The Best Real Estate Markets In The US Are In States That You Least Expect

When you think about moving from your current state, the first destinations that come to mind may be Hawaii, Florida, or Washington. However, if you are trying to get the most bang for your buck in the crazy real estate market we are seeing today, you may consider some other states that are experiencing low prices even in their bustling metropolises. Indiana, Connecticut, and New Hampshire can provide single-family homes well under the national median of $447,000, as described by Realtor.

These states are appealing to more movers around the nation looking for inexpensive housing after the pandemic. Buyers aren't necessarily looking for the best house in the coolest city anymore. It all comes down to price. Affordability is one of the biggest driving factors of the real estate market that is becoming increasingly costly. As we face home prices at an all-time high, taking a look at states that we initially wouldn't have considered is now commonplace. That said, let's find out what's happening in the housing markets surrounding cities such as Fort Wayne, IN; New Haven, CT; and Concord, NH.


Indiana, in the midwestern United States, has been a popular state to move to for some time. With gorgeous scenery, great community, and easy drives to larger cities no matter where you land, it seems like a nice place to settle down. According to Realtor, some of the best Indiana cities where you can find low-priced homes are Fort Wayne, Lafayette, and Elkhart. Each of them has average home prices under $300,000, which is unheard of in many other states and cities.

Fort Wayne is the second-largest city in Indiana, as per Visit Indiana. It's an attractive place to live for people coming from out of state as well as locals. There is plenty of entertainment, restaurant options, and jobs to find inside the city. Home to the campus of Purdue University, Lafayette makes another great Indiana city to live in as a popular college town with lots of life. Finally, the smallest of the three cities is Elkhart, but that doesn't make it any less desirable. In fact, the city has reached a 41% increase in views by out-of-state, online house shoppers looking to move.


Connecticut, or the "Constitution State," is seeing an uptick in movers looking for affordable housing on the east coast. This state in the New England region boasts a rich history, fun winter activities, and one border against the Long Island Sound, which is great for fishing, kayaking, and walking along the beach. As explained by Realtor, larger Connecticut cities such as Hartford and Norwich have an expensive average for the cost of buying a home, however, compared to nearby cities in New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont, the price seems affordable.

New Haven is one of the cheaper, larger cities in Connecticut that people want to move to. The average home price is only $357,450. The coastal city not only has modestly-priced housing, but it's also highlighted by its low unemployment rate, proximity to New York, and great schools in town, including Yale University. Visit New Haven reminds us that there are many reasons why New Haven is a wonderful place to visit and settle down. It has many educational opportunities to learn about the historic state and gorgeous natural landscapes that can be explored by foot, boat, or bike.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire boasts cheap houses and an even cheaper cost of living. The state, which has no income tax and no sales tax, as told by Realtor, has people looking to save money on their bills buying up homes in Concord, Manchester, and Claremont. Still, these houses certainly aren't the most affordable. New Hampshire has long been a destination for retirees and families looking to live in vibrant New Hampshire cities.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, cities across the state were showing many more home buyers than sellers. Because of this, most houses were selling over the asking price, and investors were buying up properties to rent out. Despite all that, suburbs in New Hampshire still remain attractive to people looking for a reasonably priced home in a beautiful area. The state is home to many great attractions such as kayaking adventures, horse riding, art centers, and more, as described by Visit New Hampshire. No matter who you are, there is something fun that this state can offer you.