How To Decorate Your Home Like The Bachelor Mansion

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Can you believe ABC's "The Bachelor" has managed to survive 26 seasons and thrive for over 20 years? Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard of this reality show which features a dashing man or woman publicly dating a large group of potential love interests who live under the same roof.

According to TV Guide, there is a process of elimination known as rose ceremonies, which lead to several contestants leaving the mansion every week. By the end of the season, the bachelor proposes to the last lady standing and gives her his final rose. While each season is more dramatic than any other, the home that houses the castmates is a staple. The Mediterranean villa is so grand that it has its own name, Villa De La Vin (via House Beautiful). Villa De La Vin is not just any home. It is a six-bedroom mansion that houses the entire cast. Whether or not you're a member of Bachelor Nation, you can benefit from these tips on transforming your home into the Bachelor mansion.

Find space for flowers and greenery

Although "The Bachelor" has won many awards over the years, it also deserves an award for the best implementation of flower decor. There are vibrant bouquets, vases of greenery, and countless shrubs all over the mansion. According to Teleflora, pink flowers signify happiness, joy, and youthful vibes, while white exudes innocence and pristine beauty. Even if you're not searching for true love, these are the perfect vibes to bring into your space.

On average, flowers do not come cheap, but this does not mean you need to break the bank to decorate the home with flowers. If you are new to the flower game and clueless about which kind to choose, why not opt for carnations? Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also long-lasting and will look healthy even after they have been plucked (via Kim Starr Wise Floral Events). Also, these pink flowers have been an interior decor staple since the Romans (via From You Flowers). No matter which flower you choose, if you have a green thumb and the space for plants, consider growing some in your garden or placing them in your entryway for a beautiful first impression.

Win big with wall lights

According to Neptune, including different lights like ceiling lights, table lamps, and wall sconces creates a functional blend within a living space. Interior wall lights add a subtle yet regal appearance to the room during rose ceremonies and romantic cocktail parties on the show. These lights have been around since medieval times when lanterns and flaming torches hung on the wall to illuminate a space (via Bespoke Lights).

If you want to decorate with sconces, there are a few tried and tested areas to place them for maximum effect. Hang sconces where you want to highlight an item or a fixture, such as a room with wall paintings or your outdoor swimming pool. Consider adding them to hallways and entryways since these spots tend to be dimly lit. The addition of wall lights adds warmth and a welcoming, cozy ambiance (via Fat Shack Vintage). However, you must ensure your wall lights are symmetrical and equal distances apart. There are many styles to choose from, so decorate for your desired aesthetic. You can hang anything from crystal chandeliers to contemporary reading lamps and candelabras.

Display your favorite instrument

You do not need to be an entertainer to add musical instruments to your living space. In "The Bachelor" mansion, the golden harp is a primary part of the room decor for the rose ceremony. According to Decoist, music is and will always be a form of art. Therefore, just as you have wall paintings and sculptures hung up in strategic areas of your home, what's stopping you from implementing musical instruments as decor?

It could be an instrument you play, like the guitar. If you hang it up on the wall, you have a handy storage system and decorative appeal. Note that the hangers should be sturdy enough to keep the guitars in position (via Guitar Gear Finder). If you opt for a cheap wall hanger, it will cost you dearly in the long run. Alternatively, you can incorporate an instrument you do not necessarily know how to play into your home to make a statement. Many individuals have a grand piano set up within the interior of their homes, offices, or restaurants that they cannot play. If you have friends around and someone is skilled at playing, or you wish to hire a pianist, this decorative instrument could provide hours of entertainment.

Fill your home with vases

Vases are perfect for displaying your floral bouquets, but did you know they look beautiful on their own? According to Homify, this is a decorating technique you cannot afford to ignore. One way to display your vases as decor is to combine at least two in the same color or similar aesthetics and patterns. Place them above the fireplace or on top of a windowsill.

If you find that you have collected different vases and none of them match, do not fret. Seek out a set of shelves or side tables. Arrange your vases with different styles and sizes into each compartment (via Eatwell101). This tip might seem basic, but the result will have your home feeling like a mini-museum. If you wish to take it to the next level, implement jumbo-sized floor vases. Make a statement in the corners of your home, or allow them to add character to a large room. Don't be afraid to add more vases!

