The Home Where Cheaper By The Dozen Was Filmed Was Also Owned By Kat Von D

The 2003 movie "Cheaper by the Dozen" starring comedian Steve Martin ("Parenthood" and "Father of the Bride") and Bonnie Hunt ("Beethoven" and "Jumanji") is one of the classics we love. The movie follows the couple as they raise their twelve kids while maintaining busy careers, per IMDB. It showcases a regular American family living the dream in the picture-perfect Chicago suburb of Evanston. Martin's character is a college football coach who moves into a picturesque home with his wife Kate (played by the lovely Hunt) and their lively brood. Even after all of these years, we can't quite get that house out of our minds.

According to Forbes, tattoo artist and entrepreneur Kat Von D owns the home, which she purchased in 2016 for $6.5 million. We have all the details on this stunning property and a surprise for you house hunters! If you've thought fondly about this home like us, read on. Let's take a closer look at the sprawling house that brought the family of 14 closer together.

This three-story stunning mansion is an absolute dream

While the home in "Cheaper by the Dozen" was set in Evanston, just 30 minutes from downtown Chicago, the actual Victorian style house built in the 1890s is situated in a stunning Los Angeles neighborhood at 357 Lorraine Boulevard in Windsor Square. According to E! Online, the three-story house is now selling for $15 million, which is the norm for the neighborhood. The outlet notes that Kat Von D, star of TLC's "LA Ink", completely renovated all 11 bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms of the 12,500-square-foot property from top to bottom, making it hard to tell it's still the same house from the movie. In the film, the exterior was white, but Von D had it painted a muted red tone. There's also a blood-red pool and hot tub, as well as loads of gothic-style furniture, which you can see in images thanks to

Where the star is headed

While leaving that unique crimson-hued pool may sound difficult, you're probably wondering where the star is off to next. Von D shared the exciting news on her Instagram, along with a video of the mansion, saying "We have officially put our beloved Queen Anne Victorian home on the market this week as we make our way to Indiana to move into another Victorian house we are currently restoring." She explained that an extensive documentary is in the works to show how the home was lovingly restored over the past six years, which we can't wait to devour!

Kat Von D's new home is located in Vevay, Indiana and what drew the couple to it was the home's architecture. She caught up with Indianapolis Monthly where she noted that the house is on the list of Historical Homes of America list. Most exciting for this Californian is the idea of living in a small town away from all the distractions she has had her entire life in Los Angeles. She's especially looking forward to raising her son, growing a garden, and living among nature. We think that sounds heavenly!