Peak Inside A Boho Florida Beach House On Sale For Under $1 Million

The state of Florida — also known as the Sunshine State — has a waterfront home for sale priced under $1 million, according to Zillow. The house is located on St. George Island in the Gulf of Mexico, which is known for being very relaxing while also offering a plethora of activities to choose from, according to Florida's Forgotten Coast. Residents or those who are just vacationing typically enjoy fishing, biking, paddling, shopping, and more in the area. It's definitely a place to soak in the warm rays while the sea water sprays across the beach. Moving into this property can be quite the refresher, especially those coming from the city.

This beachy, boho home for sale in Florida is the true definition of comfort. Living in a residence that sits by the water can create the feeling of being on vacation every day. Let's look at some of its most luxurious features.

Outdoor space perfect for relaxation

This residence definitely emits boho vibes with its relaxed exterior design, as noted by Zillow. The house is made of gray and brown distressed wood that runs vertically — visually lengthening the height of the home. The home also has multiple patios to provide plenty of sitting space to stare out at the green lawn and palm trees, as well as the blue water. Below one of the patios there is faux grass where a comfortable seat and light hang for a relaxing hangout area.

There is also a small sunroom that connects to a large and layered back porch that creates two seating areas. The bottom layer also has long steps that lead down the backyard. This property is definitely for someone who has many friends to bring over, as the front porch has more comfortable seating that leads to the front door designed with corks. Nearby there is also a community pool to relax and spend time in the water.

Bright and fresh rooms with stunning views

The colors used in the interior of this boho Florida home are much brighter than the exterior, according to Realtor. The living room has large windows on one wall, with the top layer of glass formed into a diagonal shape. The bright light reflects off the light gray walls to create the feeling of a larger space, while also providing a magnificent view of the water and beach trees. Most of the furniture in this area is white, which contrasts against the red area rugs and pillows. The living room also features a wood-burning fireplace to create a warm and comfortable environment at night or on cold days.

The kitchen is quite simple, with shades of white and gray; the countertop, upper cabinets, and floor tiles are white, and the lower cabinets are a light gray. The ceiling and floor are a warm gray that go nicely with the wicker chairs around the dining table and stools under the extended countertop.

Comfortable and restful bedrooms

The stairs of the home — which the drywall extends out to — leads to two guest rooms, according to Realtor. The master bedroom downstairs has space for a queen bed, two sofas with one facing a television, and a deck to stare at the water while lounging in the comfortable seating. The bathroom that's connected has a countertop with two sinks and white cabinets that contrast against the navy blue walls — a common color seen in beach homes. There is also a large closet with plenty of space for storage.

One of the guest rooms is painted with a sage green color, and has two twin beds with bookshelves above the headboard. In the room, there is white wicker furniture to keep the space light and airy, as well as a white ceiling fan. The other guest room is painted with a muted yellow and furnished with brown wicker furniture. This room also has a patio with a simple seating area with a beautiful view of the water.