A Gorgeous $1.3 Million Florida Home Looks Like It Belongs In Barcelona

The world is seemingly finding new ways to update every home with modern touches and technology-driven features, so stumbling upon houses that are full of history and life has become a rarity. It's not until they've hit the market that you'll find one that will make you feel like you're in a different country, such as this Florida Villa Alma home. According to Realtor, a Spanish-style country home with 100-year-old features still standing in Coral Gables, FL, is for sale for $1.3 million.

It was designed by architect George Fink and built in 1923, per Realtor, and he focused on old Spanish, Riviera, and Mediterranean formats, reports Miami's Community News. He was knighted by the King of Spain and joined many project homes in the Coral Gables. Fink enjoyed using Italian, Spanish, and Moorish architecture in his designs. His projects have withstood six decades, inspiring other artists and residents in the area. Let's take a look around the property.

Colorful exterior with a cozy feel

Taking in the exterior of the home can transport you to Barcelona due to the choice of colors and the structure design that George Fink employed. The pink surrounding with navy blue accents and white trim windows make up the entirety of the exterior, via Realtor. It's a relatively small home with around 1,500-square-feet but holds everything one may need for functional and comfortable living. There's a Chicago brick driveway and beautiful greenery around the house. Massive trees provide the perfect amount of shade in the corner of the front yard, smaller bushes line the outer walls and backyard, and a manicured lawn is throughout.

The only thing that has been updated is the roof, plumbing, and electricity to keep the house in excellent condition. In the backyard is a small courtyard with a dining table and chairs that add to the cozy environment of the property. The listing shows a small terrace in front of the cottage with its own private lounge table and chairs. Every detail creates an utmost serene living space.

Italian-inspired interior

The charming interior has an entirely different ambiance from the outside but still has some eye-catching features, such as a completely white interior with hardwood and tile floors. The living room has stunning antique furniture, matching armchairs, and a side table, via Realtor. Various windows and French doors allow bright natural light and boast views of the front yard. A metal chandelier hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the room, and a beautiful fireplace sits in the living room corner by the French doors.

The kitchen has some Tuscany touches with the gorgeous granite countertops and backsplash against the white walls. The base of the counters is a beautiful mahogany wood, along with the small China cabinets. An attractive archway leads throughout the kitchen, and another metal, single-light chandelier hangs from the ceiling. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and beautiful colorful kitchenware lines on the top of the windows and the counters' corners.

Minimally decorated bedrooms and bathrooms

This villa has three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms on the second floor, each with high ceilings and bright lighting, per Realtor. One of the bedrooms has a minimalistic style with original wood flooring, a white interior with navy blue baseboards and bay window seat, and multiple double-door windows. It's filled with limited furniture, such as a single starfish pattern armchair, a queen-sized bed, and a navy blue end table. Another bedroom has black baseboards, an antique wooden bed frame, a small black desk, and a wood finish drawer chest. An interesting décor piece is the medieval knight statue in the corner of the room.

One of the bathrooms has a white tile interior with a glass door shower and a small wood trim window. There's also a wooden bathroom cabinet with a navy blue stained glass window next to the mirror above the sink. In the other bathroom, a light blue interior with a large wood trim mirror perches above the sink. Overall, the property has a yet stunning Spanish-inspired interior.