How To DIY A Clever Fake Window Made With Mirrors

Creating DIY home decor is a fun and cost-effective way to decorate. Via her YouTube tutorial, Wendy's Creative Space created a DIY project that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Her fake window made of mirrors fits the farmhouse decor style of her home while giving the illusion of space. Like many DIY projects, this one can be modified to fit the decor style of your home. This could mean painting the frame a different color or staining the wood and increasing or reducing the number of panes in the window.

In small rooms, this DIY project has more benefits than just looking nice. Mirrors reflect light, which creates the illusion of a room having more space than it actually does. It works by increasing the brightness in the room, according to the Central Glass Company. It's best to place mirrors across from windows to bounce the natural light around the room, but artificial light will work as well.

Construct the frame

The materials you will need for this DIY project are wood, mirrors, a miter box and saw, a staple gun, wood glue, caulk, and a foam board. To start with you will need to cut all the wood pieces to create the frame of the window. Wendy cuts two pieces of wood at 3 feet long and the other two pieces at 2 feet long. She arranges the longer pieces on the left and right sides of the frame and the shorter pieces on the top and bottom. The ends of the wood should also be cut at an angle, so they meet at a point at the corners.

To cut the pieces of wood that will separate the window panes you will also need a 3-foot long piece and four shorter pieces at 1-foot each. These should be arranged with the longest piece splitting the frame down the middle, and the four smaller pieces equally spaced on either side to create six window panes. To attach these pieces together, first, use wood glue and then staple them to the back of the frame to keep them in place while the glue dries. After it's dry, use wood filler in any gaps and allow that to dry too.

Design your decor

After constructing the frame of the window it's time to paint or stain it. First, the wood needs to be sanded smooth. To achieve a farmhouse design, paint the top white and the edges gray. The gray paint can also be used to create a distressed look on the white paint. However, you can paint or stain the window frame any way you like to fit in with your decor.

While the paint is drying it's time to work on the mirrors. You will need six 1-foot by 1-foot mirrors. At this point, you can mount the mirrors on a foam board, but using wood will make them more sturdy if you plan on hanging it on the wall. Arrange the mirrors in two columns with three mirrors on each side. Using epoxy glue, attach the mirrors to the wood or foam board. Once the frame is dry you can glue it on top of the mirrors. Adding clamps will help to keep everything in place while it dries. For a cleaner look caulk can be added to any gaps on the sides, then once everything is dry, it's ready to be used as decor.