One Airbnb In Italy Promises A Truly Buzz-Worthy Vacation

Outside the village of Grottole in southern Italy stands a one-bedroom Airbnb. But, this Airbnb isn't just for you and your significant other, it is also home to over 1 million bees, as per Airbnb. If you've ever wished you could sleep in a beehive, now is your chance. The Wonder Bee & Bee is brand new, built in 2022 to celebrate World Bee Day on May 20.

Designed by artist Davide Tagliabue and built by local volunteers, the house is meant to expose guests to the benefits of living, relaxing, and working around bees. The Airbnb is hosted by Rocco Filomeno, an Italian beekeeper who lives on the olive tree farm where the structure is located. The host, as well as others who are affiliated with Wonder Bee & Bee, aim to educate guests on the declining population of bees and their important role in our ecosystem while also encouraging slow living and sustainable practices.

A rural paradise

As reported by Gessato, the Wonder Bee & Bee is located in an olive grove between the Italian villages of Grottole and Matera. Guests have incredible views of nearby gardens, valleys, and a vineyard. When staying at this house, you share the grove with Filomeno who tends to the natural landscape, the bees, and the building. It's recommended that you venture outside of the Airbnb once in a while to see the gorgeous landscape or travel into the nearby city of Grottole.

Keeping sustainability and innovation at the forefront, Tagliabue designed the single-bedroom structure from natural fir and birch wood. Hexagonal shapes built into the house are reminders of the Wonder Bee & Bee's purpose. There is a small deck attached to the unit for al fresco dining during your stay. In the morning, according to Airbnb, Filomeno serves a breakfast of fresh fruit, cheese, biscuits, and of course, honey. Here, you are encouraged to be in touch with nature. Its location in a rural environment allows guests to leave the busy city life behind and practice living slowly.

Live in close quarters with bees

The interior of this Airbnb contains two single beds and nine apiaries that contain over 1 million bees. Per Gessato, solar-charged LED lights are available for when it gets dark, however, the structure itself has no electricity running to it. This means no television, internet, or refrigerator. If you plan to take pictures on your phone at this buzzing property, make sure that you bring your own portable solar chargers, as suggested by Elite Daily. They also provide a cooler bag with water in it to replace the refrigerator. But, it's wise to plan ahead and bring your own cooler full of meals and snacks, depending on the length of your stay. Even though breakfast is included, the smell of delicious honey being produced before your eyes might make you a bit hungry.

The interior space does not incude a shower or a bathroom. Instead, those facilities are located outside. In the camping shower, guests are given essentials such as body soap and towels. But, keep in mind while you are packing that there is no shampoo, hair dryer, or washer and dryer available once you get to the property, according to the Wonder Bee & Bee's Airbnb listing.

Nine apiaries and more than 1 million bees

The Wonder Bee & Bee is the first integrated apiary that allows guests to sleep among nine separate beehives. Guests do not have to worry about disturbing the bees or accidentally being stung. The busy bees are kept in their designated areas by nets that separate them from the bedroom. These nets make it easy for guests of the Airbnb to see, hear, and smell the bees. One large hive boasts a unique diamond shape built into the ceiling of the bedroom. While lying in bed, you can witness the bees at work buzzing around the hive.

As explained by Airbnb, Filomeno's hope is that the Wonder Bee & Bee will increase awareness of bees and, therefore, encourage respect.  The sanctuary can be used to study the bees and analyze their behavior around a hive. This information will be beneficial in learning more about biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and agroecosystem pollution, adds Wonder Grottole. However, the project also helps humans on a smaller scale. Apitherapy, or "bee therapy" is an old form of medicine that uses bees and bee products to treat a variety of conditions. Just the sound of the bees and the smell of their honey can be beneficial to guests looking for a  soothing experience.