Inside Chrishell Stause's Midcentury L.A. Home

Chrishell Stause was introduced to the world on the cast of "Selling Sunset," a reality show from Netflix. She bounced onto our screens as the new girl joining the tight-knit clique of real estate boss babes, including Heather Rae Young, working at The Oppenheim Group. At the time, she was the wife of "This Is Us" actor Justin Hartley and a soap actress determined to reel in her celebrity colleagues as real estate customers (via People). Merely two seasons into the show, she faced a heart-wrenching and public divorce from her husband and had to move out of their marital home.

Viewers of "Selling Sunset" were privy to how Stause vigorously focused on her career and saved money to purchase her dream house. The mid-century abode is in the luxurious Hidden Hills community of Los Angeles. Stause's choice to bounce back instead of crumbling from the weight of her situation is one of the reasons fans love her so much. She recently won the award for "Best Reality Star" (via MTV). Whether you're part of her fan club or haven't heard of her, you'll definitely want to check out her lavish pad. Keep reading for a close look at this luxurious home.

The kitchen is state-of-the-art

It's no secret that homes in Beverly Hills do not come cheap. According to Compass, Chrishell Stause's Devista Drive home has a kitchen with remodeled finishings, including a regal Wolf stove within the marble counter design. This luxury stove brand is costly (and typically the type used by your favorite celebrity chefs in all those cooking shows). However, it's worth every penny (via Gambrick).

The kitchen boasts two sinks, including a rectangular version on the countertops and a circular style on the island. The kitchen island features a table extension at the end bearing a wood finish. Chairs offer more space for a tête-a-tête and a good gossip session whenever the other ladies from "Selling Sunset" visit. Another beautiful aspect of the kitchen has to be the lighting. Ms. Stause was onto something when she chose low-hanging lamps to bring the focus down to the kitchen and truly cement the quality of the space. If you want your home to look like the reality star's abode, the pendant light set at Wayfair could offer a similar aesthetic.

Her dining area is too chic for words

Chrishell Stause's dining area is so chic due to the gray color of her dining set. As interior designer Sue Kim told Real Homes, "Shades of gray are fantastic foundational colors to bring into your home! It can be the puzzle piece that brings all the colors in your home together. With so many gray options available from light gray to dark charcoal, there really is a place that can fit any home and any style."

Stause's table features rustic wooden slabs stained in a dark gray shade. The chairs are a light gray fabric that wraps around the seating area. The light gray shade contrasts against the brown wooden chair legs, offering a combination of luxury and rustic charm (via Compass). The eight-seater rests over a gray, brown, and off-white patterned rug which helps break up the open floor layout. If you desire to place a chic one on your hardwood floor like Stause, keep in mind that if it is not securely in place, it could slip and pose a hazard. Secure your rug with rubber backing to ensure a non-slip effect or double-sided rug tape (via RugPadUSA).

Hardwood floors appear in almost every room

Hardwood floors appear in almost every room of Chrishell Stause's home. According to Ambience Hardwood Flooring, durability is one reason for hardwood flooring's popularity compared to other options such as linoleum or marble. In addition, the finish goes a long way in making it a top choice.

If you wish to execute a DIY job and install wood flooring on your own, these are a few tips to keep in mind. First, recognize your wood and research the material before you purchase it. Try and find out if you are about to buy wood from oak, hickory, or walnut trees cut into planks or if you are using laminate flooring from laminated materials that resemble wood. Another tip is to take accurate measurements to ensure you have the correct amount. To determine the flooring you'll need to multiply the length by the width to get the square footage. Once you have this, add an extra 10 percent to cover your bases and account for waste (via This Old House). After installing your hardwood floors, enjoy a transformation. If your flooring has a lighter hue and you want to switch things up, buy some stain from your local home improvement store and switch up the color (via Amish Outlet Store).

Stause has more than one living room

Upon entering Chrishell Stause's home, an entry area with the feel of a den greets you. According to a home tour on YouTube, this entrance is a cozy enclave with a flat-screen TV hung on the wall. There's also a white lounge chair and a wooden console with ceramic jars on a center table. Flanking the center table is a cream pouf, which adds extra seating to the room. Poufs are perfect for synchronizing decor and adding personality (via Modsy). This first living room rests between two parallel walls. While this layout may seem a bit cramped and compact, the mirror on the wall opens up the space and makes it feel more spacious (per MyBayut). 

