The Best Colors To Paint Your Kids' Room

Designing a child's bedroom can be fun and joyous as you do your best to interpret their personality and interests. Moshi says young children react better to light colors than dark and that a soft color palette can better help them to relax. It's important to not only choose the right colors so your child can be relaxed but to also help them sleep easily after a long and stimulating day. If there are bright colors your child adores, a shade of that color that is more calming may be best.

Depending on your child's favorite color, there are many to choose from and incorporate in different ways. However, choosing the paint color first is crucial so that you can best determine how to style the rest of the bedroom. If you're lost and not sure what paint color to choose, we've pulled out a few colors that may work best for your child.


You may be tempted to use a bright white as it's usually capable of brightening and expanding a room. However, an off-white may be best for a child's bedroom to add a feeling of warmth while also accomplishing the same effects as a bright white that may be too stale for a child's room, according to Moshi

Light blue

Moshi says that studies find that the light shade of blue can help a child relax by producing certain effects; heart rate slows down, blood pressure decreases, and it can help put a child in a meditative state. Dark blue, however, won't have the same effect, so stick with lighter shades.

Light green

Light green is a nice color that can be incorporated into any child's room of any gender, according to Moshi. There are plenty of calming shades to choose from, such as sage, moss, and faded mint. It's been noted that this color can help a child focus when studying or doing any other important task.

Light purple

Light purple can be a great substitution for those who are sick of the constant pink colors seen in children's rooms, according to Moshi. For those who want to create a relaxed space for their child, you can use colors like lavender, lilac, violet, and periwinkle.

Warm neutrals

Warm neutral colors, such as gray and shades of beige, are excellent colors for a child's room, according to Moshi. These colors create a peaceful and calm space that promotes happiness and a great environment to sleep in.

Chalk paint

HGTV says chalkboards are a fun way to creatively design one of your child's walls to their liking. Chalkboard paint could also help prevent them from drawing on other walls in the house. This can also be a fun way to create an accent wall when included in a room painted with neutral colors.


This may be surprising, but HGTV says the color black can create a cozy feeling for your child. To lighten up the room a bit, be sure to introduce light colors for contrast while also creating more prominence of the paint color.


TP Joy says yellow creates a fun and bright feeling when painted on the walls. Studies have indicated that the color yellow can help elevate a child's level of concentration — which can be useful for studying or completing tasks. If you have a child who has difficulty sleeping, this color may not be useful.