How To Decorate The Bedroom For Summer

With summer in full swing, it's time to redecorate the bedroom to fit the seasonal change. Put away the bulky winter blankets and dark accessories. During the summertime, people often feel overheated due to rising temperatures, so they seek comfort in their bedrooms. You can layer a bed for summer by replacing heavy comforters with lightweight blankets, per Red Land Cotton. For those who love sunlight, think of replacing heavy drapes and cumbersome window curtains with sheer drapes that allow sunlight to enter without overheating the room.

Though summertime is known for light and airy colors, dark colors can also produce a summer aesthetic. Keep bedding neutral with a pop of color such as turquoise for accent pillows (via The Inspired Room). The turquoise should be eye-catching without overwhelming the space. Remember to play with texture on bedding, accessories, and storage containers. Here are the best ways to create a summer-inspired bedroom while maintaining balance and comfort.

Change sheets and blankets

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their bed. Sleeping with scratchy flannel blankets or heavy bedsheets is not the best during humid nights. According to Outdoor Research, you should remove down comforters since they trap air and body heat. This bedding is unsuitable for people living in poorly insulated apartments or houses without air conditioning. Look into buying cotton blankets and linen sheets because the materials are light and breathable.

Invest in thin blankets for sticky and muggy summer evenings (via MyDomaine). Summer is about keeping sheet designs simple and classic. Try stonewashed sheets for something different and shed bedding layers (via Real Simple). There's no need to have a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and multiple blankets on the bed during summer. Opt for lighter colored sheets in shades of cream or yellow. For a pop of color, try bold pinks, oranges, and greens in various patterns.

Embrace sunflower prints

Beautiful sunflowers grow in abundance during the summer. These flowers look like the sun, with their yellow petals representing the sun's rays. According to KnockOffDecor, there are multiple ways to decorate the home with flowers and incorporate sunflower prints. You can find sunflower planters at home and garden stores. These planters will look pretty filled with sunflowers and various summertime flowers.

To really make your room feel like summer, throw sunflower-patterned accent pillows on top of the duvet, or find sunflower bed sets online to add to the aesthetic. You can also hang sunflower wall tapestries above the bed on the wall or add a unique touch with battery-operated sunflower string lights. The lights can go along the bed's headboard or footboard. Love wooden plaques with positive affirmations? Try to find plaques with sunflower designs as well. Go the natural route and pick some sunflowers in a field to put in a vase and place on a bedroom table.

Get creative with summertime scents

Open your bedroom window and breathe in the fresh air. Summertime is associated with refreshing scents like linens, fruits, and flowers. Find essential oils in floral and citrus scents for your home and diffuse them with an ultrasonic or cold air diffuser, per Scentcillo. Citrus fragrances in sweet orange and tangerine make people feel energized and awake. Herbal and floral scents are also popular during summertime and blend well with citrus scents to create a pleasing olfactory experience.

Want a summer scent to infiltrate the whole house rather than just the bedroom? Create a simmer pot recipe mixed with citrus slices and heat it on the stove for a couple of hours (via Homedit). The smell will permeate the whole home. For everyday use, buy a perfume with a salt breeze or dandelion scent. Want to do a DIY summer fragrance craft? Make baking soda disks mixed with herbs and essential oils. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer, and you can place these disks in a bedroom, bathroom, windowsill, or near a bedside table.

Find decorated vases

With all those freshly picked summertime flowers, it's hard to find ways to display them in a bedroom. According to Taryn Whitetaker Designs, modern art vases from a home decor store looks excellent with flowers. These vases come in all shapes and materials, including metal and wood. Check out unique patterns in different designs, such as bold stripes. You can also use clear glasses from hobby and dollar stores as vases. Look for empty candle holders that function as vases in a pinch. To decorate the bedroom, put the flowers in vases on bed trays or dressers. Keep a flower vase near a makeup vanity mirror to brighten things up.

If the bedroom has a fireplace, flowered vases can add an attractive statement to the mantel (via Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors). To create a grand display, buy a tall vase to put flowers in and place it near the bed as the main accent piece. As another idea, you can never go wrong with placing vases inside or on top of bedroom bookshelves.

