This Iconic Victorian In Pennsylvania Features Stunning Murals For $800K

Art fans out there may enjoy this home currently on sale for a little over $800,000, according to Realtor. Out in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, this Victorian home was built in 1837. This home was created in the height of the Victorian era between 1830 to 1910, during the time when Queen Victoria ruled over the United Kingdom, according to HGTV. This type of design created the inspiration for Gothic revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Queen Anne, Romanesque style, and Shingle style.

This home is full of murals and creative designs and a style of Victorian true to its time. Although almost 200 years have passed by since its construction, you wouldn't be able to tell as the exterior and interior have been well-kept. There's even a historic plaque on the home, indicating that it became an Adams County Honored home in 1997. There are many qualities of this home that make it one-of-a-kind, so let's take a look and travel back in time to an exquisite era of interior design.

True Victorian exterior

You'll see that the exterior design of this home is true to the Victorian era as you observe its extravagant features, according to Realtor. The home is made up of a simple red brick pattern, allowing the other colors to contrast against it and be at the forefront. The black roof has sharp edges, sloping down to guide your eyes to the windows. The windows have red and green panels, two colors that are complementary — creating a harmonious color palette. The balcony at the top of the home is subtle yet impactful as it creates a linear focal point down to the front door.

This home sits on 1.67 acres of land with a beautiful view of nature as trees and green grass surround the property. There is a circular patio in the backyard with a pointed roof and brick steps, a perfect place to relax as you take in the fresh air. The home also has a wrap-around patio that goes from the back of the house to the side.

A work of art

As you step inside, you're immediately met with beautiful murals that take you to another world, according to Realtor. The mural is painted with an abundance of lands and mountains, where you can see women and men dressed in pilgrim clothing as they overlook the scenery. A small chandelier sits in the middle of the entryway as it highlights the art with its orb bulbs and icicle crystals that hang down. As you make your way to the living room, the red wallpaper is vibrant against the white wainscoting and is complemented by a traditionally designed red rug.

The dining room is next to the living room with chairs that have a lovely blue pattern on the cushions. There is a fireplace in the home, constructed with a white mantle, green tile, and a brick hearth. Above is a golden mirror that goes along well with the golden light fixtures. Both doors to the living room and dining room seem to be designed to match the theme of the mural.

Designs unique to the current era

There is a second dining room large enough for a long table that can seat eight people, according to Realtor. The ceiling and walls have the same pattern but are different colors as the ceiling is white and the walls are red. The ceiling is made into a cove shape, creating the appearance of a room with extended height. There is antique decor all around, such as the floor lamp with a hood that gently drapes over, a chandelier with a unique bird nest design, and artwork above the fireplace mantle of two children.

The kitchen is a whole other experience; with bright green walls and a black granite countertop, the colors surprisingly work very well. By the bay window decorated with stained glass, there is a circular dining room table with a bench nearby for extra seating and a light that hovers over with two attached fans. As you look up, you'll see a white tin ceiling with a floral design. There are also built-in cabinets to maximize space to avoid a cluttered appearance.