Why DIYers Are All Buying This Home Decor Item At Target

Upgrading our homes with home goods store finds –– now and then –– is vital for nourishing our livelihood, telling our stories to our guests, show who we are, and adding aesthetics to our house, as claimed by Mondoro. But sometimes, décor and furnishings can be a big blow to our savings –– in other words, they are frighteningly expensive. Luckily, stores like Target, IKEA, and West Elm offer some of the top-quality home-sprucing items at reasonable prices –– such as this mid-century pop-up coffee table listed on West Elm

But mind you, shopping at these stores is not always rainbows and sunshine; some home goods are just a no-buy. For instance, Go Banking Rates once reviewed some of the absolute worst items you will regret buying at IKEA. So, in the spirit of helping you make a blameless purchase, we at House Digest have just spotted one super hot item that a lot of DIYers are buying at Target. See it below.

An item sure to help you get and stay organized

Shelving is one of the most-discussed topics here at House Digest. We've previously shown you 25 small bathroom shelf ideas to maximize space, and even gave you a cost analysis of building a built-in shelf. Today, we bring to you a Target find that will add to your options when revamping your home with a shelf.

This expandable 3-tier shelf by BrightRoom was reviewed by BuzzFeed as the 16th best home organization item to buy at Target in a list of 25 items. In their review, BuzzFeed recommends this item to DIYers who need something to store craft supplies and bathroom products in.

As found on the item's listing page on Target, the expandable shelf can be nestled in your cabinet either horizontally (for flamboyancy) or vertically (to save space) where it makes your jars of supplies easy to reach and well-displayed. The 3-tier shelf comes in a color combo of white and black that will match the color of your kitchen regardless of what it is. This storage item weighs 1.2 pounds and is sold for $12.99 at the time of writing this article.