Rack up a spectacular rug collection

Rugs are the perfect item to add character to your space. If torn between installing carpet or decorating with rugs, remember that rugs are more versatile, and you can always switch them up depending on your mood. You can even swap your rugs out to match the different seasons of the year (unlike wall-to-wall carpets, which tend to be more permanent). A rug like this soft shag option from Land of Rugs can immediately create a warm and cozy aesthetic in any room. A shag rug may not be the right fit in the summertime or warm climate. Consider a low pile jute rug that gives off a cool effect in your room, per Miss Amara. A great option to consider is this price-friendly handmade rug from Wayfair.

Rugs do not need to stay inside. Feel free to find space outdoors for outdoor rugs, much like the multi-colored piece in the backyard of "The Bachelor" mansion. However, lean toward rugs made from durable fabric that can withstand the outdoors and all the elements (per USA Today).

Create a bit of contrast with your cushions

The contrasting pillows on the sofas in "The Bachelor" mansion keep the decor looking good during all the drama and gossip. Home Decor Bliss encourages you to imitate this technique by noting if your sofa has patterns and prints. Purchase block-colored cushions and tuck them between the matching patterned cushions, arranging them in an alternating sequence for contrast.

You can also use your room as your muse. If you have a plain white bed with neutral bedding, consider spicing things up with bold-colored cushions that complement the room's aesthetic. Also, you can mix and match cushions of various textures and sizes together. For example, use a square plaid cushion next to a rectangular velvet cushion or a circular silk cushion. As long as the colors are part of your chosen color palette and work harmoniously, the sky is your limit (via Den Garden).

Keep calm and light a few candles

Candles insert class and beauty into your space, whether scented or unscented. Candles come in different shapes, sizes, and containers, and the good news is that they work in every single room in your living space (including the bathroom). Opt for taper candles for dining table decor, especially during the festive period. These candles are usually displayed on a slim candle holder or within an elegant candelabra. According to The Spruce, floating candles are a delight. As the name implies, they can float in water even while the wick is burning, making them a beautiful addition to the home.

Candles are also an ideal accessory for your backyard and the great outdoors. A citronella candle will work wonders when lit up on the exterior of your home to repel insects and give off a great scent. In "The Bachelor" mansion, most of the candles we see are pillar candles. These candles can stand on their own or pair with a container for a luxurious look (via Fraendi). If you have a pillar candle without a container, whip up a DIY glass holder with transparent glass vases (via Lovingly).

Get romantic with a wooden headboard

What makes "The Bachelor ' everyone's guilty pleasure is the chance to watch romance grow before our very eyes. On a one-on-one date with a special paramour, Matt shares a steamy kiss in his huge bed. We cannot help but admire the sturdy dark-toned wooden headboard. According to Dreams, headboards date back centuries to ancient Egypt, where they were a sign of high social status. Fast forward to the modern-day, and furniture is accessible to all. If you have been toying with the idea of installing a headboard, this is the sign you need to take the plunge. Headboards are not a must, but they ensure a degree of sturdiness for your bed, depending on the material and style you choose (via Casper).

Before installing a headboard, ensure you take accurate measurements of your mattress and bed frame (via Amerisleep). Your headboard should never be less than the mattress width. It should be the exact width of the mattress, or you can add a few extra inches to both sides of the bed to let the headboard sit majestically against the bed frame.

Stay trendy with center tables

There is no space for basic decor in 'The Bachelor" mansion, including the tables. If you do not have a coffee table, start searching for one! According to Ballard Designs, the center table is the next most important aspect of your interior. Before purchasing, ensure the height and width work well for your space. Larger rooms can have one large center table or two similar-sized center tables stacked together (via Livspace).

A large center table will overwhelm a small room. One way to insert a unique yet classy version that fits your space is by getting a glass center table. The glass effect will create an illusion of depth and make the room appear more spacious (via Home Designing). In cases where your room absolutely cannot hold a center table, a pouf or an ottoman can be a great replacement. What if you already have a table but want to make it more unique? You can consider dressing it up with stencil art to transform the furniture and give your room a breath of fresh air.

Build a display for glasses and liquor

One element that remains ever-present on "The Bachelor" is the dazzling array of drinks. An interview between an ex-contestant and The Daily Beast confirms there is a surplus amount of wine, champagne, and liquor on the show. This age-old tactic is popular with producers to get more emotions and conversation from the contestants.

