How Much Does It Actually Cost To Renovate A Deck?

If your home's once-pristine deck is beginning to show its age, it's only natural to wonder how much renovating your deck might cost. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a deck restoration is around $1,080, while refinishing your deck will often cost between $600 and $1,360 (or $3 to $6.80 per square foot). If you increase your budget, you can even add luxury features to your renovated deck in order to make it a more welcoming space for relaxing or entertaining.

Some of the most common deck renovations that homeowners request are refinishing a discolored deck, repairing broken boards, and taking care of rotting or structurally weak parts of the deck (per Handyman Connection). While most homeowners probably won't require all of these services in order to restore their deck to its former glory, it's important to note that renovating an existing deck is almost always easier on your bank account than demolishing your deck and building a new deck in its place. However, a complete rebuild might be your only option if your deck has undergone years of unchecked deterioration.

Factors for cost

From the size of your deck to the materials it's made of, there are several important factors to consider when planning your deck renovation budget. Of course, you will also need to factor in the extent of the damages afflicting your deck in order to determine if renovating your deck is the right option for you.


The cost of materials will greatly impact the cost of your renovated deck, especially if large areas of your deck need to be replaced. According to House Beautiful, decks composed of pressure-treated lumber and cedar are often cheaper to renovate than those that use pricier composite materials or premium wood such as redwood or Brazilian hardwood. For instance, Brazilian hardwood can cost over $10 per square foot, while cedar boards can be replaced for roughly $3 per square foot.

Size of deck

If your entire deck requires some attention (such as when your deck becomes discolored), the price you pay for renovating your deck will correlate to your deck's overall size. As such, homeowners with a large wrap-around deck can expect to pay considerably more than those with a modestly-sized attached deck.


The type and degree of damage that your deck displays will impact the cost you pay for getting your deck back to ship shape. Some issues, like mildew buildups, can be tackled yourself in order to avoid a contractor's cleaning fees, which usually cost around $100 to $200 (per HomeAdvisor). However, dealing with mold or rot is a much pricier endeavor and almost always requires the steady hand of an experienced professional when it occurs in a weight-bearing area. According to HomeAdvisor, if large spaces of your deck need to be replaced due to rotting wood, you will likely end up paying between $500 to $1,000 to replace your boards. Keep in mind that premium wood is much more expensive to replace, so don't forget to factor this into your deck renovation budget.

DIY vs. hiring a professional

While most homeowners will require professional assistance for some (if not most) aspects of their deck renovation, DIY-savvy homeowners can definitely save some money by tackling certain aspects of their deck renovation themselves. For instance, cleaning your deck before refinishing it will cost you less than $50 in supplies, according to HomeAdvisor, which is a good deal less expensive than having a professional handle this crucial step. Sanding your deck might be time-consuming, but it's another great way to lower your overall costs. If you don't own an orbital sander for the job, you can usually pick one up for a relatively cheap price or rent a larger sander to get the job done fast. 

Geographic location of the home

The municipality where your home is located will also affect the overall cost you pay for a renovated deck, whether you opt for a professional renovation or go the DIY route. Professional carpenters tend to charge much more in areas where there are fewer service providers to compete with. However, even if you plan on renovating your deck yourself, it's important to note that supplies will likely cost considerably more in areas with a higher cost of living.

Additional costs

As with any home renovation project, renovating your deck can lead to some unexpected expenses. It's only natural that you'll want your deck to be absolutely perfect after investing heavily in it, so don't be surprised if you decide to opt for upgraded railing, integrated planters, or other nifty upgrades before the project is completed.

Updated railing

According to HomeAdvisor, updating or repairing your deck's railing can cost you anywhere from $500 to $4,000, depending on the material and style of the railing that you opt for. That being said, upgrading your deck's railing is an underrated way to modernize your deck while giving it a classy flourish. Naturally, you can save on your overall costs for updating your deck's railing by choosing a railing that integrates easily into your existing deck without the need for a lot of additional renovations.

Integrated planters

If your home's yard leaves you with few options for starting the garden that you desire, implementing planters into your deck renovation plans is a great way to liven up your deck. While integrated planters can be quite pricey (especially if your deck is made of a premium material), it's fairly easy to DIY your own planter boxes using any material that you choose. Many homeowners like their planter boxes to serve as a nice contrast with the deck, while others prefer a more cohesive look. 


According to House Beautiful, you can upgrade your deck's outdoor lighting for less than $200, although higher-tech lighting options are sure to cost you much more. Keeping a few sets of solar lights on hand is a great way to add subtle lighting to your deck for evening parties without having to rely on a bright LED lamp to illuminate your entire deck. These can usually be purchased online for $20 to $50 but aren't exactly known for their longevity.

Adding screens

If your deck is already covered, adding screens to keep bugs out can be a cost-effective way to maximize your enjoyment of time spent on your deck. According to HomeLight, it shouldn't cost you much more than $2 per square foot for labor to add screening to a covered deck. Of course, opting for premium screens will drive up your costs, but high-quality screens can also help you see outside your deck with immaculate clarity and can even help you maintain a comfortable temperature on your deck.