If you thought the visitor's living area was comfy, the main living area is even cozier. A sofa is beside the fireplace, another charming feature that can work for any home. Whether turned on during the winter or never used, a fireplace can raise the value of a home (via Realtor). Stause maps out the two living rooms by inserting soft materials like area rugs to demarcate the layout.

Indoor houseplants offer pops of color

According to Symbolism and Metaphor, pink orchids represent innocence, joy, and femininity. The flowers in Chrishell Stause's bathroom perfectly express her new liberated era. The reality TV star is enjoying a joyful, blissful love life with non-binary Australian musician G Flip (via Vogue).

The indoor orchirds echo her vibe, and the light pink hue offers an elegant contrast against her neutral bathroom. You can follow Stause's example and decorate your bathroom with pretty orchids. These low-maintenance flowers thrive in humidity and low lighting, and will grow well in bathroom environments (via Sinkology). Ensure they receive some sunlight from a small window for best results. Other flowers to consider for your bathroom include eucalyptus, jasmine, and lavender. Meanwhile, the green potted plant in her primary bedroom plays well against the neutral cream aesthetic of the room. The plants on the center table between the two lounge chairs bring the outdoors inside (via Compass).

There's a makeshift reading nook

Between Chrishell Stause's living rooms, a door leads to the rest of the house. Opposite this door is the cutest makeshift reading nook ever. Stause's reading nook features a comfy chaise lounge. She uses the space perfectly to create an ideal spot for lounging and reading a good book (via Gharpedia).

If you wish to recreate this idea, a fabulous option is to create a similar nook in the corner of a room by adding curtains to form a tent. This tip adds an element of fun and privacy to the space. Feel free to check a fabric store near you, or a secondhand shop for yards of cloth and unwanted fabric at a fraction of the fee. Consider using contrasting colors to create a chic book nook tent. Since the nook is in the corner of a room, you can install shelves above the seating area to hold all the books and accessories (via Today).

Her primary bedroom has a pool view

Let's go into Chrishell Stause's strategically positioned primary bedroom. The soothing space features a neutral color palette, textured accents, and natural light. It boasts floor-to-ceiling windows on the sliding doors, which open up to the sprawling backyard pool. Despite being larger than your average window, sliding doors save space in a room and provide an entryway for air and light, per Clearview Doors. This layout blends the outdoorsy nature of her home with the tranquility of the serene indoor space, helping Stause feel like she's one with nature.

The room also boasts a cream ottoman at the foot of the bed, a free-standing floor length mirror, two comfy couches, a side table, and a large potted plant. These elements transform the room into a safe haven (via We Heart). "Can you imagine waking up to that?" Stause asked her best friend Mary during her first visit to the home on "Selling Sunset" (via Netflix). Well, the imagination has become a reality.

Framed wall art decorates the home

As interior expert Elaine Penhaul told Express, "If you're looking for an instant way to improve the saleability of your home value, then invest in artwork. It helps to offer homebuyers an immediate sense of homeliness, and will help your home stand out." On that note, can we take a moment to adore the wall art Chrishell Stause hung on the walls of her $3.3 million home? These pieces complement the existing decor and color palette of the room. The black and white paintings accentuate the wall color, the gray rugs, and the off-white furniture. Let the colors of your walls guide you when deciding on the perfect art for your home. Framing is not a must, but it's a surefire way to make your artwork stand out. If Stause's white and black paintings did not have the frame, they would sink into the surroundings. Framing also helps to protect and preserve the artwork (via Making A Mark).

Mirrors also serve as wall art in the Hidden Hills home. The cluster of mirrors form a collage above the study table. Should you wish to decorate with a similar feature, this mirror from Wayfair will mirror the aesthetic in Ms. Stause's ranch-style home.

Her bathtub and shower are side by side

Chrishell Stause's primary bedroom comes with an ensuite bathroom where the shower and bathtub are side by side. If you have enough space in your home for a similar design, feel free to get the shower and the tub. However, if space is not your friend, you may want to consider the pros and cons first. If your home has a fully equipped bathroom and you don't want to start a remodeling project, stick with your existing bathtub and make it as multi-functional as possible. You can add a rod to the ceiling around the bathtub and hang a shower head, using a clip to install it at an agreeable height. On days when you wish to keep things brief, you can enjoy this shower style, per Plumbing Supply.

If you are fortunate enough to have the time and budget for a remodel, consider installing a shower because, no matter what, this feature is utilized more than a tub (via Hogan Design & Construction). Take accurate measurements of the area before starting the project. Depending on your price point, you can add certain marble tiles or finishes into the shower to elevate your decor like Stause.

