Look Inside An $8 Million California Property Comes With Its Own Waterfall

Sunny California is known for bringing in hot summer weather. How do you beat this weather? With water, of course! Fortunately, along with this weather, California brings in a lot of water resources as well. Most notably, the beach. However, many homes within this region have their own personal water retreats. For some, it's usually a nice spacious swimming pool. For others, it's something fancy, such as a waterfall. If a waterfall is something you desire, you're in luck. According to Realtor, an estate in California is for sale with its own waterfall.

Located in the Carmel area, this home is on the market for $8 million. Built in 1996, the owners purchased the home just 10 years later, in 2006. Since then, the home has been completely renovated. Other former owners of this home consist of photographers Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, as well as singer-songwriter John Denver. As per the Realtor listing, the home contains four bedrooms with four bathrooms and a total of 4,010 square foot space. The home, along with the waterfall, sits on close to three acres of land that contains two parcels. An additional guest house is also located on the property that contains one bedroom and one bathroom as well.

The waterfall

It goes without saying that the main exterior feature of this property is the waterfall. Realtor states that the waterfall faces north and leads down into Wildcat Beach. Taking up most of the outer edge of the property, the waterfall is truly stunning and a great area to spend hot summer days. However, if that's not enough water for you, the listing states that there is a pool and spa combo located on the property. A detached garage is located out back that can hold up to four cars and numerous other items.

The house itself, alongside an identical guest home and the detached garage, is remarkable on its own. Designed with brown siding and black trimming, the home looks somewhat like the Cullen residence in "Twilight." However, this home, while having many, does have fewer windows. The estate is tucked away behind a closed gate with many trees wrapping around the property. Another notable feature includes a patio that wraps around from the side of the house to the back.

Warm sitting areas

As per Realtor, this home has many formal sitting areas. The main living area is located on the bottom floor of this two-story estate. It has stunning features, including 30-foot ceilings, a stone fireplace, and near floor-to-ceiling windows. Currently, this home contains many extravagant and unique items, including a brown grand piano and a smaller telescope. This particular family area also stretches out into the kitchen, making it somewhat of a family room and kitchen combo.

The other sitting area is located up the brown curved staircase and resides almost right on top of the lower living room. This one is a bit smaller in size but has just as many appealing features. A smaller stone fireplace is located in this room as well. Beside that fireplace is a large built-in entertainment center where a TV currently resides. This entertainment center contains enclosed cabinets underneath with open shelves on top. A few skylights hang overhead as well, which provides natural sunlight as well as giving one the chance to see the stars at nightfall.

The cozy kitchen

Back down on the lower floor, near the first living room, is where the kitchen is located, as seen on Realtor. Of course, like with any kitchen, there's a lot happening in this area of the house. Directly in the middle of the kitchen is where the center island is located. Within this island is the stove as well as a small sink. Hanging above this area, directly above the stove, in particular, is the air vent. The rest of the kitchen wraps around this island and features all the other appliances one might need, such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, and more.

On the outer side of this kitchen, close to the living room, there is an overlap in the counter, creating a space for a bar and barstools. All the cabinets within this kitchen are a medium brown wooden color, and the countertops appear to be a shiny black marble. The backsplash consists of diamond stones. On the opposite end of the kitchen, furthest away from the living room, is where the dining room is located. It's surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows as well.