How Much Does It Really Cost To Renovate The Outside Of Your House?

Renovating the home's exterior spaces can lead to many great benefits. For a start, improving the curb appeal offers a wonderful first impression to those visiting your house and helps frame your mindset at the beginning and end of every day. Updating the landscaping, painting the home's façade, and many other tasks can find their way into an exterior renovation project, but budgeting for this update can be complicated.

Because of the wide range of options in the space beyond your front door, it's important to spend a good deal of time thinking about what you are hoping to achieve with the renovation, Fortune Builders says. As well, setting a timeline that makes sense for the remodel will help you finish the project within the scope of your budget and in time for use during the seasonal change.

Indeed, one thing that sets outdoor renovations apart from those inside the home is that they can make an outsized impact if you time them based on the season and weather patterns that prevail in your local area. The installation of a pool, for instance, is best done in the later winter months, if possible, because it allows for maximum use during the coming warmer season. Remodeling Calculator reports that a typical remodel of the exterior costs between $13,500 and $18,000, but this can vary widely based on the scale of your individual project aspirations.

Factors for cost

The cost of renovations out in the space surrounding your home can be difficult to calculate. This is because homeowners can quickly change their minds on included target features, opt to work on some of the remodels without professional help, or include higher-cost building materials for certain aspects of the job, for instance, by constructing a brick paver walkway rather than refinishing a concrete surface.

Number and type of renovation targets

The scope of the project is the first thing you'll need to consider when remodeling your home's exterior. For example, Remodeling Calculator estimates that replacing shingles on your roof will typically cost around $5,000, while outfitting brand new, quality windows throughout your home may rise to as much as $30,000. However, power washing or pressure washing the walkway, walls, and other components of the façade can improve the curb appeal of your property in an afternoon. This job costs an average of $281, making it one of the most cost-effective segments of an exterior remodeling job, HomeAdvisor says.

The number of areas you plan to focus on will dictate the total budgetary expectations you should have for the project. Investing in the exterior of your home is crucial; this goes for both the front-facing areas that make your home look inviting and warm from the street and the backyard that you'll likely want to spend much of your relaxation time in once the project has concluded.

DIY versus professional operation

DIYers can reduce their home improvement budget significantly over those hiring a professional for the installation or renovation process. Landscaping tasks, pressure washing, and even the construction of a wooden deck for the backyard can be done without hiring a contractor. Depending on your skill level, engaging in some of the projects on your own can be immensely helpful for your cash flow and the overall scale of your vision for your home's new look.

The more you can do yourself, the greater your budget will be for the elements that you can't do without professional assistance, such as electrical work or roofing repairs. Skill level should be a prominent indicator of whether or not you should engage in any particular project (via Mr. Handyman). Hiring a pro might be the right call if you are shaky in your confidence about an installation or demolition task, but mixing DIY and outsourced work is often the best approach to any remodeling opportunity. Find your balance here, and you'll set yourself and your home up for a fantastic renovation.

Centerpiece features

Many homeowners want to include features that will act as a centerpiece in their yard. Adding a fountain, new trees to provide extended shade, or building a wraparound porch can make for a unique transformation in the look and feel of your property.

You can install some of these eye-catching features for a marginal cost (Angi estimates a range of about $100 to $300 per medium-sized tree, for instance). However, a wraparound deck will typically cost between $9,350 and $39,900 (via HomeAdvisor). Finding a balance that works for your needs and budgetary restrictions will allow you to place the perfect mix of features in the newly renovated exterior space.

Additional costs

Because outdoor renovations can take on so many forms, there are some additional considerations to be aware of when planning your budget and remodel. As you plan your approach, ensure you don't forget about these additions.

Landscaping changes may be required

Suppose you're adding a new deck, pool, or other structural segments to your property's exterior space. In that case, you'll likely need to consider some additional landscaping changes to support the new layout. Of course, landscaping doesn't have to be a complex and expensive endeavor. Still, it's important to remember that any concrete you lay will naturally upend the existing grass, garden beds, or trees around the home.

Altering the texture of your home's landscaping is a natural part of exterior remodeling. Fortunately, you can tackle many of the components involved in this process without calling a professional. Laying new sod is time-consuming, but it's actually quite easy to accomplish if you have some free time and patience. HomeGuide reports that a pallet of sod (approximately 450 square feet of coverage on the ground) typically costs between $130 and $360. If you are ripping up the existing grass alongside your other external projects, you may be buying enough sod to enjoy free delivery as well, removing the task of hauling the purchase home (often in many trips back and forth).

Grilling, food preparation, and refrigeration are typical additions

Lastly, exterior renovations are rarely complete without the inclusion of food and drink storage and preparation facilities. Many people love grilling and eating outside during the warmer months. Statista reports that the U.S. barbecue and grill market is worth around $2.75 billion (as of 2021). Gas grills are the most common in the United States, making the typical grilling experience one that can be accomplished under partial covering without the threat of flame damage.