There is plenty of closet space

Once you open the door leading to Chrishell Stause's primary bedroom, there's a narrow hallway with white fitted wardrobes. According to Hammonds, this feature creates a calming vibe inside the space. Stause is not the only one loving the fitted wardrobe style. This customizable closet option is perfect for individuals who wish to maximize and optimize the space they have in their rooms (via Kenneth Installations). Fitted closets win every time due to their compact construction. You can tailor them to the area in order not to waste an ounce of space. The more space you have, the better the chances of keeping your home organized and maintaining a luxurious feel.

If you are still on the fence about adding fitted closets to your home, keep in mind that you have the option to create the perfect style. You can do away with the swing doors, opting for sliding doors to save space. Another technique is to add mirrors or a lacquered glass design which can act as a vanity and create the illusion of a wider closet area. You can also include shelves for your books and functional household objects like ironing boards and hand steamers (via TNT Studio). The options are endless!

A swimming pool is in the back

According to Redfin, a swimming pool in a Los Angeles home attracts a higher premium than homes that do not have pools. Agent Lindsay Katz said, "A pool definitely adds value for Los Angeles homebuyers ... because it's hot outside most of the time. People use their pools all year round; we have pool parties in the summer and go swimming on Christmas day. It's ingrained in our culture." When potential buyers find a home without a pool, they are not keen on clinching the deal until they are sure it's possible to add one. Therefore, it's no surprise that Chrishell Stause has a stunning swimming pool design in her backyard.

In the episode of "Selling Sunset" where Stause moves into her house, she asks fellow castmate and co-worker Amanzar to pop by and do an interior decor evaluation (via Netflix). Since she didn't have a nanny to watch the kids, Stause encourages Amanzar to bring the kids over for a swimming day in her stunning swimming pool.

There is a cabana pool house

Chrishell Stause's backyard swimming pool features a stylish Mediterranean-style cabana. According to WiseTour, any small structure that offers people shade from the sun or any covered space with changing rooms is a cabana. However, the tastefully constructed cabana in Stause's backyard does more than offer shade. This scenic spot often stars in Ms. Stause's social media posts (via Instagram).

Are you wondering what to consider before adding a cabana to your backyard? The first step is to decide what type of cabana you want. It may be worth enlisting a trained architect to ensure that your design follows building codes in your area. Secondly, it's ideal for the cabana aesthetic to match the rest of the house. Look at the cabana as a smaller version of your home and keep it in sync with existing decor. If you want an open plan layout, consider adding frosted windows or curtains for privacy (via Coogan's Design-Build). If you do not have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can still add a cabana for entertainment purposes. This structure will add a level of class and sophistication to your home.

Chrishell has a myriad of outdoor seating options

An aerial view of Chrishell Stause's house shows at least four outdoor seating areas around the swimming pool. There are matching cream deck chairs with gray cushions, two raffia patio lounge chairs, and a complete set of rattan furniture with matching gray pillows. Plus, there's a center table for social gatherings. According to IQ Outdoor Living, outdoor seating areas help bring the vacation feeling into your home.

When buying outdoor furniture, avoid making the mistake of just purchasing pieces based on attractiveness. Beautiful chairs can be pretty useless when made of a flimsy material. Consider your space, seating capacity, and patio surface when selecting furniture (via Wirecutter). Like your indoor furniture, you probably don't want to buy new outdoor furniture all the time. It's best to invest in quality pieces to ensure they will last you for a long time. Durable furniture fabricated from Sunbrella or Olefin will go a long way. Solid materials for your items include teak wood and aluminum (via Nashville Billiard & Patio).

Chrishell's vases are truly chic

Chrishell Stause's massive 15,689-square-foot property contains plenty of beautiful greenery. The reality star has gigantic floor vases filled with floral arrangements on the patio. This look showcases the plants and adds visual interest and elegance into the space, per Jay Scotts Collection.

Floor vases can decorate the outside your home like Stause's or within your home. There are many different styles you can go for, depending on your home's aesthetic. For example, a large floor vase complements Victorian decor and antique designs (via Vase HQ). A modern take on this style is a bronze and gold floor vase with baroque prints or this mirrored glass version from Wayfair. If you bring tall floor vases inside, feel free to decorate the kitchen, bathrooms, den, and hallways. Allow your floor vases to highlight the room and add contrast in a neutral-toned space for a contemporary style. For example, if you live in an all-white home, red and black vases will insert a cool pop of color (via Ghar360).