Here's Where You Can Visit The House From Beaches

For lovers of the 1988 film "Beaches," extensive photos of the stunning Pasadena estate featured in the film are well worth checking out, courtesy of Compass. Chronicling the story of a female friendship spanning decades, "Beaches" stars Bette Midler as C.C. Bloom and Barbara Hershey as her wealthy friend Hillary Whitney Essex, who resides at this 7,479 square-foot mansion. According to the most recent listing, the property last sold in 2021 for $8 million.

Erected in 1916, the house is set on a two-acre lot, which also hosts a studio building, a garage with second-story guest quarters, a pool, and numerous gardens, per Compass. The estate sits at 880 La Loma Road in the South Arroyo neighborhood of Pasadena and was designed in the English Tudor revival style by renowned architects Sylvanus Boardman Marson and Garrett Van Pelt. Coincidentally, the pair also designed the properties that served as the Arden Villa in "National Lampoon" and the Gilmore mansion in "Gilmore Girls," according to Dirt.

Enchanting exteriors

A winding driveway surrounded by greenery is tucked behind an ivy-covered red brick wall on either side of the gated entrance to the property, evoking the feeling of a romantic getaway the moment one enters the property. Once inside, it is clear to see that the estate is enveloped by enchanting gardens and massive trees that create a peaceful and private escape. Pathways wind through the expansive property, leading to various storybook-esque outdoor spaces. The impressive loggia on the side of the main house is lined with classic red brick archways. Beyond the loggia lies a serene swimming pool with steps leading down into a curvy rock-ledged silhouette. 

In addition to this poolside vignette, the yard also contains a stream with a waterfall feature, reports Dirt. A stone path elsewhere on the property ends in an archway draped with climbing ivy, leading to a private studio space in a separate building. It is described in the Compass listing as a minimalist white-walled oasis to paint, play music, lounge in, or enjoy however else you prefer. Nearby, a massive garage also found on the property features an in-home bar and a second-floor guest house. Clearly, there is no shortage of impressive elements for visitors to enjoy. 

Expertly-designed interiors

Inside, the luxurious estate is expertly dressed to the nines. According to Dirt, the mansion served as the 2017 Pasadena Showcase House of Design, coordinated by the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts to raise funds for local arts programs. 25 designers worked on the interior spaces of the house, bringing the styling into the 21st century while still honoring the historic details of the estate. "So much of this house is perfectly preserved and original," listing agent Joshua Smith told Pasadena Star-News. Of those preserved details, the original 1916 stained glass windows above the carved staircase inspired designers Paul L'Esperance and Daelen Cory to decorate the area with hand-painted square panels among the original grid-patterned woodwork, creating the illusion of a huge tree stretching its branches up and around the stairs (via Dirt). The designers reportedly said that the effect was meant to mimic looking through windows in honor of the beautiful gardens surrounding the house.

Considering the estate's extensive beauty both inside and out, it's not at all surprising that it has been featured in numerous other movies and television shows. In addition to "Beaches," The estate has served as a filming location for works such as "Mad Men," "Parks and Recreation," "La La Land," and more.