Why DIYers Are All Buying This Home Item At Costco

Costco, the sixth-most profitable retail store in 2020 (per Statista), is a leading American discount store operator with warehouses in 48 states, according to Costco. The billion-dollar chain of big-box stores tops almost all retail departments in the rankings, including apparel, books, baked goods, grocery, electronics, and appliances, as noted by Statista.

In 2021, Zippia revealed that Costco had amassed over 100 million dedicated customers — a tribe that never stops growing. This massive success has left many entrepreneurs and business gurus wondering — and recently, Good Cheap Eats explained eight reasons — why a lot of people are in love with Costco. So, if you're like the Costco shoppers who recently explained why they are hooked on the chain to Eat This, Not That!, you're likely almost always on the lookout for the next hot items to buy. And guess what? We at House Digest have spotted a home item DIYers are excited about at Costco. Check it out below.

Why you should spring for Costco cabinets

Yeah, this is what DIYers might want to look for at Costco right now: custom cabinetry by Tuscan Hills Kitchens & Baths, which can be installed by you in your kitchen — no professional required. This product has amassed over 20 positive reviews from Costco shoppers. The cabinetry, which reportedly is handcrafted in the U.S., is fully assembled (which means it's ready to be installed right out of the box), and is available in various colors and sizes, per Costco.

One of the happy buyers of the cabinetry had positive things to say about their purchase. "Everything fit perfectly and the insight, expertise and sense of what works best exhibited by our online and telephone consultant made this project very successful," they shared on Costco's website. "My carpenter brother in law and I were able to install everything and do all the finishing." That certainly sounds like a seamless process.