Breegan Jane's Best Tips For Creating The Perfect Nursery

Breegan Jane is an interior designer, lifestyle blogger, writer, and HGTV star. She starred in "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and worked with the Property Brothers before starring in her own show, "The House My Wedding Bought," on Discovery +. Jane is also a design expert for Gerber Childrenswear and a mom of two boys, so she knows how important it is for a nursery to look good while remaining functional.

The first step to creating the perfect nursery is to pick a theme and color palette. Jane stresses that it's important not to rush ahead and pick out furniture and accessories before having a set theme, or the room may not look cohesive in the end, according to Realtor. First, you should choose the paint colors and wallpaper, and then nursery furniture that goes along with the theme. It's easy to try and do too much, but a simpler design is better.

A design that grows with the baby

The best nursery design is one that can grow with the baby. To do this, Breegan Jane recommends choosing the wall color carefully. Instead of using stereotypical baby colors, you should use more sophisticated colors. This means trading pastel blue, light pink, and yellow for lavender, teal, or even a neutral color, according to Ebony. Colors like white and gray will easily tie in the nursery with the rest of the rooms in a home.

Adding an accent wall is an easy way to step up the design of any room. You can do this by painting one wall a different color, adding wallpaper, or even displaying an art collection. An accent wall will also help the room grow with the baby because it doesn't have to be centered around the child's developmental period like a lot of nursery decor does. A fun patterned wallpaper or different paint color will remain timeless as the baby grows up.

Multipurpose furniture

A perfect nursery includes furniture that has many different functions. A nursery is not only for the baby but for their caregivers as well. Jane's tip is to incorporate furniture that can do double duty so that everything is used to its full potential, according to Realtor. This could include adding an ottoman that opens for storage. You may not need this storage immediately, but as the baby grows, the ottoman can be used to store their outgrown clothes, blankets, or toys.

Another tip from Jane is to decorate the room with sentimental pieces and future artwork. Instead of saving everything in a box to never look at, Jane suggests hanging shadow box frames with swatches of your newborn's outfit that they wore home or their hospital blanket. Then the memory will be displayed on the wall for you to see. As your child grows older and starts creating artwork, these can be framed and added to the gallery wall of memories. Using matching frames is Jane's trick to making it all look cohesive.