Choose the right curtains or drapes

Time to open the bedroom windows and let in the summer breeze. Are you looking for ways to decorate with popular curtain styles? For those who want a dark room, try blackout curtains. They're popular with room designs but tend to absorb heat, per Curtain World. Try green or blue curtains instead of black if an overheated room isn't the right option. For those who prefer a relaxing bedroom atmosphere for the summer, sheer curtains let sunlight in without too much heat.

As far as curtain and drape fabrics are concerned, cotton is a commonly used fabric. Cotton curtains and drapes keep a room feeling cool (via Nicole Draperies). Drapes should be hung as close to a window as possible to trap heat. For those who prefer sheer curtains and drapes, lace and nylon options are available at local bedding stores.

Keep in mind the difference between curtains and drapes (via Livspace). Curtains hang from rods and feature fabric panels that consist of light fabric. Drapes are thicker and can block out sunlight better than curtains. Find a complementary color or pattern for the chosen curtains or drapes that works well with the bedroom design. When measuring, take the width of the window frame and multiply it by about 2 inches to see how long the curtains or drapes should be before settling on a specific style.

Think of a suitable color palette for bedding

Summertime means light and airy colors that represent feelings of calmness and serenity. According to Daisy Linden, dark colors can work well in the summertime. Why not mix and match bed sheets and duvets that are navy blue and buttercream yellow? The mix of blue and yellow creates a nautical vibe that will inspire memories of chilling at a beach. Try to bring nature into the bedroom by finding bold green bedsheets. For a large-scale project, paint the walls an effervescent shade of green. For those who favor light colors, check out pastel shades of blue, pink, and green as accent colors on pillows or sheets.

Summer isn't all about pastels or muted colors. Some prefer to decorate with bold hot pinks and electric greens (via Shannon Gold Design). These colors are prominent in tropical-themed bed sets. Throw decorative pillows in palm frond, gingham, and checkered patterns. Florals and stripes are suitable as well.

Incorporate wicker elements

Straw and wicker baskets are essential for the household and various rooms. Not only do these baskets store whatever needs a place to stay, but you can also use them to add decor with no frills. Worthing Court reports that you can turn large wicker baskets upside down and use them as a tabletop next to a bed. Doing this makes it easier for people to read their nighttime novel and enjoy a glass of water before sleeping.

You can also hang wicker baskets over a wall as a statement piece or display many wicker baskets for decorative purposes. With flower season in full bloom, you can arrange flowers in a bouquet as a vanity or nightstand centerpiece. Flat and circular wicker baskets can act as a home base for items in the bedroom. Put a vase, a small family framed photo, and a fancy jewelry dish inside and place the whole thing on a bedside table. This style looks purposeful and keeps things organized.

Include coastal themes

Creating a coastal aesthetic in a bedroom for the summertime shouldn't be difficult. You can hang a tie-dye tapestry over the bed to inspire a laidback California vibe, per Coastal Wandering. A tie-dye throw rug adds a nice touch to the bedroom. Look for prints that look like watercolor in shades of light blue for an oceanic effect. For those who'd like to completely revamp their bedroom to look beachy, paint the walls white with one dark blue accent color. Install wood floors and buy a hammock to hang from the ceiling.

Think of uncomplicated ways to portray a coastal theme with home decor items. For example, you can hang ocean-themed mirrors around the bedroom with waves or beach houses. Plastic or wooden anchors can also go around the bedroom walls. Want to get crafty? Go online and check out sand art projects. Use faux, moldable sand instead of sand to create less mess. You can pour colored sand into plastic containers and place them around the bedroom for an artistic look.

Source unique seashell decor

Nothing says fun at the beach like beautiful seashells. Real or faux, decorating with seashells can turn into inspiring craft projects. Apartment Therapy explains that legally finding and keeping shells on beaches is the first thing to consider before crafting homeware. Each state and city has different rules approved by local state authorities and city town councils. Want to spice up old picture frames? Use hot glue to stick shells around the borders. Place the seashells in bowls around the bedroom. To keep the seashells' natural beauty, don't paint them unnaturally bright colors.

Create a spark by grabbing mason jars and putting seashells inside along with stringed lights (via Decor Home Ideas). The light-up effect is brilliant, and the mason jars can rest along the windowsill. You can find seashell candle holders at stores or make them at home. Want to make seashell candles at home? Pour melted soy wax into a seashell and dip a wick inside. After a few hours, the wax will become solid and form a candle. Placing these homemade seashell candles along the bathtub looks trendy and charming.

