20 Orange Paint Shades For A Citrusy Splash Of Color

Did you know that the color orange can actually blend well with other colors and create a sense of happiness and contentment? According to My Move, orange encourages feelings of excitement and energy, which makes it a great hue for stoking activity in a playroom or exercise area. From summer tangerine to autumn pumpkin, orange is a happy color that falls in between yellow and red and contains hints of both. With so many different shades to choose from, you're bound to find one you like.

The trick is to zero in on the shade that best matches or complements the other colors in the room. Not all shades of orange are alike, and you might feel overwhelmed by the variety of paint colors at your local hardware store. Fear not, this article can help. Check out 20 paint shades for a citrusy splash of room-elevating color that'll leave you inspired and ready to paint.

1. Electric orange

A shade that is fun and boosts creativity, electric orange is great for a room that calls for movement. Perfect for a kid's bedroom or playroom, this color can really evoke energetic sensations. According to Benjamin Moore, add in some pops of dark or pale blue and you've got the perfect mix to calm and energize.

2. Sun-kissed citrus

To bring feelings of a sunny farmer's market with fresh oranges and tangerines, look into orange shades on the pale side. Great for the kitchen, sunny citrus can bring happiness and creativity to the room, which may inspire some impromptu baking.

3. Bold orange

To stretch those summer vibes all year long, opt for a bold orange used outside in the backyard or patio. Whether it's a painted fence or more subtle pops of color on tables and seating, it can really bring a fun element to the space. It will also enhance the greenery in your backyard.

4. Summer squash

A pale orange with a more yellow hint than red makes a good shade for the kitchen or the living room. The light yellow undertones blend well with a variety of colors, creating a milder effect of well being and creativity.

5. Mediterranean orange

To transport your guests to a place of cool breezes, easy lifestyle, and beautiful views, try a shade of cool Mediterranean orange. Great for living and family rooms, this pale orange shade is comfortable and inviting without being overwhelming. Add furniture and décor with brown and beige shades to bring out the orange even more.

6. Marigold

This lively orange shade with yellow undertones can be a welcoming color in a laundry room where tedious, unexciting tasks need to be done. You'll be surprised how featuring orange can change the mood for something simple like folding clothes. It might even help with remembering to transfer clothes from washer to dryer!

7. Blood orange

A bold sibling to the navel orange, blood oranges are vibrant with a deep reddish shade. Because it is on the daring, darker side, choose an accent wall to showcase this color. Better yet, a front door painted in blood orange is absolutely beautiful.

8. Creamy peach

A peachy-apricot hue is lovely without being overpowering. The pale pink undertones are relaxing, making it an ideal shade for a bathroom or den. This shade also blends well with furniture and walls in neutral tones without making a huge impact. Perfect if you want a touch of color without the boldness of a classic orange.

9. Warm sunshine

A warm hue with red undertones, this shade may be described better as an orange sunrise. It's ideal for a bedroom or kid's room to mimic the sun taking its course across the sky throughout the day. This shade is also great to use for textiles such as comforters, throw pillows, and curtains.

10. Terracotta

While on the warmer side of the citrus color wheel, the earthy, pale hue of terracotta can add a subtle hint of color in any space of your home. The shade is great for bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, pantries, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces. Take a look around your home and see where you'd like a delicate color boost. A terracotta orange would likely fit nicely there.

11. Coral

For an orange hue that leans towards the pink side, go for coral. With the warm, red undertones and faint yellow hints, a coral shade can be a wonderful pop of color for an accent wall in a kid's room. Since coral goes really well with blue shades, you can create a beautiful backyard space surrounding a pool or jacuzzi.

12. Orange sherbet

For a fun orange color that is almost too kid-friendly, try orange sherbet. It is reminiscent of summer ice cream treats and backyard parties, but it can also be a great energetic motivator to get that cardio routine in. Try painting an accent wall this punchy color for a great workout vibe.

13. Honey mango

A golden, yellow-orange shade with brown undertones, the honey mango color would work well at the breakfast nook in a kitchen. To really make this warm tone stand out, pair it with greenery like a fiddle leaf fig or a spider plant along with shades of white.

14. Pastel orange

For a super subtle shade that can be used in the calmest of rooms, such as a baby nursery, try a light, pastel orange. A slightly more colorful hue than white and beige, it will leave the door open for colorful patterns and décor ideas without overwhelming the space.

15. Earthy orange

While earthy orange isn't the first shade that comes to mind when thinking citrus, it does have the potential to make bold and bright colors pop throughout a space. Think of this shade as a base color, and work around it to bring out the brighter tones. Great for a living or family room.

16. Citrine

Just like the orange-hued jewel of the same name, citrine is a radiant orange hue with a hint of shimmer. It works well in a kid's playroom or even an office accent wall for a little bit of sparkle, and can be paired with gray and green. The citrine jewel has also been linked to feelings of positivity and contentment, according to Tiny Rituals.

17. Dark saffron

While the well-loved spice is considered a yellow shade, add a bit of brown and red and the saffron can turn into a muted orange. Since it is a kitchen spice, this color is perfect for the pantry.

18. Tangelo

As a hybrid mix of a tangerine and a pomelo, tangelo really brings the citrus punch. This tangy shade is ideal for the kitchen or the patio. It's a bright orange mixed with red undertones, that offers a rich, beautiful color upgrade to any space.

19. Mimosa orange

More yellow than red, this bright and airy shade gives a burst of fresh, citrus color. You may love it on the walls or it may feel like a bit much. In that case, it's a spirited hue for furniture and décor. Paint a table and chairs this shade to brighten up a dull space, or paint a dresser in a kid's room for some playful color.

20. Golden wheat

A soft, golden hue with more white and cream than red and yellow, this beautiful shade is earthy, soft, and almost ethereal. Try it in a nursery, a reading nook, or anywhere else where quiet and calm is the mood.