How is all the liquor stored in this mansion? We may not have all the answers, but one area that any viewer of the show can see is the tiered display shelves in the main room with drinking glasses and canisters. If you wish to mount a set of glass trays within your living space like the one in "The Bachelor" mansion, ensure the area is at room temperature (via Clutter). Direct sunlight should never be able to stream into the space and spread over the drinks. Lastly, the mounted glass tray must be secure. Do not take chances on the sturdiness of this feature. If your collection is more than the shelf can carry and you have some extra space to spare, construct a cabinet where you can arrange all your drinks in an organized fashion (via BinWise). Alternatively, you can decorate a bar cart with your favorite happy house accessories for a cute and space-saving look.

Make way for wall moldings

Wall moldings are those beautiful trims that come in different styles and decorate the wall and other architectural features. Moldings play a decorative and functional role in many contemporary homes (via The New York Times). If you're an interior decor enthusiast, you're probably in the know about this feature. It comes in different styles, such as door casing trim which you can utilize to conceal the transition between the wall and your doors, and window casing, which covers up the gap between your wall and your window frames (via Kukun). When done right, the casing will lavishly define the perimeter of your walls, doors, and windows, but you must ensure that you stick to the standard trim width, which is between two and three inches (via Bob Vila).

Other styles include crown molding, which you can use between the wall and the ceilings. Baseboard is for floor transitions, while chair rail enhances the whole wall while protecting it from damage. Hardwood, oak, pinewood, and maplewood are a few of the materials you can use or stick to the original hue of your wood (via Menards). If you already have wallpaper on your wall, you can still execute this decor using chair rail moldings in white. It will complement the wallpaper and add a touch of luxury. 

Decorate with porcelain vessels

According to Staten Island Advance, porcelain canisters have been around since the 1920s in Germany. They are used to store mealtime staples like tea and sugar. Some of the antique versions were so special and durable that they passed from generation to generation. Although porcelain containers are still in many kitchens, they are stunning when implemented as decor in other rooms. In "The Bachelor," ceramic canisters rest on the tabletop in the confessional room. The pair are eye-catching because of the intricate red prints. You can recreate this look by acquiring the blue and white ceramic Darby Home Jar and the Lark Manor jar from Wayfair. If you live with toddlers or pets, ceramic may not last due to possible clumsiness. However, there are other materials you can choose for your canister, such as this white metal and wood version from Living Spaces.

Grouping your canisters like the decor in "The Bachelor" is a great way to achieve a beautiful look because there is power in numbers. A center table or kitchen counter are great locations to decorate with canisters. Alternatively, you can use them as a welcoming feature on your entryway table. 

Fit in lots of framed mirrors

When the ladies from "The Bachelor" prepare for the rose ceremony, there are plenty of "mirror mirror on the wall" moments. Almost all the mirrors in the mansion boast a regal gold frame, indicating that these mirrors are not just for functional purposes but also their decorative value.

According to Print Decor, mirrors have been in existence for over 200 years and have become a home staple. If you wish to do the same and have a large wall to cover, you can go big on size. Remember that large mirrors impact your decor and can be a focal point in your living space. If you have a small room, round mirrors can act as miracle workers because they create an illusion of depth and dimension, making the room appear more spacious (via MyDomaine). Once you have chosen the size and shape of your mirror, choose a corresponding frame. While gilded frames in a gold finish add opulence, other styles, such as wooden frames, offer a rustic vibe.

Install a gorgeous fireplace

A fireplace adds charm and warmth to any space when lit up. This feature is so cozy that it's common to see fireplaces in homes in warmer climates, such as sunny Florida residences, per Nelson Construction and Renovation. If you're in a tropical environment, set up a contemporary electric fireplace heater such as this linear wall mount electric version from Amazon. It has the same ambiance as a traditional fireplace but doesn't emanate heat (via Mangoes and Palm Trees). The sleek design can work on its own as a focal point against a bare wall or go under your flat screen TV to seamlessly create a unique aesthetic.

There are various fireplaces in "The Bachelor" mansion, but one of the most regal is featured in the finale of season 25 when Matt gets ready to propose. This scene is so beautiful that one must wonder why outdoor fireplaces aren't more of a thing? If you have some patio space to spare, an outdoor fireplace will elevate your outdoor decor and create more privacy (via Rockwater Farm). It might be worth leaving the project to a professional since safely installing a fireplace is more complicated than it looks.