Adding grilling capacity to your exterior space will amplify the value that your home provides to you. Sitting outdoors and soaking in the wonderful weather of late spring or fall (as well as the glorious sunshine that dominates much of the summers across America) isn't complete without these additional elements. Adding basic grilling equipment or splurging on a more comprehensive model will provide you with years of fantastic enjoyment and relaxation.

Likewise, adding a small fridge or mini-fridge to the outdoor space will allow you to always keep drinks on hand. This feature is an excellent facility to outdoor entertainment spaces and pool decks.

Why you need to renovate the outside of your home

Renovating your home's exterior space can give you a place that feels brand new. For homeowners without much in the way of a backyard deck or patio space, for example, this change can give you a completely new experience in the exterior relaxation space of the property.

Improvement to your home's energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is often overlooked when it comes to making structural and aesthetic improvements to the exterior. Yet, the importance of this aspect of any residence sits centrally within the pursuit of improved external space. For example, making improvements to your home's windows, roof, or siding can dramatically impact the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems (via Cossentino & Sons Remodeling and Design). This change can make for more comfortable interior space and reduce the expense of your heating and cooling costs by a potentially substantial margin (depending on the state of your current home systems and features).

Improving a home's energy efficiency is essential in today's world as a means of pulling one's weight, too. By making structural changes to your property that improve your property's energy usage, you can do your part for the community and help work toward a cleaner and greener future for everyone.

Beautify the property

Of course, an exterior renovation goes a long way toward making your home look more beautiful and appealing. Maintaining the curb appeal of your property is a core component of responsible homeownership, and it can go a long way to making your home feel more relaxing and comforting.

A beautiful yard and surrounding features (a pool, outdoor cooking space, entertainment center, or simply a front patio designed around your comfort needs) can make for the perfect environment for you and your loved ones. Beautifying your home's exterior spaces will go a long way to boosting the total value that your property provides to your lifestyle and daily routine.

Enjoy a reduction in routine maintenance needs

A new exterior renovation takes away some of the overarching maintenance needs of the property (via Castellano & Sons). For instance, if you are replacing windows, the need to consistently check panes for deterioration simply evaporates with the addition of new windows. Of course, inspecting your house is an important task for any homeowner. Still, if you've newly installed a structural feature, it will not be at risk of increased weathering or deterioration for some time — perhaps many years.

Eliminating some of the routine tasks on your maintenance to-do list can make the weekend workload far less daunting, creating a better balance of work and relaxation during these crucial days off from the office grind.

Benefits of an exterior renovation project

The benefits of reconstructing the exterior components of your house are varied and significant. From the lifestyle change that this project can bring about to the improved financial value that is a staple in virtually any remodeling opportunity, focusing your efforts on the home's exterior can make a big impact on the overall experience and value your house brings to the table.

Increased security for your home, loved ones, and belongings

New home improvements that focus on the exterior aspect can lead to better security for the property. Enhancing the siding and windows, for instance, can shore up weak entry points for a burglar who may be looking for a way into the residence without using the front door. So shoring up structural features can benefit both the environment and the safety of your property at the same time.

Likewise, making changes to the property's landscaping will likely see you and your family want to enjoy more of the external features as a sort of portrait. Including natural lighting elements alongside the planted foliage can provide a scenic view of the exterior space as the sun sets, but it also dissuades would-be criminals by lighting up the external space and eliminating potential hiding or scouting locations along with the approach, LEDs Magazine says.

Added property value

Like any other home improvements you may engage in, exterior renovations can significantly improve the value of your property on the open market. In addition, Angi notes that landscaping alone can improve your house's value significantly, with a beautiful lawn adding an amazing 256% return on investment. Likewise, added tree cover can provide as much as $10,000 in added value to your property if planted intelligently, according to Angi.

Landscaping and structural improvements are staples in the renovation process as homeowners prepare their property for the market. Great curb appeal is essential for drumming up interest in the home, and it can translate into significant improvements to the final sale price. Whether you're thinking of moving soon or are toying with the idea for the longer future, changing the exterior will set you up for success.

Enhanced curb appeal that bleeds into a better home environment

This feature is also uniquely powerful for homeowners who want to remain in their neighborhood and community for the long term as well. By renovating the exterior of your home, you set the tone for the experience you'll have within the property, too.

A beautiful lawn and stunning paint colors, roofing tiles, and windows (among many other elements that go into a front yard and home façade) primes you for positivity as you enter the home. This is the last thing you'll see before you leave the house in the morning and the first view when you return at the end of the day. Making it a positive visual element can translate into success in other aspects of your daily routine.