. Large double doors with yellow stained glass panes lead into the foyer, which has cream brick walls, older clay tiles, a spiral staircase leading to the second floor, and a small stone brick wall for plants.

This foyer leads into the living room through a stone brick archway, which is the epitome of the '70s western aesthetic. It's updated and refined but still unabashedly gaudy and layered in textiles reminiscent of southern Texas. The floors are a rustic-inspired wood. The white brick is on the entry and parallel walls, and the other two are yellowed stucco.

A huge crystal chandelier hangs in the middle of the room. The second floor looks out onto the living room with metal fencing, the two-story ceilings coming to a cathedral-style peak. There is a large fireplace with a balloon built-in above the mantle. Finally, there is a large, nearly two stories tall dead tree in the corner of the room near the entryway.

A retro shag carpet haven

The rest of the home is just as deeply engrossed in a '70s western look. The kitchen is a bit more classic, with honey oak counters and cabinets, blue tile countertops, a blue leather built-in eating corner, and busy floral wallpaper. Even the walk-in pantry has an old Texan flare. There's a wine rack with a bright royal blue backing, iron gating, and a painted wreath of grapes.

While the rest of the home has its own (slightly outdated) quirks — including the bar and home theater — the kicker is the bedrooms. The first bedroom is quite mundane, with pink walls and beige carpeting, and somewhat outdated furniture. The second one is much more intense, with green shag carpeting, a floral embossed gold accent wall, and truly mid-century, warm-toned wood furniture.

The best room, though, is the master suite. The room is circular with light blue walls, a huge crystal chandelier in the center, blue shag carpeting, and a raised platform in the center of the room for a giant round bed. There's an alcove next to the bed that leads to a back patio entrance. The bathroom is just as extravagant, also with blue shag carpeting, blue walls, and a huge, in-ground tub. Multiple pendants hang over the tub, which is right in front of another huge window. While the Realtor listing notes this house needs updating, it certainly acts as a lovely time capsule for '70s vintage fans.