Decorate with wallpaper and framed photos

Summertime is the time to experiment with wallpaper designs and photo frames. According to I Want Wallpaper, you can never go wrong with yellow wallpaper for summer. From baby yellow to bold pumpkin shades, this is the key to adding brightness and light to a bedroom. Check out yellow wallpaper in dandelion and sunflower prints. Bold splashes of color and exotic animals fit in with tropical wallpaper. Remember being a kid and eating popsicles and shaved ice during the summertime? Search online for ice cream wallpaper to relive childhood memories.

When buying picture frames, look for mosaic-designed frames at local stores (via Seas Your Day). These designs create a sea glass effect, especially mosaic designs in shades of blue. For a beach house appearance, find distressed natural wood frames which will look authentic with vacation photos. Nautical rope picture frames are popular and make for creative bedroom decor.

Add a seasonally appropriate rug

With summer in full swing, there's no need to stick with heavy wool rugs. A summertime rug can anchor your bedroom design. If you're interested in a colorful look, seek out Persian overdyed rugs, per Lilla Rugs. These rugs come in different hues and are made from vegetable dyes to create unique patterns. Favor a bohemian vibe for the summer? Look no further than kilim rugs. They're rugs woven in intricate patterns and look good under a wooden desk or dresser.

For people who want a sustainable rug, check out jute (via Miss Amara). These rugs feature dried jute which comes from a plant. Jute rugs come in different sizes and textures, so finding one that fits the summertime aesthetic shouldn't be hard. Find a rug that's durable and stain-proof, like polypropylene material. These rugs work well in the bedroom and other places with heavy traffic. A summertime rug should be bursting with fuchsias, oranges, and blues. Get creative with patterns and colors to let your summer spirit shine.

Design a statement wall of family vacation photos

Creating a statement wall filled with photographs of family and friends is a popular trend in home design. Cherish those fun summer vacation moments by making a wall of family vacation photos for your home. If there are not enough photos to cover a whole wall, you can contact family and friends for more pictures, per American Frame. Try to mix portrait and landscape framed images to create a fun balance. When hanging up photos, think of whether they'll all be straight on the wall in grid style or hung at different lengths in salon style. Measure accurately with a straight edge, measuring tape, or yardstick.

Instead of designing a statement wall of family vacation photos, you can also make a shadowbox filled with travel trinkets such as shells and driftwood (via Lovely Etc.). Place the shadowbox on top of a dresser or hang it on a wall. With the right computer software program, you can transfer family photos onto canvas and display them in the bedroom. Decorate a bedroom wall with postcards and travel guides from past vacations. Another idea is to grab a full-sized map and tack it onto a wall. Add vacation photos to your destinations.

Spice things up with faux greenery

While real plants provide oxygen and look beautiful in the home, they require upkeep and care with sunlight, seeds, and water. For those who don't have a green thumb or don't want to deal with an extra chore, try to find faux plants at home and garden stores, per The Sommer Home. Find small potted plants to place on top of and inside of bookshelves in the bedroom. Mix it up by placing these faux plants next to family vacation photos. Fake plants also look classy in the bathroom.

Faux flowers with bendable stems because you can adjust them as you please (via Life on Virginia Street). Succulents and tropical plants look fantastic during summer because they add an outdoorsy vibe. Plastic plants look realistic but remember to dust them regularly. As always, be careful when buying faux plants online. Check for positive reviews and accurate product descriptions.

Go for lake house vibes

A lake house aesthetic fits in well with a bedroom for the summer season without looking campy or unnatural. According to Julie Blanner, creating a relaxed atmosphere is ideal with lake house designs. Instead of using dark-colored rustic or wood elements, keep things neutral and light with white bed sheets, lamps, and furniture. Think about texture as well. You can never go wrong with scalloped blankets and quilts or textured pillow covers. Add sea oars on the wall or life preservers for a cute style.

When designing a lake house-inspired bedroom, find furniture that features sleek and straight lines to create an elegant appearance (via The Lilypad Cottage). While vintage furniture is beautiful, it may not fully fit the modern lake house style. Buy rattan or wicker lights to hang around the bedroom. These are lovely light sources and bring the outdoors inside with natural materials. These ideas will establish a playful summer vibe in your bedroom all season long.