Is Scratch And Sniff Wallpaper The Next Big Design Trend?

Adults love to see the things they enjoyed as a kid find new life decades later. Today we're seeing butterfly clips, vinyl records, and even mullets having their comebacks. Though scratch-and-sniff stickers never really went out of style with children, we are lucky enough to see them being reimagined by Jon Sherman. Sherman and his team are creating some of the most interesting wallpapers of our time. His line of scratch-and-sniff wallpapers is catching the eyes of big names such as Tommy Hilfiger and Dita Von Teese, who have the Flavor Paper brand wallpaper hanging up in their homes now, as per Delish.

Sherman's work is not just wallpaper; it is an art and a conversation piece. In an article by Surface, the wallpaper designer said about his brand, "We utilize unconventional materials, technology, and visuals to bring conversational works of art to the wall." Other than scratch-and-sniff, Flavor Paper also has bold pop art wallpaper, electricity conducting wallpaper, and wallpaper that becomes a large mural when installed.

Scratch-and-sniff wallpaper is as cool as it sounds

Scratch-and-sniff wallpaper is exactly as it seems — when you scratch the paper, small beads of water-based adhesive capsules filled with fragrance oil pop. When they pop, the smell is released so you can sniff the delicious-looking paper, as described by Delish. Currently, the brand has three permanent patterns for the scratch-and-sniff line: banana, cherry, and citrus. The citrus scent is actually three distinct scents with the same pattern as it can smell like orange, blood orange, or lemon-lime, as seen on Flavor Paper. With each scent having three or more designs, there are plenty of ways to customize your favorite wallpaper. Or, if you are a fan of the look but not the smell, you can get any of them in the unscented option.

Since releasing their scratch-and-sniff wallpaper, the public has welcomed the invention with open arms. Many celebrities, museums, and exhibits boast the colorful scented wallpaper in small spaces or all over their walls. Right now, much of the clientele for this type of wall covering are businesses, but in some time, we might be seeing scented wallpaper inside homes worldwide.