Types of deck renovations

The four main types of deck renovations are refinishing, restoration, remodeling, and general repairs. These cover everything from sanding and sealing your deck to replacing a few boards and even removing your old deck so that you can start anew with high-quality material.


When a deck has spent years soaking up the sun outside your home, it's only natural that it'll begin to show signs of age. If your deck looks discolored, sometimes all it takes is a thorough sanding and a fresh coat of paint or sealant to have it looking as good as new. According to HomeAdvisor, refinishing your deck can usually be accomplished for around $900 and costs around $4.50 per square foot.


Restoring a deck combines the basic refinishing steps listed above with a thorough inspection that searches for termite infestation and rotting or warped areas on the deck. The cost of restoring your deck will depend on how badly it is damaged, but most homeowners can expect to pay just north of $1,000.


If you want to start over from scratch with a new deck, it's necessary to remove your old decking and begin a complete remodel. This will allow you to choose a new material for your deck and even increase or decrease your deck's size. According to MG Construction and Decks, just removing your old deck can cost between $3,000 to $4,000 due to the amount of labor required. From there, the size and material of your new deck will be the most important factors that determine how much your remodeled deck will cost to build.


Deck repairs can cover a wide range of tasks. If a single board is cracked on an otherwise pristine deck, removing the board and replacing it with a new one of the same size is a fairly easy task for any DIY homeowner with a circular saw. Likewise, protruding nails can be pounded back into the deck or replaced with decking screws for a more secure option. However, if your deck is wobbling and insecure, it will take a professional to do the job correctly. Expect this to cost thousands of dollars since it will require a lot of labor and materials.

Why you need a renovated deck

Whether you are looking to renovate your deck before it gets lots of use during the warmer months or you are planning on selling your home, there are plenty of great reasons to restore your deck to like-new condition. Thankfully, most deck renovation jobs shouldn't alter what goes on inside your home but can greatly improve your family's safety if your deck is showing its age.

To enjoy the nice weather

When the weather is beautiful outside, it's only natural that homeowners flock to their deck in order to read their favorite book or simply soak up the sun. However, if your deck has structural issues or hazardous nails protruding from its boards, it can be downright hazardous to use. Restore or remodel your decking before the springtime rush to ensure that your family can enjoy a safe deck when they need it the most.

You're selling your home

Unsurprisingly, a moldy deck will not do wonders for your home's resale value. Thankfully, refinishing your deck is a fairly inexpensive way to ensure potential buyers see your deck and home in the best possible light.

Safety first

According to BuildDirect, decks that are over 20 years old may be a safety issue for you and your family. Even if you don't invest in a full remodel, it's a great idea to have a specialist inspect your deck to ensure it is up to code. If it is, investing in basic restoration services is a nice way to keep your deck looking great until the time comes to have it remodeled.

Fairly convenient process

When you're renovating your kitchen or bathroom, your daily life is bound to be disrupted in a number of ways. However, having your deck renovated (including a complete remodel) is a fairly pain-free process with no plumbing or electrical work to complicate things for the homeowner. Given that many refinishing and restoration jobs can be done for under $1,000, it's easy to see why so many homeowners take the time to keep their deck in excellent condition.

Benefits of a renovated deck

Renovating your deck can minimize future deck maintenance and even boost your home's market value. Whether you are adding luxury touches or simply ensuring that your deck is a safe and secure place to spend time, a freshly-renovated deck comes with many benefits.

Thinking long-term

Remodeling your deck to take advantage of premium materials can not only ensure your deck lasts longer but looks better as it ages (per This is especially true if you invest in quality hardwoods or premium composite materials. While the upfront cost will be greater than remodeling with a lower-quality material, some materials can save you from hiring a professional to refinish or restore your deck after a few years of inclement weather.

Great for entertaining

If you'll be doing plenty of entertaining over the summer, don't be surprised when your guests gravitate to the comfort of your deck. However, you'll want your deck to look as nice as possible, so consider getting it refinished before the summer rush. You may also consider adding some subtle lighting options for nighttime parties.

Boost your home's value

According to Trex Furniture, patios and decks have an unbeatable ROI when it becomes time to sell your home. However, this doesn't just apply to building a new deck. If you're trying to get the best price possible for your home, renovating your deck with luxurious accents such as integrated planters and glass railings is a great way to set your home apart from the pack.

Build your dream deck

If you've just purchased your dream home, but its deck leaves something to be desired, it's only natural that you'd be open to renovating the deck so that it possesses the same wow factor as your home. This will probably mean undertaking a complete remodel so that you can have the final say as to how the deck will look and be integrated into your home. If you thought your new home couldn't get any sweeter, just imagine how it'll look with a freshly-renovated deck that exceeds all your needs and expectations.